GT5 Specials: Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge

Think you know about rallying in Gran Turismo? Well... think again! Sebastien Loeb is one of the finest rally racers racing today. In the Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge, you are challenged to complete three intense rally challenges on three tough courses. Try to complete a lap around three of GT's off-road courses to pass the Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge.

--- Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge ---

Gran Turismo 5 Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge
^ Prepare for the most difficult rally challenge of your Gran Turismo life when you compete in the Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge.

"Learn some skills from 7-time WRC World Champion Sebastien Loeb."

NOTE: This Special has a video you can watch. When you play it for the first time, you get to see this video play. You can see it again by highlighting on the image in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen when you access this Special.

The rally racing is much improved in Gran Turismo 5 than in any other Gran Turismo, and you're going to learn this in the most intense way with this Special Event. Being at Level 16 will get you into this challenge. Three of the game's off-road courses will be made available to you. Your job is to try to drive fast enough to clear each prescribed time. These challenges can be pretty intense, so take your time and learn as you go. You will be racing the 2008 Citroen C4 WRC rally car in all three challenges.

I can say that this is very hard because I am not familiar with any of the featured courses. You run on Toscana, Eiger Nordwand K Trail, and Chamonix (not the GT4 version). The real challenge is in adjusting to these new courses and driving them as fast as you can.

• cars will be provided for you- no need to purchase a certain car beforehand.
• You must be at Level 16 or higher to compete in any challenge in this Special Event.
• You will be disqualified if you have a hard collision.

--- Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge (Level 16) ---

Part of the challenge of this Special is that you don't have too much experience on any of these courses. As of this blog post, I have only completed the first of the three challenges. What I suggest for the other two challenges are all based on what I've learned in TRYING to complete the different challenges.

REMEMBER: You must be at Level 16 or higher to compete in this Special.


If you remember your experience around Toscana in the Ford Focus WRC in the Grand Tour, you have yourself some experience heading into racing this event. There is very little separating Bronze from Gold. So if you want the best time, you'll need to be absolutely precise in your attack. While it shouldn't be too much a problem, keep in mind that the sun will go down as you're trying to complete this course. The course also has a handful of long and sweeping corners along with some sharp corners and switchbacks. It won't be easy trying to lay down a consistent lap with this track and its variable corners.

• Bronze: 2:00.700
• Silver: 1:59.200
• Gold: 1:58.200

Eiger Nordwand Full Course.

In all likelihood, you will be racing Eiger Nordwand K Trail for the first time ever. The Full Course of Eiger Nordwand is, in a word- difficult. You will do a brutally long (four minutes) lap around this 4.45-mile (7.16-kilometer) twisting rally course. One of the recommended things to note about this course is that a big part of your lap time involves your handling of the many small corners as well as how you handle the various elevation changes. Because the lap is long, your concentration has to be at or near the top in trying to complete the lap effectively and efficiently.

• Bronze: 4:11.400
• Silver: 4:09.900
• Gold: 4:08.900

AS OF THIS INITIAL POST: I have NOT cleared this challenge.


Your final challenge is on snow at Chamonix. Now keep in mind- this is NOT the Chamonix of Gran Turismo 4. GT5's Chamonix is much longer at 5.13 miles (or an estimated 8.26 kilometers). In fact, GT5's Chamonix is longer than the Eiger Nordwand K Trail you raced in the previous challenge. Remember I said in the GT Rally Specials that rally racing on snow/ice is easy? Well, not here! You basically need to practice this course before even considering laying down a blinding fast lap here. An even more delicate balance of speed and handling is needed here than when you took on Eiger Nordwand K Trail in the previous challenge. Practice patience and stay consistent for the whole four-something minute lap around Chamonix.

• Bronze: 4:19.000
• Silver: 4:17.000
• Gold: 4:16.500

AS OF THIS INITIAL POST: I have NOT cleared this challenge.

These Special Events are tough. It takes a good deal of practice to eventually get everything right. You can do these courses in Practice in GT Mode if you need to familiarize yourself better with each course. Do whatever it takes to get these courses right.

That's all for this one. Thanks for reading!

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