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Monday, December 3, 2018

Death Rally (1996)

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The world of Death Rally is seedy and gritty. Vehicular combat and intense racing is what Death Rally is all about. Released by Remedy Entertainment and Apogee in 1996, Death Rally puts you into a rough racing league where victory is measured by leaving your opponents in a mangled metal mess. This is not some so-so racing game about finding the best line or making proper shifts. Instead, you're trying to avoid coming up dead. This blog post takes a look at this racing game.

Before I Begin...

There are two Death Rally games- one from the 1996 and re-released as a free game in 2009, and the other from the 2012. This blog post concerns the classic Death Rally from 1996.

Death Rally (1996)

Let's look at Death Rally, shall we?

Death Rally classic 1886
^ from: (Wikipedia - best I could find) - Death Rally - Death in the fast lane.

Death Rally is a gritty racing game featuring vehicular combat and some pretty competitive racing. You are among 19 other people trying to be the best racer in all of Death Rally. You obviously want to prove yourself to be the absolute best of the field. If you can prove yourself to be the best, you will have the honor (or maybe dishonor) of racing the undisputed Champion of Death Rally- The Adversary. Defeat The Adversary, and you will be king (or queen) of Death Rally!

Death Rally features a module-based or tracker-based soundtrack of mostly energetic electronic dance music and a little rock. It is a 2D racing game, but there are some 3D objects placed into the game for some depth. The end result is a unique blend of 2D and 3D in a mostly 2D game. A keyboard or a game pad can be used to play this game. And if you don't want to, you don't have to use weapons in this game!

So You Don't HAVE to Use Weapons?

If you prefer racing in Death Rally without weapons, you can! It won't be as exciting, but at least you can depend on your racing ability to win rather than have racing ability and combat skills. Just make sure to choose that you do not want to use weapons when you start a new game. If you disable weapons, you will not be able to access The Underground Shop.

Now for some extra notes about the game.

Death Rally: Game Play

Here are some talking points of this game.

Basics of Death Rally.

You begin by picking a race of a certain difficulty. Pick a race fast! The races you can choose from will fill up with entrants. You will not be able to enter the Medium or Hard races without a better car. Races last anywhere from four laps to six laps depending on the difficulty level race you enter. These are all circuit races. There are no time trials or anything. Each race features four cars to a track (including yours).

Tracks you race on include everything from urban locales to various off-road venues. Various items can be picked up that will offer power ups or even power downs. Take advantage of these items to give yourself the best chance of winning in Death Rally. In some races, there are big items that will grant you more money or greater repair of your vehicle. Be sure to grab these to get those perks.

After each race, you will earn points good towards boosting your rank. Skipping races could hurt your rankings. So make sure to enter a race quickly. Obviously win to gain the most points. If you are ranked atop the Death Rally board, you will qualify to have the chance to face The Adversary. Beat The Adversary to become the greatest racer in all of Death Rally!

Shopping and Upgrades.

After each race, you will be able to go to The Shop to make repairs, get upgrades, or buy new vehicles. When you enter The Shop, you will be able to do your shopping. The game features six cars. You begin with the weak Vagabond, but you can always enhance your weak little car by purchasing upgrades. An Engine upgrade will give your car better top speed and acceleration. Tire upgrades improve your car's handling. Armor upgrades helps reduce the amount and rate of damage your vehicle takes. Each vehicle can have a certain number of avaialble upgrades, and the faster machines allow for more upgrades. Speaking of the vehicles, here is a brief look at each one:

• Vagabond - the first vehicle. Armed with a revolver.
• Dervish - an agile pickup truck some basic guns.
• Sentinel - a capable sports coupe/sedan with some moderately powerful guns.
• Shrieker - a powerful muscle car with some chainguns.
• Wraith - a true sports car with moderately powerful chainguns.
• Deliverator - an absolute speed demon with very powerful chainguns.

If you enabled weapons for your game, you will be able to enter The Underground Market to try to get an added edge against your opposition. These include a handful of upgrades that will make you tougher to stop. If in a financial pinch, you can even take out a loan in The Underground Market to get some extra money. Just like with any loan, though, make sure you pay it back. To take out a loan you must have a vehicle other than the Vagabond.

Rules and Tips in Death Rally.

There are two ways to win races in Death Rally: finish ahead of everyone, or defeat all of the racers in the race. The second method requires that your opposition wastes each other during the course of the race. Remember that everyone is racing against themselves and will do anything to make sure they don't even cross the Finish line. So you may want to hope everyone else gets into trouble so you can have a better chance of finishing well.

You can earn monetary bonuses by winning with less than 5% damage, defeating all of the racers in the race, or winning consecutive races. Stay out of trouble as best as you can to get the bonus for low damage. Try to be the only driver left driving after the opposition takes itself out (or if you contribute to taking out everyone). Finally (and obviously), try to win a string of races to get some extra money. Sometimes, you may be offered certain money-making opportunities by some sponsors before a race. If you fulfill their needs for a given race, you will earn some extra money.

Here are three important things to remember- (1) don't finish last, (2) don't cut the course, and (3) don't get lapped. If you commit these acts, all of your earnings will be null and void. So make sure to stay on the course and try to finish 3rd or better.

Other than that, have fun! :)

Death Rally: Final Thoughts

Death Rally is an excellent game offering some great action. It has some great visuals and an equally great soundtrack. It is classic top-down racing with a dose of personality and firepower. It is fast-paced and enjoyable. It may not the greatest experience in racing games, but it is surely anything but vanilla.

Video Preview.

Here is a look at the classic Death Rally. Maybe this will sway your interest a bit more if you are interested in this game:

^ Death Rally

Want Death Rally (1996)?

Death Rally was a paid game, but Remedy Entertainment offered it for free in 2009. So be sure to look online to get Death Rally (1996) for free.

Though it's free, you can buy Death Rally (Classic) on Steam here: Death Rally Classic on Steam.

That does it for this blog post. I hope I've done good showcasing another game in my racing/driving game blog. Subscribe/Follow my blog(s) if you enjoyed my work and want to see more of my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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