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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rush Rally 2

John B. Marine | 7:28 PM | |
Rush Rally 2 is one rally racing game sure to challenge you. If you want to take on the intense realm of rally racing, Brownmonster Limited has your rally racing game for either Android or iOS. So get ready to get dirty taking on some of the toughest roads in the world across a handful of countries! I'm here to review "Rush Rally 2" for your pleasure.

Before I Begin...

For full disclosure, I am basing my review based on my Android TV experience with "Rush Rally 2." My device used is a Xiaomi MI Box S.

Rush Rally 2 at a Glance

Here is a look at "Rush Rally 2."

Rush Rally 2
^ from: (Amazon) - "Rush Rally 2" gives you that rush of excitement rally racing provides.

"Rush Rally 2" is a rally racing game developed by Brownmonster Limited, a solo developer from England. This game presents the challenge of off-road racing through both rallycross and traditional rallying. This game was first released in 2016. The player is met with the challenge of off road racing on rally stages and rallycross races. It is run on an in-house game engine. There also is no licensing in this game. There are fake sponsors on the cars and on the various billboards. The individual drivers are also fake. For example, there are drivers named after real-life drivers. Names include Bichard Rurns, Carlos Saint, Ben Klock, and others. Oh, well... a game like this doesn't need proper sponsorship to be attractive.

If you are wondering why I am reviewing "Rush Rally 2" and not the first one, that is because I could not find the very first Rush Rally game. The first game was taken off of the Android and iOS markets leaving only "Rush Rally 2" and "Rush Rally 3" available. So there is a "Rush Rally 1"... it just isn't available anymore.

Rush Rally 2 is available through Google Play, the Apple Store, and TouchArcade. It costs $0.99 USD on Google Play.

Tracks: Rally.

Rally racing takes you on a world tour featuring a handful of different rallies. You start in Finland and then work your way around the world unlocking more rallies. A total of eight rallies are in this game. Each rally features six stages except one.

• Finland - high speeds and romps through forests on gravel await you in this classic rally.
• Argentina - deal with these dirt roads while also contending with tall rocks and canyons.
• Sweden - race on ice and snow.
• Spain - asphalt and gravel stages await you here.
• Germany - a rally dominated by mixed surfaces with very deceptive mountainous and hilly roads.
• Australia - a host of {country roads and mixed terrain define this rally.
• USA - a paved roads rally that is essentially the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Only one stage, and it is the longest in the game at over 12 miles.
• Canada - this rally features grueling uphill stages with decisive turns. Roads are a mix of tarmac and snowy roads.

To advance to the next rally, you must finish 3rd or better in the final rally classifications.

Skills Games.

Test your driving skills with a handful of challenges. Your goal is to try to complete each challenge within the Target time. If you fail to complete the course in the Target time or have multiple penalties outstanding, you will fail the challenge and must try again.

There are three Cups for Skill Games: Crabman Cup, GPS Championship, and Parsons Trophy. You unlock the other two after clearing the first set of challenges. Here are the challenges in general:

• Air Missile - Indicators will tell you where missiles will strike. Avoid being in the indicator to avoid the missile strike. Penalty time will be added for each time you are hit.
• Roadworks - avoid the various hazards on the road. Avoid EVERYTHING- cones, signs, barriers, and more. Penalty time will be added if you fail to completely avoid each hazard section.
• Coin Rush - collect coins scattered about in a line. Each missed coin results in penalty time added to your run.
• Trailer - a trailer full of soccer balls will be attached to your car. Try to keep all the balls in the trailer to clear the challenge. This means not accelerating or braking too hard along with taking note of various elevation changes. Penalty time will be added for each ball that leaves the trailer.
• Skill Gates - You will be racing a stage while also trying to clear each gate. You must properly clear each gate to receive credit for each clear. You will not be rewarded a cleared gate if you either miss it entirely or knock over the barrels. Each missed gate will result in penalty time added to your run. Clear the stage within the Target time to pass.
• Turbo Rush - Pick up turbo bottles across the track. Use those turbos to try to clear the stage in time. Each collected turbo makes your car run at faster speeds. It is recommended you try not to rev the engine on the start. Otherwise, you will suffer engine damage and go VERY slow.

Rally: Rallycross

Rallycross brings wheel-to-wheel racing in frenzied circuit battles. You will deal with a mix of tarmac and non-tarmac surfaces trying to finish stop the standings. You must finish within the Target position to advance to the next stage. Clear all of the stages to win the Cup in each class. You will not be penalized for leaving the track or dangerous driving. You do, however, need to be mindful that damage will affect your car no matter what you do on the race track.

You must place third or better in the first set of races, 2nd or better in the second set of races, and you must win all stages of the third set of races.

That covers the racing, but what about those vehicles?


There are ten cars to choose from in "Rush Rally 2." While there is no official licensing, you can make out what most of the cars are as well as the associated liveries to each. You can actually set up each car to meet the given rally or race you are taking part in. Not all vehicles are available right away. The game tells you what you have to unlock certain vehicles. The game insists the races will be harder if you go with faster vehicles. So if you feel you keep losing, try stepping down to lower-class cars to get the advantage.


This section features advice for rallycross and rally.

A rallycross race pits you against five other cars. Your job is to finish in a target position to unlock the next race. Once all races of a certain cup are complete, you can unlock a new Cup. There are no penalties for leaving the course or rough driving. So if you feel you have to cheat, do so. However, be mindful that damage will impact your car.

Take part in any of the game's rally events. You will begin in Finland before you can unlock the seven other rallies. Finish in a target position to advance to the next rally. All of the rallies has six stages, except one. You can make repairs to your car after the 2nd and 4th stages of each rally. Once you are in the service areas, you have only a certain amount of time to make needed repairs. Adjust the slider to each element to lower the amount of damage to certain components. If you do not have enough time to repair damage, you will not be able to fully repair certain things. The elements that usually endure the most damage are your engine and your wheels. So take note of these most.

Good luck becoming a champion! :)

Rush Rally 2: Final Thoughts

For work done mostly by a solo developer, and considering this is a paid app, what you get is a very good rally game. Maybe "Rush Rally 2" is not a Triple-A type game; it is still a game that has a very nice rally racing mechanic. The driving model is a great one. This is a more-than-decent rally racing game that you will enjoy playing. Some of the different skill races are unique diversions from the usual rally racing. There is only a small price to pay for this app, but many of the racing memories this game has to provide are priceless. Surely recommended by me, but not strongly recommended.

For More Information...

Here are ways for you to learn more about "Rush Rally 2":

Brownmonster Games - the developer's site
Rush Rally 2 on Google Play
Rush Rally 2 on Apple Store

I am hopeful you enjoyed this blog post and review.

That's all, folks! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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