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Monday, February 3, 2014

Races of Gran Turismo 6: International B

John B. Marine | 9:40 PM | | |
(UPDATED: December 22, 2015)

Welcome to the big time! The National races pushed you only so far. Your GT6 legacy now takes a turn towards more intense competition and more intense races. It's time to make like Lil' Jon and step your game up. Faster and more powerful cars will be needed for the tough races ahead. International B class racing will be very intense to say the least. Are you ready for the challenge? If not, maybe I can help you get psyched for the challenges ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: This series of blog posts ONLY concerns the Career Mode races; not the Special Races or License Tests. Those items will be featured in individual blog posts.


DEC 22 2015 - provided links to other Races of Gran Turismo 6 series; other edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Overview ---

Even though Gran Turismo is often seen as an encyclopedia of automobiles, the real pleasure and enjoyment in Gran Turismo is in racing. A literal world of cars await you with hundreds of opportunities to enjoy racing to the max. There are many more official events in Gran Turismo 6 than in Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of GT5, if you thought GT5 was more loose in restrictions, prepare for a much more limited batch of races restriction-wise. Race Events and series are limited to various amounts of Performance Points (PP). So if you enjoyed using a Pagani Zonda R to beat Honda Civics and Mazda Miatas in GT5, get ready to fight more of a fair fight in GT6.

New Changes to Gran Turismo 6 Racing.

There are two new twists to race events in Gran Turismo 6 compared to other GT titles.

First of all, the experience system from Gran Turismo 5 is no more. You now have to collect Stars to advance. You earn a Star when you place 3rd or better in any official race. If you just finish a race (meaning finishing 4th or worse), you earn a Star. Obviously, you want to get the maximum three Stars. How do you get those three Stars? Simple- win the race! Even though it is easier said than done to collect the maximum three Stars for each race, it is not impossible, either.

You don't need to clear every race to advance to the next class of races. As long as you unlock the License Tests, all you need to do to advance to the next set of races is to clear all of the License objectives to go to the next set of races. You need licenses to unlock other races and other features of the game, such as Seasonals and being able to race in Online Lobbies. So if you want to have a chance to complete Gran Turismo 6, earn your licenses to give yourself the best chance to complete your legacy!

It used to be that you could compete in an individual round of a championship. In Gran Turismo 6, you must compete in a Championship and win that Championship to be able to compete in an individual race of that specific Championship.

Races of Gran Turismo 6 Lineup.

Here is the itinerary of races for Gran Turismo 6. Over time, I will be adding links to each of these series so you can check out updated posts featuring all of these races. This series on races of Gran Turismo 6 are as follows:

National B
National A
• International B (YOU ARE HERE)
International A
Red Bull X Challenge

There are a total of 573 stars to obtain. Races other than the official events (such as Coffee Break Challenges and License Tests) do not reward Stars. I want to document the races to help you reach that 573 Star mark. To help you get to that mark, let my guide help you. Keep reading to check out the races of GT6!

--- Races of GT6: International B Overview ---

Gran Turismo 6 International-B
^ Faster cars and tougher races are what the International-level races are all about. Also get ready for some even tougher race tracks to race on.


The International series of races always have tested your ability to compete in intense and rigorous races with very fast and capable cars. This one is no different. Every series features 3 races except for the 5-race GT All-Stars. So get ready to compete in the International B races with this lineup of events:

• Tour of Japan (3 races)
• Tour of Europe (3 races)
• Tour of America (3 races)
• Supercar Festival (3 races)
• Tuned Car Festival (3 races)
• 10-Minute Races (3 races)
• Polyphony Digital Cup (3 races)
• GT Kart Championship 125 (3 races)
• Dirt Trials (3 races)
• British Lightweights (3 racers)
• Midnight Racers (3 races)
• Fighting Muscle (3 races)
• Classic Supercar Festival (3 races)
• Historic Car Racing Cup (3 races)

• GT All-Stars Championship (5 races)

Success in this series will unlock these items:
• Mission Races (5 Stars Required)
• Coffee Break Challenge (10 Stars Required)
• One Make Races (20 Stars Required)

• GT All-Stars Championship (20 Stars Required)

You need 20 Stars in this series to unlock the GT All-Stars Championship. You must then win the GT All-Stars Championship to be able to unlock the License Tests for your International A license. You can go no further than the International B races if you don't have your International A license.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: International B ---

Fourteen race series await you here. You're a big kid now. Time to show the world what you're made of!

