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Sunday, July 21, 2013

GT Academy 2013 Demo

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GT Academy 2013 offers about the first real look at the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. This is the first-ever GT Academy I've downloaded for my PlayStation 3, as I did not download the 2012 edition of GT Academy. After going through some of the disappointments of GT5, I had somewhat of an idea of what GT6 could offer and how much further ahead PD will need to go in making GT6 worlds better than GT5. This post is just a basic notebook of my thoughts on the GT Academy 2013 demo.

All of this is based on my first day of playing the GT Academy demo. This was all taken from my initial playing experience from July 20, 2013.

--- GT Academy 2013 Demo Impressions ---

Gran Turismo 6 doesn't seem like it will be a leaps-and-bounds improvement over GT5. However, you do get to enjoy racing two Nissans. The first-ever winner of GT Academy- Lucas Ordoñez offers his insights to you when you start out. You input your first and last name and then be on your way racing. Before you take on the in-game demo, you will take two laps around one of the shorter configurations of the Silverstone Circuit. If you aren't aware, Silverstone will be one of a few new circuits to be included in Gran Turismo 6 as well as the likes of the Goodwood Festival of Speed track and Bathurst. Just go and complete the run as best as you can.

After your run around Silverstone, you will then compete in two series races- both in Nissans. You should be able to clear every race successfully as long as you race cleanly and make solid overtakes. One of two Nissans you will race in GT Academy 2013 is the Nissan Leaf. Okay... maybe the Leaf is not exactly a racing beast, but you do get the chance to race one of these cars. Man- that car is super quiet! I once seen a YouTube video of a Nissan Leaf race car which is even more quiet. You will then go race a Nissan 370Z in two more races. If you manage to clear all races, you then will take on five events around Silverstone. I did not do the Silverstone events in making my initial blog post regarding the GT Academy 2013 demo.

When you start a race, you get this rather fancy introduction along with a good rock music intro. These Gran Turismo flags show up on the screen. The pre-race menu is more stylish and more informative than Gran Turismo 5's pre-race menu. It even includes time and weather information. I honestly want to imagine all or most of these courses will let you race almost any time of day with any number of weather effects. For example, racing at Autumn Ring was slated at 14:00 (2:00 PM) at 47°F temperatures. I am not very good with 24-hour times, so that's why I included the 12-hour format here.

As for the driving model, I didn't note too much difference between GT5's model and the model in this demo. What I DID notice was that I raced the Autumn Ring event in the 370Z, and I almost spun out my 370Z going through Autumn Ring's loop. Either my tires lacked traction or that I was applying a bit too much throttle in the loop. I actually adjusted my TCS settings down to 1 in my playing of the demo. Driving a car in this game remains solid while not being overly hardcore.

Final Thoughts.

The GT Academy 2013 demo offers a glimpse into what Gran Turismo 6 will offer. There is still so much to speculate and imagine at this point. It certainly leaves much to the imagination of what Gran Turismo 6 will hopefully offer. If you have a PlayStation 3, make sure to download the 1GB download and get to play the whole thing to get an idea of what GT6 could potentially offer.

Video Preview.

I tried to find as brief of a video as possible to get you interested in GT Academy 2013. Here was the best video I could find:

So jump onto PlayStation Store and download the FREE GT Academy 2013 demo!

So go ahead and download GT Academy 2013 from PlayStation Store. It is a good idea of what GT6 could possibly offer. All I can really hope for is a GT6 kiosk demo much like the vastly popular GT5 kiosk demo I reviewed in "John's Blog Space." I do want to race cars like the Audi S1 Group B rally car and that Lightweight Car Company Rocket. For now, thank you for reading!

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