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Monday, March 19, 2012

Would YOU Have Waited?

John Marine | 12:58 PM | |
In the development of Gran Turismo 5, there was word that Kazunori Yamauchi wanted another two years to develop GT5. He wanted FIA GT and DTM to be included in GT5. Would YOU have have waited an extra two years so both series could be in GT5? Or would you feel agonized by having to wait just a little bit longer for GT5? This blog post shares my ideas on this matter.

--- FIA GT and DTM in GT5: Would YOU Have Waited? ---

Allow me to begin with a picture to help set the tone here (along with the customary Amethyst Purple gradient background and Moonlight Silver sparkly stars, of course):

FIA GT and DTM in GT5
^ FIA GT and DTM were planned for GT5. Would you have waited longer for GT5 just to include these two forms of motorsport?

FIA GT and DTM represent two of the most popular forms of motorsport in the world. The inclusion of both series will entail many more cars and perhaps even more tracks to race these cars on. These series would coincide with other real racing series featured in GT5 including NASCAR and the World Rally Championship. Authenticity, however, could depend on just how much Polyphony Digital would capitalize on using licenses for both FIA GT and DTM if featured in Gran Turismo 5.

FIA GT (GT1 and GT3 World Championships).

The FIA GT series (GT1 and GT3 World Championships) represent the pinnacle of production-based sportscar racing. This is where production-based sports cars heavily-modified for racing compete in frenzied road racing competition. This is where cars such as these are driven in anger across a worldwide array of tracks ranging from Formula 1 Grand Prix circuits to various other international racing circuits. To me, I initially thought of the FIA GT1 World Championship as the only part of the FIA GT package. However, I would be open to the possibility of FIA GT3 World Championship racing. The difference being that the GT1 machines are all world-class sports cars and supercars, and the GT3 machines as the lower-level (yet still competitive) sports cars.

Since the inception of the Gran Turismo franchise, GT racing has always been the cornerstone of racing in Gran Turismo. Featuring more of these real GT cars would truly enhance the greater scope of racing in Gran Turismo games with more GT cars.


DTM, especially today's DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, not the former Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft), represent some of the most hard-fought racing with super-sophisticated super touring racing machines. You still get DTM-style racing machines, but many of them are mostly the carry-over cars from Gran Turismo 4. In fact, there are no real Premium DTM racing machines unless you count the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept. I even will admit that I'd love to race either a recent Mercedes-Benz or an Audi DTM race car.

It was announced in 2011 or so that BMW would make its return to DTM. A BMW DTM car for GT5 would probably be based on the concept that was unveiled in Munich in 2011. This car was the BMW M3 DTM Concept.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: You can read more about the BMW M3 DTM Concept being unveiled, here is an article for you: "BMW Unveils M3 DTM Concept Car in Munich" -

So now you have some insight on both FIA GT and DTM and why they would be welcome additions to GT5.

--- Gamers' Impatience/Acceptance of Delays ---

A lot of gamers are impatient. They are mostly the "gimme gimme gimme!" crowd who does not want to keep suffering through delays, almost as if getting a game as quickly as possible is more important than living life. A game delayed for too long runs the risk of not being as good. Two game examples include "Malice" and recently, "Duke Nukem Forever." Some people critical of delays for Gran Turismo games think that the wait for a Gran Turismo game is too long to come out not living up to certain lofty expectations set by certain gamers.

--- Would I Have Waited Longer for GT5? ---

Would I have waited a little longer to get Gran Turismo 5 just so FIA GT and DTM get included in GT5? If it meant making GT5 better (even if by a small percentage), then I'd wait. I want the best-possible model for GT5 with as little compromise as possible. FIA GT and DTM would make a great impact on GT5's car and racing lineups. If including these two series could improve GT5 by a substantial degree, then do whatever it takes to make your game great. Don't release a substandard, rushed title to represent the future of your franchise. Make the game as great as you can with all of your efforts. Other people will likely complain to the high heavens, but I'll wait. In fact- I never got my PlayStation 3 until June 2011. I got my PS3 along with GT5 on the day I got my PS3. It may not be likely I would have gotten my PS3 if I wasn't influenced that GT5 was released.

So what do you think? Would YOU have waited a little longer for GT5 for the opportunity to race FIA GT race cars and DTM race cars? Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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