Each heading introduces you each set of races. Single Race events have a period, and Championships have exclamation points. Each heading in braces must be unlocked to be accessed.

Tour of Japan.

"A race event for Japanese cars that takes place over a series of Japanese circuits. Climb aboard your favorite racing machine from the Land of the Rising Sun, and go for gold!"

Welcome to Japan and all of its racing goodness! You will be racing on Japanese tracks and with Japanese cars. You will perhaps be best suited to find a capable and potent Japanese car to take on the three races of this series. You may even be inclined to use the same car you may have used in the Japanese '90s races to help you get through this set of races. Whatever the case, Japanese muscle is what you need to get through this race event. All three tracks will test you for four laps. Do your best to get the job done.

• 600pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires
• Japanese cars only

• Twin Ring Motegi Road Course (4 laps)
• Tokyo R246 (4 laps)
• Suzuka Circuit (4 laps)

Tour of Europe.

"A race event for European cars that takes place on a series of European courses. Climb aboard your favorite Euro racer and go for gold!"

The automobile was born in Europe. Many of the world's greatest racing courses are in Europe. Be excited to take on this opportunity to race in Europe with European cars! For you to stand a chance, you must take on some of Europe's finest racing circuits. You will do just that in this set of races. You can find a very good European sports car within the 540pp limit that may help you win here. Try a car like the Audi R8 road car.

• 540pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires
• European cars only (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria)

• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (4 laps)
• Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (3 laps)
• Ascari Full Track (3 laps)

Tour of America.

"A race event for American cars that takes place on a series of courses set in the US. Climb aboard your favorite All-American racing machine and go for gold!"

Welcome to the United States of America! As with the previous two tours, you probably realize that you will need to bring some American cars to this set of races. You probably also realize you will be racing on American courses. Right and right! You are taking on three courses around the United States in this race event. Find a good American car that will help you be King (or Queen, for you Gran Turismo girls out there) of American cars. The PP limit is 600 for this set of races.

• 600pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires
• American cars only

• Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow (4 laps)
• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (4 laps)
• Indianapolis Road Course (4 laps)

Supercar Festival.

"A breakneck battle royale for exotic high-performance cars. Rein in these monster machines and ride hard for the finish!"

Racing supercars have long been the dream of racing game fans worldwide. Making its third tour of duty in Gran Turismo history is the Supercar Festival. This series of races tests your ability to keep some of the world's most powerful and exotic cars in their paces. It won't be easy trying to wrestle some of these cars on the three tracks you will do battle on. However, if you manage to keep cool and drive smart, you will have earned those three Stars for your victories. This battle is contested across Europe and three high-speed courses. Are you ready to go all out in this set of races?

• 630pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires

• Silverstone International Circuit (3 laps)
• Autodromo Nazionale Monza (3 laps)
• Circuit de la Sarthe (3 laps)

Tuned Car Festival.

"The collaboration of the million-and-one ways in which a car can be modified attracts all kinds of souped-up machines. There are no restrictions on what cars can enter, as long as they are below the required PP value."

The tuner cars of Gran Turismo will be the cars you will race against in the Tuned Car Festival. Many of the tuned cars are mostly upgraded street cars. Many of the tuner-type cars are street-legal. Some others are not. Whatever the case, these will be the cars that are in vogue and ready for you to push to the limit in this three-race set. You can bring any capable car within the PP requirements. I even took my stock Audi R8 road car to [successfully] win the "David and Goliath" Trophy (win a race of with a 620pp or more limit with a car 100pp or less than the limit).

• 650pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires

• Apricot Hill Raceway (3 laps)
• Daytona Road Course (3 laps)
• Cape Ring (2 laps)

10-Minute Races.

"A series of races with ten-minute time limits. The final standings will be decided based on who crosses the line in first place after the time limit has elapsed."

Remember the five-minute races? Well, add five more minutes and you have this race event. It means you will have to endure a bit longer to have a chance to win. Doing longer races means having greater concentration and even planning some extra strategy. Just like any race, you'll need to make some time for these. A lot of people usually don't have the time for Endurance races. If you have even 10 minutes to spare, these races are for you. The final lap of each race will be the lap when the 10-minute time limit has been passed.

