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Monday, January 1, 2018

Wheel Considerations

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My Logitech Driving Force Pro has served me well as my steering wheel. Sad thing is you have to use the Logitech Profiler to get it to work with some games. I have lately considered getting a new wheel. I do NOT have the finances to get a more modern steering wheel. Basically, I don't want some over-the-top steering wheel. Just something simple that still works. I am not sure if I want to get another Logitech wheel (I love Logitech- they are a great brand), or maybe try something like Fanatec or Thrustmaster. But, man... Thrustmaster wheels (at least the current ones) are pretty expensive!

racing wheel
^ from: (Twitter) - Go find steering wheels based on your skill level and your needs for a steering wheel. This steering wheel is from Logitech, and as you can see from the buttons, was meant for the PlayStation 4.

Racing Wheels Online.

If you want to shop for steering wheels and accessories, let me help you out here! Check these out:

Consider this as my way of thanking you for reading this post. Happy shopping! :)

Do you have any steering wheel suggestions for me? Let's chat! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Assetto Corsa

John Marine | 3:48 PM | | | Be the first to comment!
@AC_assettocorsa by Kunos Simulazioni is "Your Racing Simulator." Assetto Corsa, which translates to "racing setup" from Italian offers up a unique simulation racing and driving experience. I researched AC heavily and wasn't sure if I could enjoy this title. I also thought my PC couldn't handle Assetto Corsa to gain the full experience. Knowing my PC didn't meet all of the general requirements, I still gave AC a try. How did it go? Find out in my review of Assetto Corsa here on "John's Race Space!"

NOTE: This review is based on the PC version of "Assetto Corsa."

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa. Get to know it...

Assetto Corsa
^ from: (Twitter) - Assetto Corsa- Your Racing Simulator.

Assetto Corsa is a simulation racing game that was released December 19, 2014 by Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni. It offers up a fascinating experience whether going for a casual drive or doing an intense race. How so? It offers your basic array of racing types. While almost any game can provide this, Assetto Corsa does it in a different way. The game offers modes for drifting and drag racing apart from the usual circuit racing. The basic collection of cars are enough to keep you busy. However, if you want to enhance the experience, you can purchase downloadable content (DLC) to try many more styles of racing and many more locations to race. The modding community even lends their hand to provide quality mods free of charge. But really, you probably would do great purchasing DLC packages to help donate to Kunos to further develop an already solid gaming product.


Part of making yourself known is in having a solid lineup of cars. From its base version, Assetto Corsa offers 86 cars from a world of manufacturers. These machines include production models, competition models, and some concepts. You can race everything from compacts to even Formula 1 race cars. Each car handles differently. Nowhere is that more apparent than with Assetto Corsa. Immense attention to detail is done in the handling dynamics of each car. An Alfa Romeo MiTo handles differently from a Ford Mustang. A Porsche Cayenne Turbo behaves much differently than a Pagani Huayra. So 86 cars sounds like too few? Well, you can purchase downloadable content to bump up the car count. Some of these cars even have certain mechanical differences that result in different handling settings. For example, some cars have onboard details to adjust brake bias. If you prefer gazing over your beauty rather than race, then you can view your cars in special Showrooms. You can even take some pictures of your ride either in the Showroom or in any in-race action. Some cars have "steps" or "stages" to them, which represent tuned versions of certain cars. Feel the difference in performance with these Steps of cars. You can not upgrade your cars like you can in most console racing games, but you can use these more capable machines to your liking.

Assetto Corsa offers beautifully-designed and articulate car models. The in-car views are stunning. Even more so if you have graphics hardware that makes the already lovely graphics even more so. As beautiful as the graphics are, you can ugly them up in a hurry since these cars can be damaged. While I haven't tested the damage model in AC at the time of making this blog post, that lovely car of yours can easily be scrap metal with bad driving or by roughing up the opposition. The damage model is obviously more than cosmetic.

The vehicles also sound great and realistic. You can hear the visceral roar of many of the cars from different angles. Exterior and interior views offer up great sound experiences. You are going to enjoy the sound quality for many of the cars in Assetto Corsa.

Of the free vehicles, you get cars ranging from the Abarth 500 up to machines like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Ferrari LaFerrari, Pagani Huayra, Mazda 787B, and the Lotus Exos 125. Buy downloadable content (DLC) or download mods to gain even more vehicles.


From the base version, you can race in eight different countries the world over. You get some world-class venues such as the Nürburgring (GP courses), Silverstone, Monza, Vallelunga, and in a recent free update- Laguna Seca. You can get more courses through paid DLC or from the modding community. Many of these real-world courses have been laser scanned for proper accuracy of each course. While there are real courses, there are a few fictional ones, such as Black Cat Valley and the Highlands courses.

By the way... Vallelunga is special in Assetto Corsa because Kunos Simulazioni's studios are located at or near the Vallelunga circuit.


Assetto Corsa lives up to "Your Driving Simulator" as you are able to add apps to enhance your racing experience. These apps are merely additions to the HUD during races. You can set up to four different layouts. For example, you can use apps that show you the tachometer, the track map, and more. So you can make your screen as cluttered or as minimal as possible. The apps can even be resized to suit your needs.


Support for adding mods is what makes Assetto Corsa so well loved. The game has its own suite of tools to help you make your own content for AC. You can even download programs like Content Launcher to aid in making more quality mods as well as using it to run more interesting races in the game.

Now that you have an idea about the game, let me go into discussing the racing action.

Assetto Corsa: Racing Types

Here is a look at the racing types.


If you are new to Assetto Corsa, you may want to try Practice mode to accustom yourself to the game. This is where you get to practice racing various tracks and vehicles.


The challenges vary greatly. You can take on any number of challenges to test your racing ability and your driving skills. The list of challenges are as follows:

• Hotlap - a one-lap run around a track. Make it your best!

• Special Events - various challenges ranging from quick races, time trials, and drift events.

• Time Attack - try to land the fastest lap around a course. You get multiple tries.

• Drift - get sideways in the corners. Rack up points to level up your drift run.


The essence of Assetto Corsa is in races. Here, you can run proper race weekends with a number of different modes. Such as...

• Quick Race - set up a simple race while customizing various factors.

• Race Weekend - set up a race weekend complete with modes for practice, qualifying, and the final race.

• Championship - run a championship.

• Drag Race - compete in drag racing events. Reach the end of the drag strip before your opponent does. Don't red light on the line!


