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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to John's GT Space!

John Marine | 11:25 PM | |
Welcome to John's Gran Turismo Space! This blog was created as my contribution to the Gran Turismo series. It consists of various items of and about the Gran Turismo series. If you know the story of my first blog, this one was created in the spirit of what my personal blog was all about. What you will find here is a blog all about the Gran Turismo series and of various items pertaining to the GT series.

This is my first attempt at a niche blog. Just because it's a niche blog, however, doesn't mean that I will give any less of effort than I have with John's Blog Space and John's Shop Space. I want to make this blog accessible to all Gran Turismo fans the world over.

What This Blog Features.

This is a blog that I will try to mostly feature informational content about. I will discuss some of my own experiences, certain aspects of GT titles, tracks, cars, and things like that. Don't look to John's GT Space as you would Jayski for you NASCAR fans- this blog is NOT some insider blog on the latest Gran Turismo news. Instead, it is somewhat a digest of various items concerning the GT series.

A Few Rules...

Have fun and enjoy yourself here! However, this is my house. And in my house, there are a number of rules you must adhere to if you're visiting. Here are some rules:

* No personal attacks, racism, spam, etc. allowed.

* While this is a niche blog devoted to the Gran Turismo series, if you don't like the GT series, you are not allowed to attack my readers just because you hate the series while many others like it. If you are going to disagree about something, please respectfully disagree.

* Also, if you aren't a GT fan, don't go around spewing hate in my blog. This was created for GT fans, so you are only doing harm to yourself by hating and disliking other people who are fans of the Gran Turismo series. A blog like this was created for a reason and with a solid purpose. Go find some other site to attack if you dislike the Gran Turismo series.

* I may allow guest blogging. Most of my blogging content is predicated on my own ability, but I feel I am best equipped to push my blog onward and upward. If you feel you can contribute positively, be sure to contact me (visit my Blogger profile and pass me an Email), and I'll be sure to let you post some material. I, of course, have to approve the material as this is my blog.

* You are free to Get Social With Me. This is my catchphrase for people to connect with me online by checking out my other online work. I want all of you fans of mine to see my other various material online. I'd like to know my work is appreciated. All you need to do is post and link my material.

* More importantly... DON'T STEAL MY CONTENT! Don't pass off my material as yours.

Notes About This Blog.

Here are some things you must know about my blog here.

* This blog features DISQUS. DISQUS is a service for bloggers and site owners to allow for people to openly post comments. You can post a comment from any number of social media. Examples include Facebook and Twitter among others.

* While this blog isn't crazy with it, items from are featured in my blog. Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for more information about Amazon items featured here.

* FEEDJIT is used in this blog to help me track my international viewers. I love meeting people from around the world. I always want to know who is visiting my content online. Having this online background helps me to know that my content is viewed worldwide.

* My personal blog is promoted on my personal Facebook page, my Facebook fan page, Myspace, and Twitter. This blog, however, will ONLY be promoted [initially] on my Facebook Fan Page. I may include Facebook and Twitter access to my Gran Turismo blog in the future. You are invited to check out all of my personal work if it is to your liking.

Having said all of this, I will work to provide more content for all of you in the future. Enjoy this blog and all that I have to offer (and will offer) for you!
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