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Friday, September 9, 2011

Daytona Prototypes in Gran Turismo?

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Daytona Prototypes have been love-or-hate among many racing fans. While I still fancy Le Mans Prototypes than Daytona Prototypes, I still respect and honor the Daytona Prototype. Considering we have the Daytona International Speedway for Gran Turismo 5, would the option for Daytona Prototypes be open for a future installment of Gran Turismo?

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The Prospect of Daytona Prototypes in Gran Turismo.

For many people, Daytona Prototypes are ugly and aren't meant for great racing. These prototypes, however, give Grand-Am its identity. I think the Grand-Am Road Racing Association would think that it would be just another ho-hum sportscar racing series using the cars it has used between 2000 and 2002. For what these cars are, Daytona Prototypes are basically the GTP cars of the 21st Century. These Daytona Prototypes just aren't the fire-breathing Group C beasts of a previous era of sportscar racing.

The ability to expand upon a vast majority of racing series and real racing cars does nothing but enhance the appeal of a game's car lineup. To that end, however, you could add some race cars most people probably wouldn't care to race just to add to a lineup.

Video and Picture Insight on Daytona Prototypes.

Here is a picture of a Daytona Prototype as well as a YouTube video featuring Daytona Prototypes:

Daytona Prototype
^ from: - This is an example of a Daytona Prototype. This model is by one of the Rolex Sportscar Series' most popular teams, Krohn Racing.

And this is a demo of Daytona Prototypes in action on YouTube:

Now you have a little idea on what Daytona Prototypes would be like.

Would I Want Daytona Prototypes in Gran Turismo?

If Gran Turismo 5 opened peoples' eyes to NASCAR, could a future GT showcase Daytona Prototypes? Or, is it that these cars haven't made too much of a dent on a global scale of motorsports to even be considered relevant? Some people who have played GT5 have been disappointed that while there are time-cycling of certain tracks, there is no time-cycled version of Daytona for which to have the 24 Hours of Daytona. You may even say that this may be a great opportunity to showcase these machines if no other game or game company wants to focus on these machines. I am an American Le Mans Series fan, but I also respect the Daytona Prototypes. So I would be very interested to push a Daytona Prototype to the limit within the Gran Turismo realm if given the opportunity.

But the real question is... would YOU want to see Daytona Prototypes in a Gran Turismo game? If you want some virtual insight on Daytona Prototypes and what they can bring to a racing game, here is a video of the popular online racing simulator, iRacing, to prove the point (no in-game sounds, just music):

^ "Over Limit" - Daytona Prototypes in iRacing

Now imagine something like this in the Gran Turismo universe. Would it be as satisfying an experience as any of the better GT racing experiences to you?

Would you be open to seeing Daytona Prototypes in a Gran Turismo game to accompany Daytona? Feel free to comment at will! Thank you for reading!

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