If you want to take on human opposition, then the Online suite is for you. There are a number of different online communities offering their own races for Assetto Corsa online. I didn't join any races online, so I can not comment on the online front of racing in Assetto Corsa.


If you have a certain kind of race you enjoy, it will be featured as a "Favorite." You can run that race with that car on that track again if you like. Any race you do can be marked as a Favorite.

Up next is a look at my own experiences so far.

Assetto Corsa: My Experiences and Thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts in my experience of playing Assetto Corsa for only a few days.

Early Qualms.

I feared my current PC would not be able to fully handle Assetto Corsa. My PC isn't powerful enough to take advantage of the game fully. I toned down just about all graphical effects. I even have to run the game in Full Screen for it to run smoothly. I also run a maximum of eight cars for races. The game on my PC runs 800x600. Assetto Corsa even warns you when the CPU load is greater than 100%. So adjust the settings to your liking so you can play it successfully. This game does not run perfectly on my PC, so I don't do anything like races with massive grids of cars. The game does include a Benchmark feature to help you set up your PC graphically.


Many people have said to get a steering wheel to play Assetto Corsa. If you don't have a wheel, you can still use a gamepad to a good bit of success. The accuracy will be rather poor with a gamepad. You will have to adjust your gamepad settings to play it nicely. AC is a proper sim racer, so you'll need some solid equipment to play it proper. Most of my activity in AC is through Practice sessions.


The AI is pretty sharp and won't give you too many chances to easily win races. Some say Assetto Corsa is mostly good for casual drives than pure racing. Many others will gladly disagree with you if you think AC is not good as a racing sim. Prepare to earn it in each of the races you take part in with AC.

If you are looking for this game to have weather conditions or night racing, you will sadly be disappointed. The most you're going to get is racing between sunrise and sunset, and weather conditions range from clear to foggy to cloudy. No rain. No snow. Perhaps you can hope for these things in future updates or if there will ever be an Assetto Corsa sequel.


The first vehicle I used was the Abarth 500. Don't think that just because this is a weak car means that it is easy to drive. You are going to feel all kinds of different physics put into play that will make the car a good bit tough to drive. Two cars I've loved using were the BMW M3 E30 and the McLaren MP4-12C GT3. The BMW M3 E30 is VERY fun to race! I enjoyed sliding this car out as well as properly handling it. The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 sounds like power. It is a ferocious twin-turbo V8 that handles very well.

If you want to enhance your Assetto Corsa experience, get any number of add-ons and mods. I decided to pick up all of the released DLC for AC during a sale on Steam. A lot of the unavailable cars will be made available to your AC collection once you purchase and install the DLC packs. Cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C and the McLaren P1 are part of DLC packs.


I haven't paid too much attention to the locations in Assetto Corsa. There are not a whole lot of tracks, but I usually use Vallelunga Club as my test track. I sometimes use Brands Hatch as a test track when I bought DLC for AC.


One of the best things about Assetto Corsa in modding is that templates for all of the official vehicles by Kunos Simulazioni are offered for EVERY vehicle in the game- including those from official DLC packs! You can always go for some of the free content, but there is a cool factor in buying the official DLC packs to help support Kunos Simulazioni with their fine work. My own concentration with AC modding is mostly in designing skins for cars. Remember I mentioned Content Manager earlier? Well, you can use that program to preview skins for cars without having to load Assetto Corsa. When you make skins for cars and then view them in Content Manager, they update in real time! So each time you change up the skin, it will automatically update when you view car skins on the game's many models.


I recommend you download a program called Content Manager for Assetto Corsa. It allows you to better sort and utilize your AC material. You can also donate money to Content Manager to get the Full version. Don't worry- the Lite version still has loads of functionality, but the Full version offers much more.

Strange thing about doing Practice runs is that as much time as you spend before getting out on the track, your lap is going to be ridiculously long depending on how long you are in your pit box. So basically, when you start a Practice section, your first lap will be as long as you are in the pits prior to completing your first lap. I just find that strange. I mean, your first lap should begin when you leave the pits or when you complete your first lap; NOT when you're in the pits for some amount of time.

So what do I think about Assetto Corsa? Find out in the next section!

Assetto Corsa: Final Thoughts

Assetto Corsa is a game that fascinated me for quite some time. Now that I got to get it on Steam for my PC, I was more than impressed with how this game is to play. Each car behaves differently and has their own character. It is like you have to be one with the car to be the best in this game. Just having that run with the BMW M3 E30 was absolutely amazing. The vehicles and the locations are all modeled and textured beautifully. The sounds are equally amazing. The fact this game has suites for drifting and drag racing makes Assetto Corsa perform in areas where most other racing games fall flat at or neglect entirely.

While Assetto Corsa may have a fairly decent amount of cars and a fairly decent amount of tracks, I sometimes feel more tracks would make the game better. The racing is great, but the game really shines just in the driving dynamics. Even for my less-than-perfect budget PC, Assetto Corsa still runs very well on a lot of low visual settings. A full-blown gaming PC probably will handle Assetto Corsa best. It is recommended you play this game with a steering wheel, but it can still be played fairly well with a keyboard or a gamepad.

Assetto Corsa is a racing/driving game that will surprise and impress you in many ways. This is a fabulous game from Kunos Simulazioni. Perhaps this is hyperbole, but Assetto Corsa is the new rFactor. It truly is "Your Racing Simulator."

Video Preview.

Here is a very old trailer for Assetto Corsa. Check it:

^ Assetto Corsa

And here is another video of AC with more in-game footage:

^ Assetto Corsa: Now Available on Steam

For More Information...

For more information or to buy Assetto Corsa, visit their official website at

If you don't have a PC, you can play Assetto Corsa on the PlayStation 4 or XBOX One. This blog post only concerned the PC version. My only recommendation is to get the Content Manager for a more controlled experience launching Assetto Corsa.

If you are considering getting "Assetto Corsa," hopefully my blog post will sway your interest in getting it, at least the PC version. Anyhow, this has been another post of "John's Race Space"- the anything and everything blog about racing games and driving games. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Thoughts on 20 Years of Gran Turismo

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Gran Turismo was born December 23, 1997. Its impact 20 years since has been outstanding. Many people (myself included) were educated with cars and racing through Gran Turismo. This post is my look at the Gran Turismo series mostly with commentary.

Say whatever you want about Gran Turismo. Regardless, Gran Turismo has been the standard by which racing games are judged by. I think Gran Turismo has made racing simulation accessible without being overly hardcore. Ever tried so powerslide in the corners only to spin out? Didn't think your car was indestructible when you did longer races? Gran Turismo brought realism to console racing games, though not hardcore style realism.

