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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GT5 Specials: Top Gear Test Track

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Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows of any kind. While the show's history dates back to , it was revived starting in 2002. Since then, it has become the premier car show on television. Its popularity has also lent itself to Gran Turismo. You will be using the BBC's Top Gear Test Track in three unique racing challenges. Can you clear these three unusual challenges? I am here to offer a little advice to help, but it's up to you to make the most of the cars and challenges you are given.

This blog post continues my look at Gran Turismo 5 and its Special Events.

--- Top Gear Test Track at a Glance ---

Gran Turismo 5 Top Gear Test Track
^ Three unique races await you around the Top Gear Test Track in Gran Turismo 5.

"Unique and exciting challenges on the world-renowned Top Gear Test Track."

NOTE: This Special has a video you can watch. When you play it for the first time, you get to see this video play. You can see it again by highlighting on the image in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen when you access this Special.

It used to be that there has NEVER been a real-world track in the United Kingdom in Gran Turismo's history. That all changed in "Gran Turismo 5: Prologue" when the streets of London were featured. The Top Gear Test Track blew away many motoring fans with its inclusion into Gran Turismo 5. While there may not be polygon representations of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond; you do still get to enjoy going all out on the Top Gear Test Track. This Special features three racing challenges for you. Your goal is to try to finish high enough to complete each stage.

It may be sad that there could be more diversity among racing events, but what this Special provides is fun. I'll put it this way- you will be racing with two different oddball Volkswagen vehicles in addition to the lovely Lotus Evora. The challenges are all meant to be fun and engaging. It will take some effort on your part to get Gold for each event. I would even have liked maybe some Time Trial challenges to spice things up. I'm not saying "Beat the Stig's Time" time trials, but some more different items to make the experience more interesting.

Top Gear Test Track: Briefing.

You need to be at Level 4 or higher to compete in any of the events. Learn every bit of the Top Gear Test Track in three different challenges. Each of these challenges last two laps around the Top Gear Test Track. Master using every car offered to you on this course to clear each challenge.

• cars will be provided for you- no need to purchase a certain car beforehand.
• You must be at Level 4 or higher to compete in the Beginner event.
• You must be at Level 8 or higher to compete in the Intermediate event.
• You must be at Level 19 or higher to compete in the Advanced event.
• If you go off-course, crash hard, or knock over any [all-red] cones, you will be disqualified.

So are you ready to go? Let's do this, then!

--- Top Gear Test Track: Beginner (Level 4) ---

Introduce yourself to the Top Gear Test Track with this challenge.

The Gran Turismo SambaBus Challenge (Beginner).

The first race involves a One-Make race in the Volkswagen Typ 2 Samba Bus. Rather than relive the Summer of 1969 and going to Woodstock, you're racing against seven other of these buses in a unique race around the Top Gear Test Track. Victory isn't too difficult here. Your best offense can be made by doing impressively at the Hammerhead section. Just remember to stay within the cones as well as stay on the road. These machines were not meant to be racing machines, so don't think you are going to blow through the pack. Going off course at the final two corners is something you definitely want to avoid. Of course, going off the track warrants disqualification.

• Bronze: Finish 9th.
• Silver: Finish 3rd.
• Gold: Win the race.

That concludes one challenge. Let's get the other two!

--- Top Gear Test Track: Intermediate (Level 8) ---

Now that you've been introduced to the Top Gear Test Track with a slow car, get ready for racing this course with a faster car.

The Gran Turismo 111R Challenge (Beginner).

From old buses to a more modern sports car, Lotus has bestowed you with the Lotus 111R for which to race around the Top Gear Test Track with. This car is pretty tough to drive around this course, so you will need to take it easy to make the most of this car's performance while also passing the other cars.

• Bronze: Finish 5th.
• Silver: Finish 3rd.
• Gold: Win the race.

The Intermediate course is now complete. Only one more remains, and it is not as easy as it looks.

--- Top Gear Test Track: Advanced (Level 19) ---

Are you ready for one more challenge? If so, welcome to this final challenge guaranteed to rack your brain and rock your world!

The Gran Turismo Kubelwagen Challenge (Advanced).

Volkswagen is back to give you another one of its old cars for you to race around the Top Gear Test Track. It is an amphibious assault as you are handed a 1944 Volkswagen Kubelwagen typ82. This is a race involving eight over of these machines (including yourself). It will be you trying to get around these other Volkswagen machines in a two-lap race. However, this one will not be easy. Not easy just because of the action on track, but because of the possibility of other cars ready to plow right into you! Remember that the Top Gear Test Track crosses over midway around the course. There are another pack of cars (all Kubelwagens) that will come onto the same track you're racing on and will attempt to knock you off the road. Any heavy contact, including impact from these other cars you are NOT racing against, will result in disqualification. So be VERY careful making passes and preventing yourself from being disqualified.

• Bronze: Finish 5th.
• Silver: Finish 3rd.
• Gold: Win the race.

If you managed to clear this one, congratulations! You're done with the Top Gear Test Course events (unless "done" to you means clearing all tests with Gold)!

This concludes the Top Gear Test Course events and this blog post. There are more Special Events to clear, so be sure to stay with John's Gran Turismo Space to see all of the latest posts of mine. Thank you for reading!

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