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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Races of Gran Turismo 6: Super

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(UPDATED: December 22, 2015)

Face it- you are an advanced racer. Don't sugar-coat it. You endured the most difficult races PD has thrown at you... so far. Your Gran Turismo 6 legacy will be complete if you can clear one more set of races. Only nine long and difficult races remain in your Gran Turismo 6 quest. Victory isn't impossible with any of the upcoming races, but just like in the previous races, you'd better be ready to earn all of your victories here. This blog post takes a look at the final nine races which will complete your Gran Turismo legacy.


DEC 22 2015 - provided links to other Races of Gran Turismo 6 series; other edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Overview ---

Even though Gran Turismo is often seen as an encyclopedia of automobiles, the real pleasure and enjoyment in Gran Turismo is in racing. A literal world of cars await you with hundreds of opportunities to enjoy racing to the max. There are many more official events in Gran Turismo 6 than in Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of GT5, if you thought GT5 was more loose in restrictions, prepare for a much more limited batch of races restriction-wise. Race Events and series are limited to various amounts of Performance Points (PP). So if you enjoyed using a Pagani Zonda R to beat Honda Civics and Mazda Miatas in GT5, get ready to fight more of a fair fight in GT6.

New Changes to Gran Turismo 6 Racing.

There are two new twists to race events in Gran Turismo 6 compared to other GT titles.

First of all, the experience system from Gran Turismo 5 is no more. You now have to collect Stars to advance. You earn a Star when you place 3rd or better in any official race. If you just finish a race (meaning finishing 4th or worse), you earn a Star. Obviously, you want to get the maximum three Stars. How do you get those three Stars? Simple- win the race! Even though it is easier said than done to collect the maximum three Stars for each race, it is not impossible, either.

You don't need to clear every race to advance to the next class of races. As long as you unlock the License Tests, all you need to do to advance to the next set of races is to clear all of the License objectives to go to the next set of races. You need licenses to unlock other races and other features of the game, such as Seasonals and being able to race in Online Lobbies. So if you want to have a chance to complete Gran Turismo 6, earn your licenses to give yourself the best chance to complete your legacy!

It used to be that you could compete in an individual round of a championship. In Gran Turismo 6, you must compete in a Championship and win that Championship to be able to compete in an individual race of that specific Championship.

Races of Gran Turismo 6 Lineup.

Here is the itinerary of races for Gran Turismo 6. Over time, I will be adding links to each of these series so you can check out updated posts featuring all of these races. This series on races of Gran Turismo 6 are as follows:

National B
National A
International B
International A
• Super (YOU ARE HERE)
Red Bull X Challenge

There are a total of 573 stars to obtain. Races other than the official events (such as Coffee Break Challenges and License Tests) do not reward Stars. I want to document the races to help you reach that 573 Star mark. To help you get to that mark, let my guide help you. Keep reading to check out the races of GT6!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Super Overview ---

Gran Turismo 6 Super
^ The Super License all consist of nine single races, but each race is long and difficult.


If you were able to get through the frustrating Super License tests (especially the brutal S-5 test), welcome to the Super races! Don't let the fact that there are only 27 stars to collect make you believe this is going to be easy. It sure as heck will NOT be easy collecting the maximum three stars for each of the nine events in the Super License. One of the best things to note is that most of the races here in the Super License are only restricted by PP. You can bring any car to most of the Super races that are within the PP limit for each one. All cars 650pp or less are eligible for entry for each race. However, you REALLY need to note the PP requirements for each event as well as what usual cars are within the races.

The Super races are all one-event races with very long distances. For all intents and purposes, you can call the Super License races as the Endurance Series of Gran Turismo 6, because each race is a very long event. You have to account for elements of time and weather in your races here. You also have to explore the possibility of performing pit stops in each event. In no way will any of these races be easy. The fact that 16 cars (including yours) will be on the track means you REALLY can't afford to make one too many mistakes if you expect to win. Your ability to endure will be tested. You want those three Stars for each race? Win 'em all! Or at least... try to.