As with any popular series, there will be the fair share of haters. Some of the biggest gripes many people had with Gran Turismo was a lack or many more great manufacturers and damage. There have been countless types who felt Gran Turismo had severe Japanese bias. It was as if people thought Polyphony Digital cared more about Japanese kei cars and certain Japanese sports cars more than the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. Other felt there was a lack of damage that really prevented the GT games from really being realistic. Others could also complain about sound quality of GT games. There were many who criticized the sound quality, even going to the level of calling GT as "The Real Vacuum Simulator." The AI of GT games has also been an element people loathed about GT.

No matter what you think about Gran Turismo, it has done a lot as a racing game franchise as any other before it. Other racing games have come along and have bettered what GT did. It still doesn't mean GT failed to make a mark in the racing game world. We lived with a lot of things in Gran Turismo most other racing games have had in them. GT still remains an accessible and realistic racing game. While it isn't a hardcore sim, people still play and enjoy this great series of games. Many more games after GT1 tried to cash in on the same formula to different levels of success. Even Top Gear- yes, BBC's Top Gear- called Gran Turismo as "the greatest racing game of all time." And if you haven't taken the time to give Gran Turismo games a try, now wouldn't be a bad time to try.

So now that Gran Turismo has been around for over 20 years now, one can only wonder what the future will hold. All I know is that a lot of the excitement for racing games wouldn't have been possible without the Gran Turismo series. That even includes "John's Race Space." So we owe a debt of gratitude for what Gran Turismo has brought as well as making developers step their game up trying to be at or better Gran Turismo.

I am actually sorry I didn't release this on the day of Gran Turismo's birthday (Central Standard Time). However, at least I got it out there and not let this post just sit on my hard drive doing nothing. So you all keep motoring in the Gran Turismo series! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Should iRacing Include Drag Racing?

John Marine | 11:55 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
iRacing has come a long way with its many racing series. Everything from oval racing to various road racing disciplines make up iRacing's diverse racing portfolio. iRacing is not "just a game. It is a simulation racing game offering racing experiences almost as close to real racing. Offering the experiences many of us may never get to experience is what makes iRacing- let alone any game or entertainment piece- is what makes things like iRacing fun. Of the many different disciplines of iRacing, should drag racing be considered? I will be offering my thoughts in this blog post on if iRacing should feature drag racing.

NOTE: I am considering certain extra topics similar to this topic, so don't be surprised if any similar topics are covered here in this blog regarding iRacing.

Why Drag Racing?

Drag racing is either loved or hated by the general racing public-at-large. Some love drag racing for the thrills of high-speed racing both with horsepower and flat out speed. Some others dislike drag racing since it is just straight-line racing with no real purpose or intrigue. While I don't watch too much drag racing, I do think drag racing is great to watch. There is just something to watching a car make a pass down the drag strip. Drag racing is a test of acceleration and trying to make the most of the car's power and transmission. It is important you get a good launch off the line and be sure to make efficient use of the transmission and the engine's power band.

Drag Racing Considerations.

The most obvious things to consider is the length of drag races. Most drag racing events are usually a quarter mile drag race, but there are sometimes eighth mile drag races. I think some of the NHRA's races have now gone to about 1000 ft. drag races. There are also unique drag races of half mile drag races. While many drag races are one-on-one, Charlotte Motor Speedway has the unique four-wide drags where you can have four drag racers compete among themselves with the best two advancing.

As far as drag racing itself goes, you have to consider everything from start to finish. You have to perform a burnout just to get heat into the tires. You then try to get into the staging lane. The next step is to stage the car by slowly advancing. You then watch the lights and try to react as quickly as possible without jumping too early. Get a good reaction time and try to blast down the track at great speed while making timely shifts. You also need to make sure your vehicle can hook down the track. All that power and speed means nothing if you can't control your vehicle down the strip. You will be disqualified if you hit the outside wall or cross over the middle lines.

One of the other real considerations is in lane choice. If one side is hooking better than the other, you may choose to run in one certain lane if you win lane choice.

What Should Be Included for Drag Racing?

If iRacing implements drag racing, one has to wonder what should be included. Proper drag racing machines would suffice. Look at NHRA machines such as Funny Car, Top Fuel, and Pro Stock among others. If iRacing had motorcycles, then I'm sure Pro Stock Bike would also be included. I think back to the former NOPI drag racing series with classes for rear-wheel drive and even front-wheel drive drag cars. You could probably even add some four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive machines also. There are a lot of options- NHRA drag vehicles, IHRA drag vehicles, NOPI drag cars... or you can be REALLY insane and go for some jet-powered drag vehicles!

You also have to consider drag racing tracks. I think you have to at least account for tracks like Pomona, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Gainesville, and places like that. At least many of the popular drag racing venues. I am also unsure if iRacing can build a bond with the NHRA, IHRA, or any similar drag racing leagues.

One thing I am not real certain of is how you actually implement everything. How do you determine if staging is properly done? How would you implement fouls if somebody red lights? I'm sure iRacing administrators will properly monitor and judge drag racing runs, but these are just a few ideas in mind.

Would Drag Racing in iRacing be Successful?

If dirt oval racing was embraced along with rallycross, then I am sure iRacing will deliver with drag racing. Who else honestly can provide quality drag racing? It would be a rare breed because drag racing games haven't been very popular. Android gamers do have some popular drag racing such as CSR2. But when it comes to PC or consoles, not many drag racing games have succeeded. iRacing could provide that boost to provide great drag racing in the already stacked iRacing model.

The inclusion of drag racing would add to an already stacked array of racing disciplines and series offered in iRacing.

Those are just a hodgepodge of ideas about iRacing and drag racing.

Well... what do you think?

Do you think drag racing should be added to iRacing?

Go ahead and Subscribe/Follow if you enjoy my work. I thank you for your involvement in my posts. It means a lot to me. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Enthusia Professional Racing - Driving Revolution

John Marine | 7:36 PM | | | Be the first to comment!
Enthusia Professional Racing does not have a License Test system, but it has something very close- Driving Revolution. Driving Revolution tests you to drive a car properly in a set of driving challenges. Your driving skill is tested across many different unique stages. Try to master all of the courses to be the best in this mode of Enthusia Professional Racing.

Enthusia Professional Racing: Driving Revolution at a Glance

Let me introduce you to Driving Revolution in Enthusia Professional Racing.