• 530pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (10 minutes)
• Circuito di Roma (10 minutes)
• Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow (10 minutes)

Polyphony Digital Cup.

"A high-level race event exclusively for unmodified, standard cars. Because you will be unable to tune your car, finding something as close to the top end of the PP limit as possible is key here."

Debuting in Gran Turismo 3, the Polyphony Digital Cup is a showcase of some of the game's finest race courses, most of which done on the reverse configurations of tracks. The Polyphony Digital Cup in Gran Turismo 6 marks the fourth-ever iteration of this event. Tuning of any kind is disallowed for this series. If you bring a car that has been tuned in any such way, you will not be able to enter it into this series. Bring cars as stock as possible and within the 500pp limit. You don't need a seriously powerful car. For example, I used the 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M. EDITION Special Color Package that I used in the Japanese '90s races. Pick a competent car and do your best!

• 500pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• Normal Cars only
• tuning prohibited

• Tsukuba Circuit (5 laps)
• Twin Ring Motegi East Course (3 laps)
• Trial Mountain Circuit (4 laps)

GT Kart Championship 125!

"Discover who's the best in the 125 cc class with these championship races for advanced drivers. Who'll come out on top in these intense battles, fought on high-speed tracks?"

Unless you've raced in the kart racing championship in the Red Bull X Challenge, this is your first kart racing championship awaits you. The most powerful karts in the game await you in this championship. These karts are powerful and fast. Take what you've learned racing the previous two classes of karts and apply those skills to this championship. It won't be easy trying to wrestle these karts, but it is surely possible you can win. Because this is a Championship, you REALLY can't afford to make one mistake too many if you expect to win this championship. Climb through the pack as efficiently as you can to have the best chance of getting those three Stars for each event. If you're going to compete in this championship, any of the 125cc karts are eligible EXCEPT the Racing Kart 125 Shifter.

• eligible: Racing Kart 125, Racing Kart 125 SPL, and Red Bull Racing Kart 125

• Kart Space I (6 laps)
• Silverstone The Stowe Circuit (3 laps)
• Gran Turismo Arena (Layout A) (8 laps)

Dirt Trials.

"A series of races held on dirt tracks, for which special tires will be required. How will you cope with these super skid-prone surfaces?"

This is the only championship that has you racing on non-tarmac surfaces. Demonstrate your ability to race off-road on three different courses to clear this race event. For the first time ever in Gran Turismo history, you will be racing against double-digit numbers of opposition on off-road courses. That's right- it's you vs. 11 other cars in off-road action. The cars you will battle against are all rally cars. If you don't have lots of money to get any of the WRC-type machines, do like I did and get the Mitsubishi Lancer X Rally Car. It costs less than 200K Credits and is just as competitive and capable to take on each of the rally courses. No matter what car you use, you need to have Dirt Tires while having a car within the Performance Point limits.

• 600pp or less
• Dirt Tires

• Toscana (2 laps)
• Eiger Nordwand - K Trail (1 lap)
• Eiger Nordwand - W Trail (4 laps)

British Lightweights.

"A race event exclusively for British-made sports cars weighing in at 1200 kg or under."

Having a lightweight car means better acceleration and handling. That is why cars like most Lotuses are so revered and respected. You will be racing with and against some of Britain's finest lightweight cars in this race event. If you know your British cars, you know that Lotus is a specialist at lightweight cars. I may recommend a Lotus Elise and here's why. One of the One Make Races in the International B features the Lotus Elise. Get yourself an Elise so you can race in this set of races and the One-Make Race featuring the Elise.

• 550pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• 1200 kg or less
• United Kingdom cars only

• Circuito de Madrid (3 laps)
• Circuito di Roma (3 laps)
• Matterhorn Dristelen (3 laps)

Midnight Racers.

"Relish the roar of engines in the darkness in this high-speed showdown for tuned cars, held exclusively on nighttime tracks. Any car can enter, as long as it meets the race requirements."

"Midnight Racers" may sound like an illegal street racing gang (who knows? There probably is one who call themselves that), but you won't be doing any street racing here. What you WILL be doing is racing after dark. Think of this championship more like the Night Masters races; only that it is already dark as you're doing these races. Demonstrate your ability to properly race at night in this race event. Of the races so far, this is the first race series that allows you to use racing tires. The opposition you will be matched up against are all or mostly Tuner cars. So either bring a competent race car, a finely-tuned street car, or a tuner-type car to stand a chance here. You could say this is a creative series since you're racing against tuner cars after midnight. It's kind of an illegal street racing feel only you're doing legal racing on legal tracks. Enjoy the sort of flavor this series provides. Just remember to race your hardest against this series' intense opposition.

