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Friday, March 8, 2013

Deep Forest Raceway's Inspiration?

John B. Marine | 9:30 AM | | |
On GTPlanet, I read an article noting that Deep Forest Raceway could have been inspired by a discontinued race track in Iowa called Greenwood Roadway. At least the layout to Deep Forest Raceway is inspired by this Iowa course.

This blog post is based on this article on GTPlanet. I suggest you read it to get an idea of what I am about to comment on:

Was Gran Turismo’s “Deep Forest Raceway” Inspired by This Abandoned Circuit in Iowa?

You know, I find it absolutely surreal that PD would even have such knowledge of a course like this in creating their Deep Forest Raceway. We all know that High Speed Ring is VERY inspired by Fuji International Speedway, so it's interesting seeing another course provide inspiration to make one of Gran Turismo's original courses. I would be very interested as to how PD was aware of a course like this for inspiration for Deep Forest Raceway. Was Greenwood Roadway track THAT important and special in helping create Deep Forest?

It leaves a lot to speculate and wonder. However, it is incredible to know that even extremely rare courses can inspire even some of the most interesting tracks for a racing game. I personally think Deep Forest should return to being a track raced at sunset (or even at night with fog lights!) and be a real forest again. Otherwise, I still think Deep Forest is one of the most formidable racing tracks in all of Gran Turismo.

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