Enthusia Professional Racing Driving Revolution
^ from: (YouTube) - Enthusia Professional Racing has many Driving Revolution challenges ready to test your driving ability in a number of exercises. Are you up for the challenge?

Basics of Driving Revolution.

Each Driving Revolution level features these light gates you must pass through. You are judged based on how you are able to go into the gates at the proper speed. What you want to do is enter each gate at the proper speed. The indicator will turn green when it is at the perfect level. To that end, the line will adjust up or down based on how fast you are going. If you are going too slow, the bar will be low, and the indicator will turn blue. Conversely, if you are going too fast, the bar will move high, and the indicator will turn orange.

Other indicators feature those you must accelerate from and decelerate from. You will know to accelerate if you head into an indicator with a chevron pointed upward. This is the Acceleration Indicator. The Brake Indicator has a regular bar but two orange markers at the top and bottom of the indicator. You are fine as long as you are within limits of both acceleration and braking indicators.

Judging your for entry into each section is on a number of levels:

• Perfect - you entered the gate at the ideal speed.
• Great - you entered the gate at a moderate than ideal speed.
• Good - you entered the gate at a slower than ideal speed.
• Bad - you entered the gate at a very poor speed.
• Miss - you missed the gate entirely.

If you keep missing gates or don't acquire enough points through a run, you will not score very high. If you just score poor enough, the game will end. These are basically like License Tests. So keep a decent rhythm through each challenge. What you want to do is rack up as many Perfects as possible to get the highest score. To advance to the next stage, your DR Gauge must surpass the orange bar on the bottom-left on your screen. If you failed the stage, you can try again as the game will offer you advice on how to pass the stage you failed. You know you did everything well when you achieve an "S" ranking. Try to go for the "S" rating as best as you can.

Other Considerations.

Make sure not to collide into objects, miss too many indicators, or drive in the wrong direction. These actions will greatly decline your score for each stage.

Indicators may be wide or thin depending on where you actually need to be. Take note of this and make sure not to miss these indicators entirely.

How This Post Works.

You will see in the heading each level followed by various other information. An intro to the level will be provided followed by the car or cars you will use in each stage. The cars are listed in the order they appear in. If one car appears in different stages within the same level, it will be listed only once.

So allow me to introduce you to the different levels of Driving Revolution. Advance to the next section!

Enthusia Professional Racing: Driving Revolution

This section features all of the Driving Revolution stages. A brief overview of what you can expect is what I will mention here. I have passed all of these stages with "C" or higher. So I will mostly explain what you are generally supposed to do in each stage.

Level 1: Ocean Bridge.

Ocean Bridge is a very simple course. In fact- it's a straight line! What challenges await you are basic car control challenges. You can pass each of these tests with such minimal effort.

CARS USED: Toyota Corolla Luxel, Smart fortwo cabrio, Volkswagen New Beetle, Toyota MR-S

• Stage 1: Drive according to specific speeds. Standing start.
• Stage 2: Maintain a consistent speed through consecutive indicators. Standing start.
• Stage 3: Weave through a slalom-style course while keeping up your speed. Be careful not to hit the walls. Standing start.
• Stage 4: Weave through a slalom-style course accelerating at certain levels. Standing start.

Level 2: Cosmic Eggway.

Cosmic Eggway is a short oval course in a tropical-like setting. It has a pair of short corners and one set of long corners. This is a very basic course to learn the nuances of driving in Enthusia Professional Racing. Nothing too complicated is featured here.

CARS USED: Mini Cooper 1275S Mk I, Renault Clio Renault Sport 2.0

• Stage 1: Cross the indicators at a decent speed while making sure to keep a consistent racing line.
• Stage 2: Cross the indicators at a decent speed, and make sure to brake at the braking indicators.
• Stage 3: Note the speeds you must be in as you approach each indicator.
• Stage 4: Change lanes at fast speeds.

Level 3: Rev City.

You go from a basic permanent road course to a tricky temporary street course. Rev City

CARS USED: Daihatsu Copen, Toyota Vitz RS Turbo

• Stage 1: Go full throttle into a high-speed corner. Steering input is crucial.
• Stage 2: Same as the previous stage, but in a more powerful car.
• Stage 3: Take a jump and then try to clear the remaining corners keeping a consistent line.
• Stage 4: Same as the previous stage, but in a more powerful car. Some indicators are more narrow.

Level 4: Cosmic Winding.

You will be racing the road course of Cosmic Eggway called Cosmic Winding. After Turn 1 of the oval, you will enter a short road course configuration that will test your racing ability.

CARS USED: Peugeot 106 S16, Mazda Eunos Roadster S-Special Type II

• Stage 1: Try to direct your car into pairs of indicators side-by-side. Uses the tight first corner of the oval.
• Stage 2: With the final corner of the oval, direct your car through pairs of indicators and single indicators.
• Stage 3: Racing infield the road course, follow each indicator, including the acceleration and brake indicators.
• Stage 4: Same as the previous stage, but with Traction Control and Stability Control turned off.

Level 5: Wild West Enduro.

Wild West Enduro is a temporary dirt race course built within a baseball ballpark. To bat a home run in these challenges, you will have to learn driving on non-tarmac surfaces. Consider this your entry into off-road racing in Enthusia Professional Racing. It is also the first Driving Revolution levels where you will be driving race cars.

CARS USED: Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution, Peugeot 206 Rally Car 2000

• Stage 1: Race the second half of the course. Make note of the acceleration indicators towards the end.
• Stage 2: Same as the previous stage, but in a lighter and different-performing car.
• Stage 3: Race the first half of the course. The corners are tighter than in Stage 1.
• Stage 4: Same as the previous stage, but in a lighter and different-performing car.

Level 6: Tsukuba Circuit.

The only licensed race course in Enthusia you will race on in Driving Revolution is the Tsukuba Circuit. This circuit north of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture is a short road course that has plenty of depth. The main challenge here is to learn the track sector by sector. Then, be ready to complete one lap around the course.

CAR USED: Toyota Altezza RS200

• Stage 1: Race the first sector of the track. A sharp corner, a chicane, and a slightly banked hairpin await.
• Stage 2: Race the second sector of the track. A sharp corner followed by some tricky bends and sharp hairpin await.
• Stage 3: Race the final sector of the track. The long, sweeping corner is too easy to misjudge. So be careful.
• Stage 4: Race one lap around the track.

Level 7: Tsukuba Circuit.

You will be racing again on Tsukuba Circuit, but this time under wet conditions. You also will be racing without TCS or ESC for any of the events. Proper car control is an absolute must for clearing each of the stages.