Here are the races of this series:

• Willow Springs 20-Mile Challenge (1 race)
• Apricot Hill 20-Minute Challenge (1 race)
• Suzuka Circuit 10-Lap Challenge (1 race)
• Brands Hatch 15-Lap Challenge (1 race)
• Nürburgring 24-Minute Challenge (1 race)
• Spa-Francorchamps 24-Minute Challenge (1 race)
• Ascari Race Resort 10-Lap Challenge (1 race)
• Silverstone 10-Lap Challenge (1 race)
• 24 Minutes of Le Mans (1 race)

Success in this series will unlock these items:

• Mission Races (5 Stars Required)
• Coffee Break Challenge (10 Stars Required)

There are no other races besides these to unlock. All that remains is for you to clear each event to the best of your ability. Can you do it?

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Super ---

These are all events with the maximum of three stars being awarded for victory. No more championships. Just about all of these races could run a few certain factors, including (but not limited to) time changes and weather changes. You really need to be on top of your game and not take any of these races lightly. The ultimate challenges in Gran Turismo 6 await you here with fury and vengeance. Will you crack under pressure? Or will you come out a winner? Just take your time and use every bit of skill to crank out wins even in the most dire of circumstances. You did that for every other set of races; what makes this one any different? So do your best!

Each heading introduces you each set of races.

Willow Springs 20-Mile Challenge.

"This is a race event held over a distance of 20 miles (32 km) on the Willow Springs International Raceway's Big Willow track. The final standings will be decided based on whp crosses the finish line in first place after the target distance is reached. Who will have the last laugh here?"

Willow Springs and its Big Willow configuration will challenge you for a 20-mile romp. That's about eight laps around this course. The opposition will primarily be high-end sports cars and exotics within the limits of 650pp. It can be almost too easy to misjudge any of the corners on this track. As you've learned in past races around this course, it can be too easy to screw up here. But if you are going to screw up here, don't make a habit of it. Otherwise, you aren't going to win. Bring a street car to this one- only normal cars are allowed here.

• 650pp or Less
• Sports Soft (or less) Tires
• Normal Car

• Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow

Apricot Hill 20-Minute Challenge.

"A race held over 20 minutes on the Apricot Hill Raceway. There's no way of knowing what will happen out there, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be dramatic!"

Gran Turismo 2 was the last time Apricot Hill Raceway had an endurance-type race prior to this one. With Apricot Hill's time cycles, you will experience Apricot Hill in a new light. This has always been a grueling and technical track that can trip up even the best Gran Turismo racers. So make sure your racing skills are up to par before taking on this one. Be sure you're ready to take on the many challenges that give this race its formidable character. No super-powered opposition make up the typical opponents here- just mostly high-powered GT cars.

• 650pp or less

• Apricot Hill Raceway

Suzuka Circuit 10-Lap Challenge.

"This is an event aimed squarely at veteran drivers - a challenge set on the Suzuka Circuit, one of the world's most technically demanding tracks. What tactics will you employ in this ten-lap marathon?"

One of the world's most rewarding race tracks to race on is Suzuka Circuit. This is going to be a difficult race on a challenging race course. Make sure you're up to the challenge by racing smart and consistently to have the best chance of winning. The typical opponents primarily consist of Super GT GT500-class cars. Want to follow suit? If so, bring your winning GT500-class car to compete against these machines.

• 650pp or less

• Suzuka Circuit

Brands Hatch 15-Lap Challenge.

"This advanced driving challenge takes place over fifteen laps of Britain's iconic Brands Hatch racetrack. Who will take charge in this fascinating high-speed battle?"

While not difficult, Brands Hatch is a tricky circuit. You will be using the tricky Grand Prix course of Brands Hatch for this 15-lap challenge. If you recall your races around this configuration in the past, you'll know how difficult it can be trying to keep the car on the road around the GP configuration of Brands Hatch. You also know how quickly laps can fly by. The best advice I can give is to stay alert at all times racing this course. Don't lose your concentration if you want to win. According to the in-game material, the usual opponents for this one mostly feature GT500-class machines.

• 650pp or less

• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit

Nürburgring 24-Minute Challenge.

"In this event, you will be taking on the Nürburgring's 24-hour track layout in a 24-minute mini-marathon. Whoever crosses the finish line in first place after 24 hours have elapsed will win."

