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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Motor Sports Land

John Marine | 1:59 PM | |
Motor Sports Land in Gran Turismo 2 is a small course that is like an Easter Egg. It is a great track for low-horsepower cars as well as a nice drift track for more powerful cars. Use it for drifting or for pushing low-powered cars to the limit. As much fun as this track can be, it would have been a great track for Gran Turismo 5, especially with kart racing. This blog post looks back on the Easter egg of a race track- Motor Sports Land.

--- Motor Sports Land ---

GT2 Motor Sports Land
^ Motor Sports Land is like a go-kart track for big cars. (ORIGINAL PICTURE CREDIT: Gran Turismo 2)

While its name may sound like some family fun center or a theme park, Motor Sports Land is a proper permanent race track. It isn't a practical track, however; because there is no pit lane to this course. Its primary purpose would be to test your car's handling capabilities. You could use it to test your car's ability to take on switchbacks as well as powersliding into corners. More aggressive drivers could use this track to drift around. No matter what, this is a non-practical track that can be great fun to drive around. This track is mostly flat all the way around. Hardly any elevation changes come between you and your enjoyment of this track (not to say that elevation changes are bad).

One-Lap Description.

The lap begins with a smooth left-hand corner. The next section is a moderately long left-hand corner. You'll need to brake fairly hard as you approach this long left corner. You'll need to quickly tackle the right-hand corner that follows immediately after clearing the long left. After the right-hand corner, a quick left kink follows. A brief straight leads up to a hard left-hand corner. After an even shorter straight upon exit, a sharp right-hand corner followed by a sharp left follow in succession. Up next is a sharp right-handed hairpin. As you exit that hairpin, get ready for a somewhat long right-left chicane followed up by two sharp left-handed corners. What lies after that final corner is the Start/Finish straight. One lap of Motor Sports Land is complete after that final left-hand corner.

Video Lap.

I tried to find a video lap, but the best I could find is a drift lap. So let one GT drifter show you the way around Motor Sports Land:

^ "[GT2] Hachiroku drifting at Motorsports Land"

If you ask me, this track would be perfect for Gran Turismo 5 for both karting and drifting. I'm not sure if this track was somehow succeeded by MotorLand or not. Still, Motor Sports Land can be quite fun. Give it a try when you play Gran Turismo 2's Arcade disc!

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