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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Half-Life Rally

John B. Marine | 6:59 AM | |
Half-Life is one of the greatest games ever. The Half-Life series itself is one of the best gaming franchises ever. Half-Life couldn't possibly make for a racing game, right? Well, modders thought otherwise. Meet Half-Life Rally. Half-Life Rally utilizes the GoldSource (or GoldSrc) engine and built a racing game mod around it. This blog post takes a look at this mod for Half-Life.

Half-Life Rally

Although Half-Life is an excellent first-person shooter and first-person shooter series, there isn't much to making a racing mod for it. However, the GoldSrc Engine for Half-Life is told to be entirely versatile. Versatile enough... to be the base of a racing/driving game mod. Now before you go thinking this game mod will replace any of your favorite racing games of its time, think again.

Half-Life Rally lets you take on a series of tracks consisting of open circuits and closed circuits. All of the cars you can choose from are real-world rally cars. Many of them, though, may be fictional to avoid copyright issues. You can race any number of the included venues offline or online. Funny enough, this game even has some maps where a bomb is attached to your car, and you have only a certain amount of time to drive around with that bomb. Other than that, get ready for a cracking good time racing!

If you intend to download the Half-Life Rally mod, you must use the original "Half-Life," NOT the "Half-Life: Source" version.

Half-Life Rally: Experience.

To begin "Half-Life Rally," you must set up a server, either online or offline. You then select what map you want to use. One thing you may want to note is the prefix of each map name. Seeing "ab" means a point-to-point. "RC" is a closed-circuit rally course. "HC" notes a location with your car having a bomb attached to it. You then go ahead and set lap distance, time between races, and other options. Once you have everything set, it's time to race!

When you begin a race, you then select what car you want to use. Each car is rated for Acceleration, Handling, and Top Speed. Acceleration concerns how quickly the car gets up to speed. Handling affects how well the car can take on turns. Top Speed relates to the maximum speed the car is capable of. You start off with $600 to customize cars. That is not much, but once you complete a race, you will earn credits to use to buy performance parts. You can buy tires, exhausts, intercoolers, and turbo systems to improve the performance of your car.

When actually racing, you are trying to clear checkpoints. Your co-driver will tell you when you clear a Checkpoint. Keep track of the checkpoints you clear. If you miss a checkpoint, you will need to go back and clear it. The best way to ensure you clear a checkpoint is to drive through the center of the checkpoint gates or markers. If you are doing races with time extensions, you need to clear checkpoints in time. You can change car views at any time during the event. You may even add bots to race against when offline.

Half-Life Rally: Final Thoughts.

Half-Life Rally is a great mod utilizing the GoldSrc Engine. The graphics look great, and the driving model is actually quite good. It is sometimes a bit of a bug to think you cleared a checkpoint but really didn't. It happens in Half-Life Rally. At times, the game crashes as I raced; however, those crashes were not frequent and consistent. Some people talk about the game crashing upon loading. I didn't have such loading problems. It is a solid mod no matter how you look at it. This game will not replace "Colin McRae Rally," but it is a very good rally experience using the engine from the award-winning "Half-Life."

For More Information...

Learn more about "Half-Life Rally" by visiting If you bought Half-Life on Steam, you need to use the original Half-Life to play this mod, NOT the "Half Life: Source" version.

Video Preview.

Here is a sampling of what "Half-Life Rally" has to offer:

^ Half-Life Rally (2004) - Every PC Rally Game

I tried to find some real trailer for "Half-Life Rally," but this was as best as I could find and share.

Proton Rally (Bonus Section!)

Developed with the GoldSrc engine and developed in the same vein as "Half-Life Rally" was an unreleased game called "Proton Rally." This game utilized models from Proton, a Malaysian automobile company [that even once made a motorcycle competing in MotoGP]. This game is nowhere to be found online for what I know. However, I will provide you this video as kind of inspiration for modding ability with Half-Life Rally:

* Proton Rally - Half-Life 1 Rally Mod

Again- no further information on this game/mod is known. To read an article about "Proton Rally," visit the following: Proton Rally game based on Half Life engine.

That is all for this blog post! I hope to see you again when I make another post, whenever that will be. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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