Love or loathe this track, you're racing for 24 minutes around the Nürburgring 24h configuration. Any car of 650pp or less will suffice around this course. Your best bet is to find a car that is nimble and not overpowered. If you feel like being Kazunori Yamauchi for a day, why not try the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport for this event? In fact, most of the opposition will primarily be the high-powered GT3-class cars- which is perfectly fine for a course like this. Personally, while I hate racing any configration that uses the Nordschleife, I even more hate racing really fast and really powerful cars (like prototypes and formula cars) around a track like this. At best, high-end touring cars and GT cars should be the highest-level opposition to race this course. But... that's just me ranting. Enjoy your 24-minute romp around "Green Hell."

• 650pp or less

• Nürburgring 24h

Spa-Francorchamps 24-Minute Challenge.

"This event for advanced drivers is a 24-minute mini-marathon set on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Can you use the unpredictable Spa weather to your advantage?"

Spa-Francorchamps is one of the world's finest race courses. It is a challenging course whether for Grand Prix motor racing or for its 24-hour endurance. You will be performing the latter in this event- only you're doing it for 24 minutes. Spa-Francorchamps is notorious for its weird weather. Taking this into account, make sure you're prepared at all times when racing this course. You know of what Spa-Francorchamps is like in the wet if you recall the Rainmasters event around Spa-Francorchamps. Prepare for one intense challenge! Oh, and bring your best high-end race car for this one, unless you enjoy being a backmarker in the field...

• 750pp or less

• Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Ascari Race Resort 10-Lap Challenge.

"This is an advanced-level event held over ten laps of Spain's longest private racetrack, the Ascari Race Resort. You'll need a well-balanced machine to do this one justice!"

The same track you raced on in that brutal Super License test with the Bugatti Veyron is back. Good news is, you don't need that car to win this race. You do need a Normal Car to compete here. The full Ascari Race Resort track is both grueling and challenging. Success around Ascari depends entirely on how well you are able to stay focused and alert for the duration of the race. As Super License S-5 may have taught you, it is important to have a nimble car with great speed and acceleration to make the most of Ascari. Bring one of those cars to have the best chance of winning; and most importantly, make sure it is within 650pp. No race cars- make sure you bring a Normal car to this one. The Ascari Full Track may be a resort, and resorts resemble paradise, but get ready for a trip through Hell on this purgatory paradise.

• 650pp or less
• Sports Soft (or less) tires
• Normal Car

• Ascari Full Track

Silverstone 10-Lap Challenge.

"A ten-lap event aimed at highly skilled drivers, and held on Britain's legendary fast Silverstone Circuit. You'll have to maintain rock-solid focus if you want to make the podium here!"

To be honest, I sometimes forget what Silverstone was like before the Arena configuration of today's Silverstone Circuit was added. Anyhow, you will be racing today's Silverstone configuration for ten laps. Log some serious miles/kilometers around this mostly flat course. The birthplace of Grand Prix motor racing will be yours to enjoy. This track can and will trip you up if you are not fully aware and alert. Prepare to be challenged extensively around Silverstone's many tricky corners. It would be a great idea if you bring a high-powered GT-spec race car around this track.

• 650pp or less

• Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

24 Minutes of Le Mans.

"This event for advanced drivers is held on the Circuit de la Sarthe, famed for the Le Mans 24-hour endurance. The most intense 24 minutes of your life is about to begin!"

This is the final challenge of the Super races- a trip around Circuit de la Sarthe for 24 minutes! You will be racing a condensed version of one of the world's greatest races- the 24 Hours of Le Mans. There is absolutely nothing like Le Mans with its high speeds and for the fast cars that can withstand the punishment of this course. The first half of Circuit de la Sarthe is a high-speed battleground. The second half is a high-speed battleground but with some decisive corners that will test you beyond belief. Consider yourself a racing champion if you can withstand these odds and come out a winner. Strap in and prepare for battle. Don't even bother racing here unless you bring your fastest and most capable race car within the 750pp limit. Perhaps bring the car you used to win in the Gran Turismo World Championship for this race.

• 750pp or less

• Circuit de la Sarthe 2013

Congratulations if you've cleared every Super event prior to reading this sentence!

Among the official events, you are now done! You endured a lot of punishment, and what do you get for your troubles? Serious money and Stars. I'd say that is more than enough for a Gran Turismo racer for what he/she went through to reach this level of fame. If you've cleared every race, then your Gran Turismo 6 legacy is complete. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you for reading!

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