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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Driving vs. Riding

John Marine | 12:36 AM | |
Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy offer differing experiences on certain tracks. For one thing, it is much different racing certain tracks on a motorcycle in Tourist Trophy than it is in a car in a Gran Turismo game. Not every track in Tourist Trophy is the same as in Gran Turismo 4, and not many of the courses can be raced on against other motorcycles in Tourist Trophy. There is no Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Gran Turismo 4, but you can race it in Gran Turismo PSP. This blog post involves thoughts on racing certain tracks in GT and TT and if they are better to race in a car or on a motorcycle.

Better for Riding.

Some tracks are more fun in Tourist Trophy than in Gran Turismo. For one, I am NOT a fan of racing Citta d'Aria in GT4. It's a narrow nightmare. On a motorcycle, though, it's a great track to race on a motard or on a fairly decent supersport/middleweight motorcycle. I actually think Autumn Ring and Autumn Ring Mini are great to race in a motorcycle with. I usually hate Autumn Ring (not Autumn Ring Mini, though).

Better for Driving.

Some courses, however, are better left in cars than on motorcycles. Tracks like Costa di Amalfi and Seattle immediately come to mind for me. You fall over too many times trying to navigate the streets at Amalfi, especially in the super-slow hairpins leading to the Start/Finish line. Seattle is just asking for you to fly off of your bike once you go up the hills making jumps. I may be disagreed on, but Suzuka is better left for cars than motorcycles as well, especially at the Casio Triangle. I've fell over so many times, it's criminal. I even think the Nürburgring Nordschleife (as much as I dislike racing this course) is better suited for cars. However, it is a great course as I can see how fast certain motorcycles can go when you run down the super-long backstrech.

Best of Both Worlds.

Sometimes, the best courses are fun to race either in cars or on motorcycles. Tokyo R246 and Grand Valley Speedway are two examples for me. Almost any of the real-world circuits are great for racing in cars or motorcycles.

GT Tracks I'd be Curious to Race on a Motorcycle.

I often wonder what certain courses not included in Tourist Trophy would be like to race on a motorcycle. Here are tracks that I'd be curious enough to race on a motorcycle:
* Tahiti Road (GT2)
* Rome Circuit (GT2, GT3)
* Grindelwald (GT2)
* Motor Sport Land (GT2)

Even though I dislike this track, I'd even include Complex String to know what it would be like to race on a motorcycle. I haven't played Gran Turismo 5 as of this post. However, many of the new courses in GT5 would also be great to race on a motorcycle in. I especially would want to race the Cape Ring and [asphalt] Eiger Nordwand courses. A Ducati superbike ripping up the streets of Madrid sounds cool, doesn't it?

What tracks do you think are better driving or riding in Gran Turismo games and in Tourist Trophy? Feel free to comment! Don't forget to share my material online if you love my work! And also, don't forget to visit my other two blogs!

Thank you for reading!

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