• 630pp or less
• Racing Hard (or less) tires

• Daytona Road Course (3 laps)
• Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (3 laps)
• Nürburgring Nordschleife (1 lap)

Fighting Muscle.

"A race event aimed at the modern machines that have inherited the legacy of the American muscle car classic. American cars not strictly classed as muscle cars are also free to enter."

American cars are the machines that make this championship what it is. You will need to focus and concentrate to try to beat the opposition. This is a series where modern and classic American cars contest for speed across three challenging courses. While you will be racing with American cars, you will not be racing on any American venues. In fact, all three tracks are in Europe. All you need to do is prove your racing mettle on these tracks and leave a lasting impression. You can do that no problem, right?

• 600pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• American cars only

• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (4 laps)
• Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (3 laps)
• Eiger Nordwand - Short Track (5 laps)

Classic Supercar Festival.

"An event held exclusively for cars built in 1979 or earlier, with a focus on the supercars of that era. Many of these classics shine as brightly on the track today as they did in their heyday."

Not just some of the finest supercars are featured, but also some of the finest vintage supercars will be featured in this race event. The air of nostalgia fills the air unlike anything else with this championship. Some of the fastest classic cars are featured in this series of races. Find a car made in 1979 or earlier that meets the requirements for you to compete in this championship. An example of a competent car for this championship would be the 1970s Lamborghini Countach. One thing to keep in mind- you will be racing classic cars, and classic cars lack the modern handling prowess and technologies. You will need to drive these cars carefully across the three races in this series.

• 560pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• 1979 or earlier

• Circuito di Roma (3 laps)
• Nürburgring GP/F (2 laps)
• Grand Valley Speedway (2 laps)

Historic Racing Car Cup.

"An event aimed at racing cars built in 1979 or earlier. Other cars can also enter, as long as they are old enough, and meet the PP requirements."

This race series welcomes race cars from 1979 or earlier. Considering the Performance Point limit of 750 for this series, you will likely want to consider very fast race cars from the time period requested of this championship. It is safe to say you will need an amazingly fast car built in 1979 or earlier. If you need some guidance as to what car to select, you may want to consider cars like the Toyota 7 Race Car or the Chaparral 2J. Save up some money and get you a real race car here. If you have the money for some of the Premium cars that cost about 20M Credits (like the Ferrari 330 P4 for example), those are worth considering as well for this race series. Save up a lot of money and find yourself a capable classic race car to stand a chance at winning each of the races here.

• 750pp or less
• Racing Hard (or less) tires
• 1979 or earlier

• Cote d'Azur (4 laps)
• Apricot Hill Raceway (4 laps)
• Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (4 laps)

If you have at least 20 Stars, you can compete in the GT All-Stars Championship. This is the final event of the International B races. You do not have to clear all of the other race series to race this event. You must have 20 or more Stars to unlock this championship. From there, you can advance on to the International A races if you clear the GT All-Stars Championship. You CAN earn Stars in the GT All-Stars Championship. Here is a look at this Championship:

{GT All-Stars Championship!}

"A prestigious race even that attracts skillful drivers and super-fast cars from all over the world. Put the pedal to the metal, and aim for third place or higher!"

The Gran Turismo All-Stars competition makes its fifth appearance in a major Gran Turismo title with its inclusion in GT6. Historically, Gran Turismo All-Stars is a competition where some of Gran Turismo's most popular and/or fastest cars spanning modern and classic models all compete against each other in a series of intense races.

• 650pp or less
• Racing Hard (or less) tires

• High Speed Ring (5 laps)
• Apricot Hill Raceway (5 laps)
• Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit (5 laps)
• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (5 laps)
• Grand Valley Speedway (5 laps)

You must clear the GT All-Stars Championship to advance unlock the International A license tests. If you clear the five license tests, you are through to the International A races. Do your best and good luck!

Think those races were tough? Wait until you do the International A races! You're going to be tested much more rigorously than you were here in the International B races. When you're ready for the International A races, I'll have you covered here in my blog. Thank you for reading!

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