CARS USED: Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3-Door GT APEX, Toyota Altezza RS200

• Stage 1: Perform a slalom on a wet track in an low-powered car. Manual transmission.
• Stage 2: Race through Tsukuba's S-curve on a wet course. No TCS or ESC.
• Stage 3: Race the second half of the first sector of Tsukuba.
• Stage 4: If you misjudge the large radius of this section's curve, you will fail.

Level 8: Marco Strada.

This is the night version of Marco Strada, which is run on wet roads. Very much inspired by Venice, Italy; you will be doing a series of challenges to test your wet weather handling.

CARS USED: Mini Cooper S, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, Mazda Roadster RS-II

• Stage 1: Race the middle part of the track, which mostly takes place on the wooden bridge.
• Stage 2: Same as the previous stage, but in a more powerful car that is rear-wheel drive (unlike the front-wheel drive car previously).
• Stage 3: Drive through a chicane on down to the sharp hairpin leading to the Start/Finish line. Same car from Stage 2.
• Stage 4: Take on the chicane in a peppy sports car. Watch out for collisions or losing control.

Level 9: Autumn Mountain.

The beautiful Autumn Mountain track features a winding course through a village and several adjacent mountain roads. This is a really technical temporary course, so make sure to stay alert at all times on a track that can snap on you at any given moment if you are not careful.

CARS USED: Lancia Delta integrale Evoluzione II, Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG

• Stage 1: Race the first half of the track with a lot of indicators on the exterior of the course.
• Stage 2: Race the second half of the track with indicators on the exterior of the course.
• Stage 3: Race the final corner of the course with indicators are placed side-by-side. Concentration is a must here.
• Stage 4: Indicators are scattered everywhere and at different speeds. Concentrate and practice to get an "S" here.

Level 10: Edge of the Road.

Edge of the Road is a beautiful and exciting off-road course with tunnels and waterfalls. There are also a number of corners sure to keep you honest. Victory here will require a combination of off-road racing along with proper car control on non-tarmac surfaces.

CARS USED: Daihatsu Storia X4, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru Impreza WRX STi Limited, Ford Focus Rally Car

• Stage 1: A tricky set of left and right corners await you along with elevation changes. Take them all properly to pass this stage.
• Stage 2: Go from a high-speed section down to some slow corners, all while keeping the car stable.
• Stage 3: Take on a series of hairpin curves while trying to maintain traction on dirt surfaces.
• Stage 4: Take on the jumps to this course while also properly navigating the corners in a proper rally car.

Level 11: Mystic Caveway.

Most of Mystic Caveway is raced on through a cavern. How you handle the many corners within this unique setting will determine success or failure. Take on these invidivdual challenges and perform to the best of your ability.

CARS USED: Nissan Elgrand, Daihatsu Storia X4, Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III

• Stage 1: Race the hairpin of this course in a huge rear-wheel drive van.
• Stage 2: Race through a section of many indicators leading to the Start/Finish line. Think ahead and plan in advance to clear this one.
• Stage 3: Most indicators are in blind parts of the track and near walls. Find them and adjust your speed to clear this section.
• Stage 4: Same strategy as the previous stage, but you are now dealing with uphill corners.

Level 12: Speediapolis Ring.

If you think the challenges will be easy since Speediapolis Ring is on an oval, think again! If anything, this set of challenges test your ability to keep a car stable under high-speed conditions. You will almost certainly fail if you go too slow around the course in any of these stages. So try to concentrate on maintaining high speeds throughout your runs.

CARS USED: Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am SD-455, Audi R8 Team Goh 2003, Honda NSX-R, Toyota Exxon Superflo Supra

• Stage 1: Race the second half of Speediapolis Ring in a muscle car.
• Stage 2: One lap around the track in a proper race car. Take advantage of this car's downforce and intense speed.
• Stage 3: Perform a high-speed slalom on the backstretch of this course. Know when to change lanes and keep a consistent speed.
• Stage 4: Race the first half of this course while also performing a high-speed slalom. Make note of where the indicators are.

Level 13: Burgenschlucht.

Burgenschlucht is a unique tarmac course with a rally racing feel to it. Winding country roads and some city streets are utilized in this uniquely European temporary racing course. This track is almost basically a tarmac rally course with its snaking roads. Enjoy trying to push the limits of both your car and your skills on this excellent course.

CARS USED: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec, Honda NSX Type S Zero, Dodge Viper GTS, Lotus Elise 111S

• Stage 1: Take a tour through the village while weaving left and right going downhill.
• Stage 2: Part of Stage 1 shows up again, but you are now taking on some sharp corners and some uphill and downhill sections.
• Stage 3: Take on the high-speed right-hand corner followed by a sharp kink. Control your speed properly to clear the stage.
• Stage 4: Control a nimble car through a series of tricky corners situated on undulating roads.

Level 14: Wintertraum.

Some people have criticized that cars in Enthusia handle like they are on ice. Well, here is a unique Driving Revolution challenge- racing on ice and snow. Wintertraum offers icy and snowy roads for you to drive on. The course is kind of an icy version of Burgenschlucht but with different roads. Ice and snow have poor traction. So for these stages, you will have to try to navigate your way around on surfaces that have little or no traction. Thankfully, you will be racing a machine more than capable to take on these stages. Though it has the designation of WRC, you are not racing a World Rally Championship rally car in this Level. You are instead racing a street car with DNA of their successful GT-FOUR WRC Rally Car. These stages will be difficult, but not impossible. You will really need to focus and practice to get the best scores in these stages. In case you're wondering, this is the last of the off-road Driving Revolution levels.


• Stage 1: Perform a slalom on icy roads on the front stretch of the track.
• Stage 2: Downhill sections await. Don't lose too much speed or control!
• Stage 3: Both downhill and uphill sections make up this course. Find the best line and adjust throttle inputs to clear this stage.
• Stage 4: Use the indicators to devise a proper racing line around this large-radius turn section.

Level 15: Dragon Range.

You will be taking on Enthusia's touge track- Dragon Range in the downhill direction. Your ability to properly drift around corners will be paramount to success in these challenges. Even if you are not an adept drifter (I am not good at drifting myself), you will at least learn and practice techniques to become a more solid driver overall. Just like almost anything in life, take this set of challenges as a learning experience. The best advice for any of these tests is to try not to hit the barriers on either side of the road in these stages.

