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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Red Rock Valley Speedway

John B. Marine | 2:45 PM | |
Red Rock Valley Speedway in Gran Turismo 2 can be thought of as a road course that features two ovals. This course is a high-speed course with a nice rhythm to it. It has never been featured in any other GT besides GT2. So what you are looking at is a course that offers the thrill of high-speed racing but with a few extra corners to make things interesting. In reality, the course is essentially like a modified oval all the way around. If you have never played Gran Turismo 2, this is one of the better tracks in GT2. This blog post is a look at Red Rock Valley Speedway.

--- Red Rock Valley Speedway ---

Red Rock Valley Speedway
^ Red Rock Valley Speedway is a unique road course with two ovals intertwined and some smooth corners.

Red Rock Valley Speedway has two ovals in its design. While they are not two proper ovals conjoined to form one race track, the track feels like you are racing two ovals connected by a series of other roads. A track like this would have been a perfect track to race on for Gran Turismo 5 with the NASCAR stock cars. The action takes place at sunset/dusk. Its setting is not far away from some sort of suburban or downtown district as there are some tall buildings in the background.

One-Lap Description.

The first two corners ride like your average superspeedway oval with high banking. There is no need to do any sort of braking through the first two corners. You will clear Intermediate 1 after clearing the first two corners. The next two corners are two long and smooth corners going left and right in the Normal direction. This left-right complex has some modest banking, good for attacking the absolute inside of each corner. The two corners that follow afterwards are banked right-hand corners. The radius of these corners of the shorter oval are about half the radius of the first two corners. Two more highly-banked turns await at the end of the straightaway. These two banked left-handers lead into a tunnel. At the end of this tunnel, you are faced with a very blind right-hand corner followed by a completely visible left-hand corner. The road out of the tunnel progresses uphill as you exit the tunnel. Finally, two banked left-hand corners are the only things separating you from blasting down to the Start/Finish line.

The course rides a lot like an oval, only that this is not a traditional oval track. It is probably best to go for a high-speed setup, but don't immediately go for the highest turbo. Remember that you still have some smooth corners to set your car up for despite the speedy straights and banked corners. A setup along the lines of high-speed with a handling package for smooth corners will yield great results for you tuners.

One-Lap Demonstration.

Here is a one-lap demonstration of Red Rock Valley Speedway. Get ready for one blindingly fast lap!:

(embedding was disabled by request. Click this sentence to see the YouTube video.)

You like? I sometimes wonder what this track would be like if it remained a mainstay of Gran Turismo. Imagine what this track would look like in Gran Turismo 5, for example. Or... would you Gran Turismo fans love to see this track come around again in the series?

Since this is the first 2012 post for JGTS, happy new year! :) Thank you for reading!

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