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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GT5 Specials: Karting

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The Gran Turismo Karting Experience invites GT5 racers to bring their karts to compete in six different races. Mastery of using a racing kart is essential if you want to clear this Special. Two races in three classes of competition will help determine whether or not you are a kart racing champion. You will be racing machines that can reach speeds of up to 90 mph with no gears. These karts are not shifter karts, but you still will get quite the racing workout trying to keep these tiny machines stable.

Welcome to the Gran Turismo Karting Experience!

NOTE: You must be at Level 1 or greater to compete in this series.

--- Gran Turismo Karting Experience (Level 1) ---

Gran Turismo Karting Experience
^ Get out your go-kart and let's go racing!

"Experience the first step on the road to professional race driving in specially designed Gran Turismo karts."
This quote alone expresses (to me) the importance of having karts featured in Gran Turismo. A lot of people like seeing go-karts as slow machines or just-for-fun machines. Almost as if they are only good for birthday parties at family fun centers or things like that. Let this be said, though- you will NOT be racing any just-for-fun karts. You will be racing in proper racing karts across a few different tracks. Considering whom all have started their racing careers in karting, you begin to understand the importance kart racing can have in the development of a racing driver. Kart racing is pretty much a big deal for many racers. I have never done any serious kart racing, but I have done some kart races before. This is really the first step towards enhancing your racing skills. Once you become adjusted to the handling dynamics and character of a go-kart, you get a better idea as to how to race with a kart, and you begin to master winning races. Your first step towards becoming a Gran Turismo champion lies within the realm of karting. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Remember- I won't help you win, but I can tell you what you must know if you expect or hope to win. So let's do this!

• All races require you to have a go-kart.
• You must be at Level 1 or higher to compete in the Beginner events.
• You must be at Level 7 or higher to compete in the Intermediate events.
• You must be at level 17 or higher to compete in the Advanced events.

--- Gran Turismo Karting Experience: Beginner ---

"A kart race aimed at beginners. Take this chance to enjoy the direct handling that typifies the kart-driving experience.

The steering response of a racing kart is much quicker than that of a normal car, and it's very easy to steer too hard and lose control. In addition to this, karts are only equipped with rear brakes, and applying these too forcefully can also easily lead you to lose control. Until you get used to how they handle, be sure to brake only in a straight line."
Do not be scared or nervous as you get ready to do some kart racing. Your first tour of duty racing karts comes with two simple challenges. These two races will prepare you for the wild ride ahead of you as you race these karts to the limit (and then some). Use this series to help you understand the nuances of how karts handle. They can be very fun to race. Just take your time and learn as you go.

Sunday Kart Race.

You will be asked to bring your kart to compete at Tokyo Bay. A three-lap race in this generated course environment will test your ability to properly race a kart around a race track. Courses using the Tokyo Bay environment are dominated with guardrails that outline the track. Because of this, you shouldn't worry too much about trying to properly see corners ahead of you. Just try to find the proper racing line to help you get around the track fast enough.

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

Weekend Cup.

The Eifel Kart track will be your next venue for which you will take on the Intermediate-level courses. Good news is that this environment features more runoff area than the Tokyo Bay course.
Three laps await you

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

I hope you were able to learn something from doing these two races. How about trying the Intermediate races? Remember that you must be at Level 7 to compete on the Intermediate level of this Special.

--- Gran Turismo Karting Experience: Intermediate ---

"A close-quarters kart-racing event aimed at Intermediate-level drivers.

This is a one-make race, so the deciding factor will be the skill of the drivers and nothing else. The most important thing here is accelerator control. The basic cornering method when karting involves accelerating in order to maintain traction while turning. Master the accelerator work, and you will see your overall speed increasing."
The training wheels are off now- it's time to be a REAL driver! Now that you have a general grasp on kart racing in Gran Turismo 5, it's time to test your kart racing abilities even more.
Top prize for a win is 18,000 Credits.

NOTE: You must be at Level 7 or higher to compete in the Intermediate events for this Special.

Clubman Kart Cup.

Five laps around an Eifel Circuit (Kart) track await you. The course will be tougher than in the Beginner level races. Therefore, cut down on the mistakes and remain consistent to win.

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

Tokyo Bay Kart Challenge.

Here is another stroll around the Tokyo Bay environment. You will be racing a tougher course for a longer time than your Beginner race around this same environment.

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

That concludes the Intermediate races. Get up to Level 17, and the talk then will be all about the Advanced races.

--- Gran Turismo Karting Experience: Advanced ---

"A kart-racing event aimed at advanced drivers. You'll have to pull out all the stops to succeed here.

There are particular techniques that work well with karts, such as stepping firmly on the brakes and steering hard in order to slide the tail out at the entrance to a corner and drift around it. Control during these slides needs to be very delicate, but you will need to get around the corners quickly to avoid losing valuable RPM."
With the top prize for a win at 76,000 Credits; you know that your racing skill needs to be at the very top to win. Your chance to prove your mettle is in these two races.

NOTE: You must be at Level 17 or higher to compete in the Advanced events for this Special.

Gran Turismo Karting Trophy.

Your chance to prove your mastery of karting in GT5 is held here at Tokyo Bay. In a five-lap tour, you will contend with some tough corners on a fairly long course. Just keep your cool and race consistently to win this one.

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

Autumn Ring Mini Master.

Believe it or not, this is the ONLY race that takes place on a proper race track (as opposed to a course in a generated environment). This five-lap race will not be easy. Autumn Ring and Autumn Ring Mini will unnerve most cars. For kart racing, its short length and intensity in cornering will keep you on your paces all lap long. It is almost impossible to come back to win here if you screw up bad enough. So if anything, DO NOT SCREW UP! Making one critical mistake that sends you down the running order will lead you into losing. If you want to win here, you will need to be near perfect.

• Bronze: Finish 3rd.
• Silver: Finish 2nd.
• Gold: Win the race.

How did you do? If you managed to clear all the races with Gold, you mastered the Gran Turismo Karting Experience! Congratulations!

That will conclude this Special series. I will try to do more blog posts on GT5's other Special Events. Stay with my blog for more commentary from me. Subscribe and Follow if you want to keep up with John's Gran Turismo Space. Thank you for reading!

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