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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hornet High-Class is an Inspiration!

John B. Marine | 9:16 AM | | |
When thinking of the greatest racing teams of all time, not many give Hornet High-Class any love. For whatever reason, Hornet High-Class Racing seems to qualify the worst, yet they manage to win. The frenzied world of stock car racing lends itself to all kinds of insanity. Hornet High-Class Racing, though, somehow manages to find ways to win amid the chaos any given day of stock car racing. The team is easy to root against since the team doesn't qualify well. However, when it is race day and race weekend, they prove the world wrong each time with their capable driver. This team proves the old adage, "it isn't how you start, it is how you finish." Hornet High-Class still manages to find ways to win despite poor qualifying. Hornet High-Class even estalished itself as a fighter in a fighting game ("Fighters Megamix")! How many race cars and race teams can say that?

So remember that when you are handed tough circumstances, you can always prevail as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities. Give yourself a chance every and in each situation. Make the most of what you are given and rely on your skill to make the most of even the toughest circumstances.

Also, if you are constantly not given a chance, this fuels the fire for you to prove people wrong, just as Hornet High-Class Racing always does. Go ahead- change peoples' minds. Reverse others' thinking.

Long story short...
Hornet High Class Racing
^ from: (PNGKey (best I could find))

Hornet High-Class is an inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this casual post on "John's Race Space!" Thank you for being a part of this blog for as long as I've established it. So you all have a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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