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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Gran Turismo Series Needs a Motorsports Makeover

John Marine | 1:16 AM | |
The Gran Turismo series has always been about racing (as well as tuning), but for many fans, the actual racing aspect has fallen flat and needs a makeover for long-term longevity. So I will put this post out there to set the tone for what I hope to focus on for future blog posts for "John's Gran Turismo Space." I need to post more material more often here while also trying to hopefully get more traffic here. One such way is to just post material for the world (and I can confidently say "world" here because my blog hits are from all over the world) to read and enjoy. That's even if I have to port over my existing Gran Turismo 5 material from "John's Blog Space" to here on "John's Gran Turismo Space."

Consider this blog post as a prelude to future topics I hope to work on for JGTS.

NOTE: I have NOT played Gran Turismo 5 yet, nor do I have a PlayStation 3 as of this post.

Gran Turismo has done almost everything to expose the gaming world to the world of automobiles. All the racing, car collecting, car tuning, and all the license tests have gone a long way to shape the character of the Gran Turismo series and establish itself as the power that it is. For the long-term future of Gran Turismo, however, the actual racing aspect needs a serious makeover to complete the game series as a true RACING game franchise.

Among many things, a better overall feel of real racing needs to be implemented. Gran Turismo just feels very flat in feeling like a properly engaging racing game. GT games tend to feel more like randomly racing against AI and AI teams rather than feeling like I am engaged in a real championship. It is pretty depressing there are only about 19 or so cars that can be given the RacingModify (to use Tourist Trophy terms) treatment. The motorsports aspect of GT has to be enhanced for the next Gran Turismo. I have been starting to see the light from other critics of the Gran Turismo series in that the actual racing aspect can be much better than in the past. To accomplish this, however, Gran Turismo needs a real makeover in overall variety in racing.

I may launch a blog label to JGTS relating specifically to enhancing the real racing aspect of Gran Turismo. I will use this label to discuss various aspects of certain kinds of racing that will enhance the overall appeal of Gran Turismo for the long-term future. You fans of the series are always invited to offer your commentary. It doesn't mean Polyphony Digital will pick up my ideas, but I'd rather just let my ideas out there to be hopefully picked up and offered for discussion.

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Thank you for reading!

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