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Monday, December 20, 2010

Rome Circuit (Classic)

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While the ancient Romans had the Circus Maximus where contests of speed were contested among chariots, modern racers battle on the streets of Rome in modern horseless carriages at Rome Circuit. This track in Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo 3 is one of the finest racing courses in any Gran Turismo game as well as being one of the finest city courses in GT history. It has a Grand Prix racing feel with its unique rhythm and style. Rome Circuit bears significance in the Gran Turismo series as it was the first GT track in a real-world location. I at least say it's the first because I seen it first featured in a Gran Turismo 2 demo. A key part of racing this course involves racing around the Roman Colosseum. In Gran Turismo 2, the "Millenium in Rome 2 Hour" event takes you around the streets of Rome, Italy for an intense endurance around lovely Rome. The same two-hour endurance would return for Gran Turismo 3, but that would be a proper timed endurance. With this look at Rome Circuit, I provide this blog post.

This blog post ONLY concerns Rome Circuit, not the Rome Short Course, not the Rome-Night course, and not Rome Circuit in Gran Turismo 5 (which I will refer to as "Neo-Rome Circuit"). That's why I am using "Rome Circuit-Classic" to describe this course apart from the GT5 variant.

--- Rome Circuit-Classic ---
Rome Circuit
As gladiators of old battled at the Colosseum many centuries ago, modern warriors battle on the streets of Rome in this classic course.

From the very first corner, its Grand Prix-type character shows itself in its layout. A series of sweeping corners start off the first portions of Rome Circuit. As you go uphill heading into the Colosseum, you'll need to start thinking about braking in what feels like a double-apex corner. A speedy section follows and leads into a very slow right-hand corner. The next corner after a slight uphill climb is a slightly less sharp right-hand corner. A fairly sharp left-hand corner follows going downhill. This left leads to a sweeping right that decreases in radius and bends left as part of a backstretch run. After a quick left kink, a sharp and wide right follows.

This track was designed for great high-level racing. Everything from touring cars to GT and even formula-type racing can be enjoyed at this wonderful course. It will test your handling limits for the most part with its many rhythm-based sections. Can you tame this great course?

--- Rome Circuit-Classic: Videos ---
Here is some video insight into the classic Rome Circuit in Gran Turismos 2 and 3.

Gran Turismo 2.

(WARNING: This video was recorded at a loud volume. Turn down your volume or mute the volume.)

Gran Turismo 3.

Gran Turismo 3's version features better graphics and even various road surfaces, allowing for a more realistic representation of Rome. The course is featured on a partly cloudy day for both the Normal and Reverse variants.

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