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Saturday, January 7, 2023

All-Star Racing 2

John B. Marine | 4:46 PM | |
A year after "All-Star Racing" was released, along comes "All-Star Racing 2." The same tandem of Kung Fu Games and Mud Duck Productions give you another round of racing goodness only they can provide. HOW good, though? You're going to have to find out by reading this blog post. So let's go!

All-Star Racing 2

"All-Star Racing 1" showcased four different disciplines of racing. "All-Star Racing 2" features different styles of vehicles in a variety of different racing challenges. It was released in 2003 for PlayStation 1 by Kung Fu Games (developer) and Mud Duck Productions (publisher). This game was released towards the sunset of the PlayStation 1.

Get ready for four different styles of racing featuring five tracks in each of those styles.

The Modes.

You can choose between Start and Options. Options will allow you to adjust difficulty and lap distance. You can input your name after choosing a Game Mode.

  • Bikes - prove your racing mettle on two wheels.
  • Karts - race with agile go-karts on competitive kart tracks.
  • GP - race the high-speed, highly-fragile formula-type racing cars.
  • Trucks - go road racing in over five-ton semi-trucks with over 1000 horsepower!

Once you select a mode, you input your name. You then go to the next menu.

The Tracks and Vehicles.

Like how each mode in "All-Star Racing" has its own set of tracks, the same applies to "All-Star Racing 2." However, unlike the previous game, each mode have five tracks to them. After picking a track, you then select which vehicle you want to use. You go racing afterwards.

The Racing.

You will be competing in however many laps you set the lap counter to (3 to 15 laps). There will be six vehicles to a track, yours included. Try to win using whatever vehicle you are using. Each of the vehicles have different handling characteristics. For you to win, learn the ways of your machine and try to win on the tracks for that discipline of racing. Go for the win!

Let me provide some final thoughts for you all on "All-Star Racing 2." Please read the next section.

"All-Star Racing 2" - Final Thoughts

"All-Star Racing 2" improves upon "All-Star Racing 1," but it is still not an overall good game. At least the different vehicles feel different from one another. Each discipline feels like a different game. Despite this, more can be done to make "All-Star Racing 2" a better game. It is serviceable at best.

While this game still feels like it could be at least decent, at least not every vehicle feels the same but in a different aesthetic. The more dedicated racing gamer will not be impressed in the sense of no qualifying, race weekends, tuning, or championships. This is simply a racing game to enjoy racing but with no real incentive or replay value. Once you complete everything, that's it. The Memory Card is actually used in this "All-Star Racing 2" unlike "All-Star Racing 1."

The vehicles all feel different. The Bikes are tough to control, and it really feels like you are trying to move your weight properly to handle better. These races can be tough. The karts are quick, and you'll need to be attentive and active to try to win with these karts and on kart tracks. The GP machines is basically Formula 1. They are the purest racing and most capable racing machines in this game. The Trucks, while unrealistic to real semi-truck racing, offer a decent challenge trying to drive these monsters on the track. They will keep you busy for sure. No matter which vehicles you race with, they are all met with the same shaky driving/riding model and fidgety AI.

You can still do better than "All-Star Racing 2," but you can't really do too much worse. At least this is better and more of a game than "All-Star Racing 1." "All-Star Racing 2," though, still falls short overall as a quality racing game.

Video Preview.

Get your video insight of "All-Star Racing 2" here:

All-Star Racing 2 ... (PS1) Gameplay

Hopefully this blog post has given you some insight on this game.

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