CARS USED: Nissan 180 Type X, Mazda Roadster RS-II, Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version VI, Mazda Savanna RX-7 Infini

• Stage 1: A weaving road with a series of indicators await. Keep the car stable at all times while adjusting speeds.
• Stage 2: Take on the high-speed section of the track while properly hitting all of the indicators at proper speeds.
• Stage 3: Try using the emergency brake to make tighter turns to tackle a series of three hairpin corners.
• Stage 4: The final set of corners await you. They are blind and in tricky locations. Drive carefully.

Level 16: Pacific Gateway.

Pacific Gateway is a challenging street course with elevation changes and tricky corners. You are racing around the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, USA here. Racing this track helped me to appreciate the beauty of San Francisco. While this urban course is beautiful, this track has some ugly sections that will unnerve you if you are not careful. The course has everything from technical corners to many elevation changes. You're going to get quite a workout racing this one! In a way, you can think of Pacific Gateway as Konami's answer to the Seattle Circuit of Gran Turismo games.

CARS USED: Ford Mustang Mach 1, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette Z51

• Stage 1: Take on the first sector of the course, with its blind corners. Be careful going uphill and making jumps later.
• Stage 2: The winding roads around a forested part of the track await. The section is blind and twisty. Go easy here.
• Stage 3: Go over a crest, into a chicane, then through a sweeping downhill section. Double indicators towards the end.
• Stage 4: From the final uphill, take on a twisty section that goes downhill and to the marina. Keep the car stable and in a good line.

Level 17: Löwenseering.

I call Löwenseering as the signature race track of Enthusia Professional Racing. You will be racing the Grand Prix style course, Löwenseering in a powerful race car. You will be given the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning Team Goh Audi Japan R8 LMP from 2004. You will have to learn this track and this car on your own to clear all four stages. Oh, and if you fail, NO advice will be given to you at all. The assumption is that you have been taught all you can be taught, so it's up to you to clear all of the stages. Can you do it?

CAR USED: Audi R8 Team Goh 2004

• Stage 1: Complete the first sector of the track, complete with a banked turn and several sharp corners.
• Stage 2: Complete the second sector of the track, which includes a super-slow hairpin and the bridge.
• Stage 3: Complete the final sector of the track. This stage is both long and fast with many tricky corners.
• Stage 4: Complete a full lap around this course. "C" or better will be difficult, but keep trying!

HOW difficult? This video from another player demonstrate how nuts this challenge is, especially Level 17, Stage 4:

^ Enthusia - Driving Revolution - Level 17 Stage 4 - S RANK!!

Now YOU try and do that for Level 17, Stage 4 (or better)!

Level 18: Cosmic Eggway.

While the course is fairly simple, the challenges here are anything but. Each stage is done in Manual Transmission and with no Traction Control or Stability Control. Throttle, brakes, and transmission are not functional in any of these challenges. So what you are looking at is a test in car control. This set of challenges will unnerve you to no end. However, clearing each stage is not impossible. Even if you just clear a section with "C" or better, consider yourself adept. You're the absolute best if you clear all four stages with the "S" rank.

CARS USED: Mazda Roadster RS-II, Nissan S15 Silvia R-Tune, Caterham Super 7 Superlight R500

• Stage 1: Use the E-Brake to properly maintain the car while heading into the corner.
• Stage 2: Countersteer to drift through the indicators. No E-Brake in this one.
• Stage 3: Adjust weight while cornering to hit the indicators.
• Stage 4: E-Brake drift in this car, but be ready to gather it up again.

It takes a lot of skill to clear each stage, let alone with an "S" rank. Just keep trying and don't give up. Also avoid being frustrated. All this will do is further rack your mind trying to clear these levels and their stages.

I hope you found these little tidbits helpful. Happy racing! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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World Driver Championship

John Marine | 6:55 PM | | Be the first to comment!
If the Nintendo 64 ever had a decent challenger to Gran Turismo, it was World Driver Championship, a game featuring fantasy cars racing around on a variety of mostly street courses. The premise of this game is through the intense realm of GT racing. You race GT2-spec cars across a variety of cities around the world (otherwise, why call it WORLD Driver Championship?). The cars are all fantasy, but car fans will be able to easily identify what each car even remotely resembles. You can race with much faster cars by improving your rank in the game.

This blog entry is about "World Driver Championship" and how I feel about it as a whole.

World Driver Championship at a Glance

World Driver Championship
^ from: (it was the best I could find) - World Driver Championship, perhaps the most beautiful racing game on the Nintendo 64.

World Driver Championship is about full-speed racing on mostly city streets with GT2-spec cars. GT2 is defined as a class of cars that are modified for racing, but not extremely modified to where they bear no resemblance whatsoever to their road-going counterparts. Up to eight cars can race at once on each track. You begin racing on a few different courses at a time. With progress through the tournaments, you can race the more powerful and faster cars. You can also race on some of the tougher courses with progress. Your racing adventures take you to places such as Hawaii, Rome, Sydney, Kyoto, Las Vegas, the Black Forest, and more. This game was created and developed by Boss and published by Midway in 1999.

With progress in WDC, you can step up to the GT1-spec cars. They are obviously more powerful and faster than the GT2-spec cars. So be sure to keep playing to race these exceptionally more powerful cars in the game.

That's really it to the basics of this game.

Video Preview.

To help you learn more about this game, here is a YouTube videos to give you a preview of what to expect for this game:

^ World Driver Championship (Actual N64 Capture) - High Resolution Mode.

Maybe the most enticing element of this game was the enhancement in graphics by going with a widescreen format. It comes at the expense of, however, a letterbox screen.

World Driver Championship: Final Thoughts

This was a game I remembered renting long ago. It was a great racing experience, but not really enough to make me want to consider getting it. The sounds may be weak for a system like this, but it is still very manageable. The music is mostly generic rock music. It can be terrible at times. As for the graphics, there's no way you can deny this is a gorgeous game (even for the N64). The amount of challenge in this game is very acceptable. It is an intense experience. All the tracks are in lovely detail as well as with how the cars all look. It's a beautiful game.

The sad thing for Nintendo is that there has never been any kind of realistic racing game that has been greatly successful. The reason why you should care about "World Driver Championship" is because it is one of the best racing games for the Nintendo 64 not named Mario Kart 64. I mentioned that "World Driver Championship" is the Nintendo 64's Gran Turismo. Only difference is that you are not collecting and tuning cars, and this game isn't exactly a hardcore sim even for its time. This is not one of the best experiences for N64 racing, but it is one not to overlook. I could do without a lot of the music in this game. Yet still, a great job of this game was done by Boss.

