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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Complex String

John Marine | 5:25 PM | |
Complex String is 40 turns and 6.981 miles (11.235 kilometers) of madness. This original racing track will push you and your car to the limit with its various corners and sections. Most of your time here will be spent from the GT3 license tests. You also use this as a test track and as a Time Trial course in GT3 from GT3's Arcade Mode. The most important thing to remember about Complex String is that while it is not a proper race track, it is a very good test track. The blog post you are about to read is my look at Complex String.

--- Complex String ---

Complex String is practical in that it has a pit lane. It is impractical, however, in that this track is more of a test track than a proper racing facility. There are also no grandstands. Laps will be long since this track is long with so many corners. Expect lap times around 5:00.000 to 5:30.000 times in the faster cars. A formula car would lap this course in the 4:40.000 to 4:50.000 range. No matter what you bring here, you will be using this track to test your car's speed and handling capabilities. You also will be using this track to hone your racing skills. So do not overlook this track for testing purposes.

Track Description.

This track can be broken down into five key segments. Let me do so:

• straight and hairpin - front straight with a sharp hairpin.
• chicane alley - slalom-like section.
• right angle row - multiple 90° corners.
• "The Snake" - increasing and decreasing radius corners in succession.
• Corkscrew Lane - chicane section on undulating roads.

When you start a lap at Complex String, your car will quickly climb up to or near its top speed. You then will need to slow it all the way down approaching the hairpin. The next part of the course is a series of chicanes. You practiced this section previously in GT3's license tests. This section is more like a high-speed slalom. Try to find an even balance of speed and handling while not overstepping either boundary. After a quick left-hand corner, a series of right-angle turns follow. Most critical in this stretch of corners is to try to find the quickest line around some gut-wrenching corners. This part of Complex String can be great for practicing dealing with sharp corners on city/street courses. A sharp right that increases in radius upon exit follows after the series of right angle corners. After that is The Snake. This part of the track will drive you nuts as the radius of each corner increases and decreases all the way around. The radii grows greater as you progress through this section. The radii shrinks as you race this course in reverse. The final critical section includes a series of undulating corners. Here, the road goes uphill and downhill, and the corners are almost completely blind. You will need to practice hitting the apexes and driving a consistent line all around. A very sharp left hairpin follows and leads to a brief straight. This brief straight leads to a left-hand kink and two sharp rights in succession. Floor the gas until you meet the sharp right-left chicane. Finally, a very long double-apex right-hand corner leads onto the Start/Finish straight. Continue the madness with another lap around Complex String after crossing the line.

Video Preview.

This almost seven-mile purgatory is showcased in this video lap:

^ "Gran Turismo 3 - Complex String Lap "

Complex String is perhaps the best track in GT3 to test every performance category of your car.

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