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Friday, October 18, 2013

Virtua Racing

John B. Marine | 8:12 PM | |
The godfather of modern Sega 3D racing titles was Virtua Racing. For the time of its 1992 release, the polygons and flat shading looks none too impressive in today's era of gaming. Virtua Racing did bring amazing and fast racing to gaming. Even though this blog post is about Virtua Racing, I also must make mention to another Virtua Racing that offered a better experience than the first title. What you're getting from this blog post is a look at the Virtua Racing titles that would lead to future amazing 3D Sega racing titles.

As I would usually do on "John's Blog Space," any blog post I did on a SEGA racing game would be dedicated to my blogging friend Eric. So if you like racing games- especially SEGA racing games, be sure to say hello to Eric over at Musings of a Sega Racing Fan.

About the Label: "SEGA"

Since there are many different SEGA racing titles I want to blog about, I will include them all under the "SEGA" label. This obviously means only Sega racing games will be featured under this label. The label may also pertain to anything related to Sega racing games.

--- Virtua Racing ---

Sega's AM2 division has been responsible for creating some of the most amazing 3D titles in the company's history. One of their biggest hits was Virtua Racing. Virtua Racing was an arcade game all about high-speed racing in formula racing cars. The player can choose only one car with options for Automatic or Manual/Standard transmission. At the player's disposal, however, one can choose between three different tracks. The goal of Virtua Racing is to complete a five-lap race around the course while trying to finish as high in the rankings as possible.

As a trademark of SEGA racing games, arcade units can be linked together for an unforgettable experience. Up to eight players can compete at once once all units are linked. Either eight single units or four twin units can come together to make this happen. Another trademark of 3D SEGA racing games are the spectacular end-over-end crashes. Wreck hard here in this game, and you'll experience those signature crashes that will so ruin your day. Virtua Racing featured another trademark of 3D SEGA racing games are four unique views. There is a Bumper view, an interior view, a low Chase view, and a high Chase view. There is also a very high camera view.


Three tracks will test the driving mettle of gamers who play "Virtua Racing." Here is a look at the three courses:

• The Beginner course is called Big Forest, and it is the only course that starts you from the pits. The corners are mostly easy and simple. You are not going to need to do any seriously technical cornering to complete laps around this course.

• Bay Bridge is the Intermediate difficulty course. As its name implies, the highlight of this course is its big bridge, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

• The longest and most difficult course is the Expert course- known as Acropolis. Tricky corners and a vicious hairpin at the geographical center of this course help define its immense challenge. Completing a race here can be very difficult.

Video Preview.

Click on the link to view on YouTube or simply view the embedded video here:

^ [ARCADE] Virtua Racing 1992 SEGA (Widescreen Mode) FullHD 1080p

Use the best of your abilities to race each course and try to win each race.

--- Virtua Racing Deluxe ---

Those bestowed with a SEGA 32X would have the ability to play Virtua Racing Deluxe. Virtua Racing Deluxe featured a more enhanced experience from the original game. Among the highlights are two other kinds of cars and two new tracks. You can even compete in two-player racing in VR Deluxe.


Here are the cars you can choose from:

• The Formula car is the most balanced race car you can use. It is fast while also being nimble.

• The Stock car is the slowest of the three available cars, but you can enjoy powersliding and drifting with this car. Handling is not this car's forte.

• The fastest and most powerful machine is the Prototype. Be wary that this car doesn't handle as well as the other two cars.

Each car handles and behaves differently. Try utilizing each car to the best of their ability to try to win.


The three tracks from the first Virtua Racing all return for VR Deluxe. However, there are two new courses to take on. This is a basic look at the tracks of Virtua Racing Deluxe:

• Big Forest is the only course that starts you from the pits. Most of the corners are fairly easy and simple. It shouldn't be too difficult to complete a 5-lap race around here.

• Bay Bridge has a combination of tough corners and elevation changes. Be careful navigating these streets and roads.

• Acropolis is the longest and most difficult course in the game- even in VR Deluxe. Make as few mistakes as possible to complete this course, let alone win here.

• A mix of city streets and country roads make up the Highland course. Forks in the road and a series of tricky corners will rack your brain on this course.

• Set in the desert, Sand Park has a mix of high speed and some smooth corners. Take care not to take this course too lightly.

Remember that all three courses from the original Virtua Racing make up the courses in VR Deluxe along with two new courses.

Video Preview.

A video preview of this game has to include some content that you can't find in the first Virtua Racing. So through my YouTube viewing, I picked this video as my best way to showcase Virtua Racing Deluxe. So... enjoy! By the way... I think this version is the Japanese version:

^ Virtua Racing DX megadrive 32X

Perhaps the biggest shame was that you could only play this game on the failed SEGA 32X. It was never an arcade title or anything.

--- Virtua Racing and Its Impact ---

Future 3D SEGA racing games would benefit from what Virtua Racing brought to racing games. In fact, much bigger titles would result from what Virtua Racing started. A future SEGA racing game like Daytona USA would only expand upon and enhance upon Virtua Racing. No matter what, Virtua Racing is a title to help push SEGA Racing games further into the future. A lot of SEGA's future 3D racing games wouldn't have been possible had it not been for Virtua Racing. So the creation of Virtua Racing did a whole lot to boost the appeal of SEGA, at least on the front of racing games. SEGA's AM2 department would churn out many more great games as well as non-racing titles like various other Virtua games (Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter, etc.).

Virtua Racing would be resurrected again with the SEGA Ages Collection game. This SEGA Ages Collection version of Virtua Racing features some exclusive content along with a nicely-rendered look to everything.

Take note- there are more SEGA Racing Games I will highlight on in this blog. So stay tuned!

I hope with my posts on older racing games that I am helping you appreciate older racing games. I am doing all I can to try to broaden the appeal of topics for this blog. Thank you for reading!

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