An Offer...

If you enjoyed this review and if you have a Nintendo 64, I encourage you to buy this game if you want to get this game. Buy from Amazon:

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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GT 64 Championship Edition

John Marine | 5:51 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Imagineer and Ocean made "GT 64 Championship Edition" for the Nintendo 64. Featuring cars from the (then) JGTC, you race only on city courses. Wonder why? It's Japanese name is "City Tour GrandPrix." Allow me to introduce you to this Nintendo 64 racing game.

NOTE: Previously, I thought I blogged about this game before. Apparently not! So here goes a new post to "John's Race Space!"

GT 64 Championship Edition

Now for a finer look at "GT 64 Championship Edition." This game was released in 1998 only for the Nintendo 64.

^ from: (best I could find) - GT 64 attempts to give you the most unreal racing experience on the Nintendo 64. Does it come through, or is it a backmarker?


This game has you racing in three different cities each with short and long variations. Tracks can be raced on either in dry conditions or wet conditions. Because this game is named differently from its Japanese counterpart, I will feature the track names both in "GT 64 Championship Edition" and its "City Tour GrandPrix" variant in parentheses.

• Japan Grand Prix (Tokyo) - just your average city circuit- narrow roads and tough passing.

• European Grand Prix (Lake Fuji) - a more country road track than an urban track.

• USA Grand Prix (~not in the Japanese version~) - wide roads and high speeds make up this course.

Finally, there is a track not included in "GT64 Championship Edition" but included in "City Tour GrandPrix":

• Kyoto - a course with technical corners and even a fast indoor section.


Cars featured in this game represent the many different cars from the (then) JGTC, or the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship. The JGTC is now known as Super GT. You will be racing machines like the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Honda NSX, Nissan 300ZX, and various other race-bred GT cars. Each car can be modified to meet the conditions of a race course. The Japanese version has the licensing rights to the names of the Porsche and the Lamborghini in this game.


Races will have no more than eight cars to a track. You can set how many laps you want to run. In Championship Mode, you can compete in proper race weekends ranging from practice to qualifying to the race itself. You can choose between dry conditions and rainy conditions as well.

With this brief overview of the game, here are my thoughts based on my playing of this title long ago.

"GT 64 Championship Edition" Final Thoughts/Review

If you were looking for a racing game to rival Gran Turismo on the Nintendo 64, "GT 64 Championship Edition" is absolutely NOT the game. This game lacks a sufficient fun factor, a decent driving model, and just seems overall boring. Very little has been done to make this game stand out and really be worth something. Quality simulation-type racing games for the Nintendo 64 have been far and between. This game just doesn't cut it as being any real contender among this category of racing games. There is SOME fun to this game, but not enough to make it legendary or enjoyable.

This is, at least, how I feel about this game. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Groups of Real Racing 3 - Exclusive Series

John Marine | 9:46 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Fifteen cars in Real Racing 3 are Exclusive Series cars. If you max out the performance of an Exclusive Series car, you can compete in series featuring only that car; and you will race with and against that car. This blog post will conclude the blog post series regarding the groups of Real Racing 3. This is a look at the Exclusive Series cars.

A Note Before I Begin...

Each of these posts in this series are all works in progress. Posts in this category may be updated constantly to provide quality updates to this series. Check for the "UPDATED: (mm/dd/yyyy)" to know when a post has been updated.

Groups of Real Racing 3: How It Works

This section simply tells you how this all works and how I will be presenting this material. Read on to gain some instant perspective.

How These Posts Will Work.

Each post will be presented in the order of first page to last page, top left to bottom right. What you will see in each post is a look at the cars offered and an idea of what each series is about. These posts will be updated to reflect various changes. Many of these will either be from looking up sources or by my own progress through each game. I will not really share you how to access each series- you are essentially on your own here. I will not share every last individual race in these posts. "Real Racing 3" is too detailed for me to actually share decent information on each series and race.

Things to Remember.

These posts all indicate the different races available for each series. There are various tiers of competition within each series. You will need to earn a number of Trophies to unlock new tiers and new cars. Each tier can feature as few as one race and as many as three. Races that include Showcases are specifically meant for one specific car, and they include some kind of race or races along with a Time Trial. You must have DRIVE available to participate in Time Trials. If you have maxed out your car, you can compete as many times as you like in Time Trials. When some series are unlocked, separate smaller series also become available. Some of these smaller series don't appear until you unlock one specific series within each group. Therefore, you will be doing more racing than you really think you are doing. You obviously want to get Gold for each race. However, a finish of 3rd or better is all you need to unlock more series and cars. So concentrate early on getting 3rd or better and then improve upon your performance when you have a better car or when you have an upgraded car. You can always go back to races and series where you don't have all gold to yet. Progress at every 25% earns you R$ Bonuses and Gold. Complete the entire series with 100% completion to earn the maximum bonuses.

To fully complete a series, you will need to pick up every available car. Most cars require R$, but some require Gold. You can purchase cars you haven't yet unlocked by paying for them in Gold. When you unlock some cars, you may get to pick up certain cars for a discounted Gold price as a one-time offer. You may elect to buy R$ or Gold by using your own money if you are short on funds in the game. Packs are also available giving you both R$ and Gold. You would hate using your own money to earn virtual currency, but if that is what it takes for you to try to complete this massive game, then so be it. To find out what cars can only be bought with Gold, please visit this blog post of mine: Real Racing 3 - Gold Cars.

Since I am updating this material based on my own progress through "Real Racing 3," these posts may be updated regularly to reflect new changes or correct certain errors.

Groups of Real Racing 3: Road Map

Want to see the entire series of the Groups of Real Racing 3 posts? Take a look at this section. You can visit any of the other posts by checking out this section. The series:

Groups of Real Racing 3: Amateur
Groups of Real Racing 3: NASCAR
Groups of Real Racing 3: Pro/Am
Groups of Real Racing 3: Pro
Groups of Real Racing 3: Expert
Groups of Real Racing 3: Master
Groups of Real Racing 3: Elite
Groups of Real Racing 3: Legend
• Groups of Real Racing 3: Exclusive Series (YOU ARE HERE)

It is now time to kick this series of posts off proper. Get ready!

Real Racing 3: Exclusive Series

I won't show you all of the individual races, but I will give you insight on the series you will participate in.

Groups of Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series
^ The Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34) is one of 15 cars you can exclusively race with and against in the Exclusive Series.

The Exclusive Series requires you purchase one specific car and max out its upgrades. Once you fully upgrade eligible cars, you can compete in a series of races tailored to that specific car. These races are pretty tough. While you may have gotten the advantage in the regular series with a fully upgraded car, you may not be so fortunate or confident trying these Exclusive Series races. You know a car is eligible for an Exclusive Series if you see Exclusive Series graphics for them. It is best you snap up these cars to be able to utilize them proper in a deep and extensive series of races such as the ones here.

Because you already have the needed car and its upgrades, every race in every tier is available to you to race. So you don't have to worry about unlocking extra material. You could basically do the very last tier of races to start off with. Progress in completing these races nets you extra R$ and Gold. Complete the entire series for each car to earn the maximum rewards.

Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34).

Car Featured:
• Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34)

"A pure beast, this 'Godzilla' is known for its fearsome power and endurance."

Did you know the Skyline here is a REAR-wheel drive car? Most know of the Skyline/GT-Rs for having four-wheel drive. This one, though, is a rear-driven car. It's still a Skyline at the end of the day. Harness this Japanese beast's power and performance to power your way to victory. Can you do it?

Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (FD).

Car Featured:
• Mazda RX-7 Spirit R

Arguably the most beautiful of the highest end Japanese sports cars of the 1990s, you will be racing with the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R. The Spirit R is the last of the fabulous FD RX-7s. This rotary-powered beast is for you to enjoy once you compete in this series after fully upgrading it.


Car Featured:

"Lighter. Faster. Constantly outpacing even its maker's wildest expectations."

The BMW M3 GTS is a powerful machine. It is made more powerful once you have upgraded it fully. See if you can win yourself some races with this beast.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.

Car Featured:
• Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

"The best selling Lamborghini of all time - design and power in an irresistable package."

Before being replaced by the Huracan, the Gallardo is a baby Lamborghini that deals big damage. You can use this car to fulfill your deepest performance driving pleasures.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S.

Car Featured:
• Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

Aston Martin makes some beastly luxury supercars. These are GT-type cars that are vastly luxurious. You will be using the V12-powered V12 Vantage S in this Exclusive Series. A car like this is not for the faint of heart. You may need to make sure your heart rate or blood pressure doesn't double or triple when you push this car to its limits in this series.

Jaguar F-Type SVR.

Car Featured:
• Jaguar F-Type SVR

When the Jaguar F-Type was unveiled, I thought it was the most fabulous Jaguar ever; or at least the most fabulous since the legendary XJ220. While this isn't Jaguar's most bonkers offering, you will be racing a very capable machine with this F-Type. See if you can win the races you can enter this fine car in.

Audi R8 LMS Ultra.

Car Featured:
• Audi R8 LMS Ultra

Many people think of the Audi R8 LMP race car when "R8" is uttered. The Audi R8 road car has always been fabulous and beautiful. The R8 LMS Ultra is the premier racing variant of the R8 race car. Various series have featured the Audi R8 ranging from various low-level GT series to even events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and even the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring. So when you fully upgrade the R8 LMS Ultra, you will be doing some intense racing with an intensely powerful and capable car. So go do Audi proud with this great race car!

Ferrari F12TDF.

Car Featured:
• Ferrari F12TDF

This V12-powered Ferrari is powerful and exclusive. If the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is bonkers as it is, this one is even more bonkers. It is also a track car. If you maxed out your F12 TDF, you are in for a fierce battle in this Exclusive Series.

Porsche 918 RSR Concept.

Car Featured:
• Porsche 918 RSR Concept

If you maxed out your 918 RSR Concept, then you can race in this set of races. Give it your all with this Porsche beast.

Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Car Featured:
• Mercedes-AMG GT3

Open up a can of Whoop-Booty with the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 in this series. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 is an elegant race car heavily inspired by one of my all-time favorite cars- the Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Mazda Furai.

Car Featured:
• Mazda Furai

The Mazda Furai is one of the wildest cars of the 2000s. It is for you to race in this Exclusive Series if you maxed it out. This is the only other Exclusive Series based on a rotary-powered car. Let the Furai sing at its highest octaves while also tearing up whatever track it races on.

Ariel Atom V8.

Car Featured:
• Ariel Atom V8

Lightweight, powerful, and fierce; the Ariel Atom V8 delivers face-melting performance (just ask Jeremy Clarkson). You may remember this car from the first Open Sky Challenge. Max that Atom V8 out, and you can race in this series. Lord help you try to clear this series with 100% completion.

McLaren P1 GTR.

Car Featured:
• McLaren P1 GTR

The McLaren F1 was a jaw-dropper in the 20th Century. The P1 is a jaw-dropper in the 21st Century. The P1 GTR is the bonkers racing variant of the P1. You were mad enough to try to max out an already beastly race car. Your reward? Entry into this Exclusive Series. Good luck taming this beast against other P1 GTRs.

Ferrari FXX K.

Car Featured:
• Ferrari FXX K

So the McLaren P1 GTR isn't fast enough for you? Maybe you are among the tifosi and want to race a mad Ferrari. Well- you maxed out the FXX K. Now you get to go against other Ferrari FXX Ks in this Exclusive Series. Good luck. You might need it.

Koenigsegg Regera.

Car Featured:
• Koenigsegg Regera

Fast. Faster. Fastest. While the Regera isn't the most bonkers Koenigsegg, it is a car that epitomizes hypercar performance. Get a Regera and max it out to compete in this series. Don't blink- you might lose the race with these cars!

Koenigsegg One:1.

Car Featured:
• Koenigsegg One:1

Did you really NEED to max out the Koenigsegg One:1? Well, you made the decision to max it out. And now you get to go against other Koenigsegg One:1s. I hope you're happy. High-speed battle like you won't believe with this series!

Ferrari F14 T.

Car Featured:
• Ferrari F14 T

The only Exclusive Series featuring a Formula 1 car is the Ferrari F14 T. Ferrari formula power is what you're talking about with this modern F1 car. Can you make the most of this car's performance to clear this series of races?

McLaren MP4-X.

Car Featured:
• McLaren MP4-X

The last of the Exclusive Series cars is the conceptual race car, the McLaren MP4-X. This car is like McLaren's answer to the Red Bull prototypes in Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. The McLaren MP4-X is a no-nonsense futuristic F1 race car. You had to have a lot of money to invest in upgrading it. Now, you are looking to show you are the best by racing in this Exclusive Series.

Have fun! :)

I want to thank all of you who find my blog posts about various racing games to be great. I hope I can offer some great material to you all. Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you enjoy my work. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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