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Monday, November 18, 2013

Live for Speed Thoughts

John Marine | 9:08 PM |
Live for Speed is a multiplayer PC sim racing game. Amazing driving physics and intense multiplayer racing are the trademarks of LFS and what has made it so popular. The game debuted in 2003. It was created by a team of three individuals. I have mostly LFS demo experience. So because I haven't played the full game, I will only offer thoughts on Live for Speed- much like I've only offered thoughts on iRacing in a past post. Welcome to another blog post of mine!

--- Live for Speed ---

This is a thoughts post on Live for Speed, meaning my opinions on LFS are based on thoughts and impressions rather than an outright review. I only have experience playing the LFS demo. It is impossible and ridiculous to review a game in which I have not played the full game to. The next major section to this blog post features my thoughts on Live for Speed. For now, allow me to introduce you to Live for Speed.

Another thing I want to note... I haven't been playing many PC games lately. So if you're asking me to join you in LFS if you like this blog post, please know that I probably will not be doing any real gaming on my PC until I maybe get a new one or solve some issues with my current one.

Introducing LFS.

Live for Speed debuted in 2003. It was created as a simulation-type multiplayer racing game. A trio make up the LFS team- Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlarrdingen. The tracks and most of the cars are all fictional. Exceptions in the car lineup include the Formula SAE car and even a real Formula 1 car. All of the tracks are fictional, and some even have multiple layouts for multiple kinds of racing. More cars and tracks are being worked on to expand the LFS racing experience.

The base game comes with three cars and one location. You can race more cars and more tracks if you buy a license. To enjoy this game even more, you will need to purchase licenses; or, you may have someone nice enough purchase a license for you. There are two licenses you can purchase- the S1 and S2. S1 gives you six more cars and three more tracks- boosting the total to nine cars and four locations. S2 gives you all the content from S1, but also includes 11 more cars and three more tracks- boosting content to a total of 20 cars and seven locations.

There is supposedly an S3 version of Live for Speed that is in the works with more cars and locations as of this post.


Almost all of the cars are fictional. What you start off with is not enough if you enjoy the game and want more. Here is a brief look at the cars you can race with. If you see an "S1" or "S2" in parentheses, these are cars available only if you have the given licenses.

• XF GTI - a nimble front-wheel drive three-door hatchback.
• XR GT - a rear-wheel drive sports car with decent power. Resembles an FC Mazda RX-7.
• Formula BMW - a capable formula racing car powered by a BMW motorcycle engine.

Here is a preview of other cars from licensed versions of Live for Speed:
• RB4 GT (S1) - a 4WD sports car with amazing power and somewhat resembles the Toyota Celica GT-Four.
• LX4 (S1) - resembling a Caterham, this is a quick and nimble front-engine/RWD roadster.
• MRT5 (S1) - a formula car based on the Formula SAE race car built by Canada's McGill University.
• UF 1000 (S2) - a front-wheel drive car resembling a vintage Mini Cooper.
• F250 (S2) - a powerful and fast rear-wheel drive sports car.
• BMW Sauber (S2) - enjoy the full speed and fury of a proper Formula 1 race car.

In addition to getting these cars, you can tune each one to your liking for each of the different courses you will race in this game. All cars even include interior views. Pretty nice even for a collection of mostly fictional cars.


Each track features different configurations for many kinds of racing. If you see "S1" or "S2," they are only available if you get a license. I will only describe what kind of location each track is. Here is a preview of each venue:

• Blackwood - a permanent road course that also features a rallycross course.
• South City (S1) - the only street course in LFS. It features multiple layouts.
• Fern Bay (S1) - a club-type race course situated in Jamaica with challenging layouts.
• Test Area (S1) - a venue only and primarily designed for testing and drag racing.
• Aston (S2) - a challenging and imposing Grand Prix-type permanent road course.
• Kyoto Ring (S2) - this Japanese venue features a variety of high-speed and technical layouts.
• Westhill (S2) - with only one configuration, it is a technical road course.

For the full list of cars and tracks, visit this link: Contents - Live for Speed.

--- Live for Speed Thoughts ---

I think "Live for Speed" is a fabulous racing title. My experience has been only limited to the demo, but I do think this game offers a great sim racing experience even for a team of three individuals behind LFS. The game is surely great for what it is. Sim racing fans will have very little to be disappointed about (if anything) in regards to what LFS provides. It may not be an overly hardcore sim racer, but it is surely a great game to play. Have you the money to buy licenses to use more cars in Live for Speed, you are more than free to enhance and expand your racing experience with many more cars and with more tracks offered for this game. Even with mostly fictional cars and a fictional host of tracks, one can not argue just how great a title like this is even with just three individuals who made LFS happen.

Video Preview.

It is tough finding certain videos without an annoying soundtrack or audioswap to dilute actually learning about a game. This was the best video I could find which demonstrates the kind of action you can expect in Live for Speed. Please enjoy this video. It is based on an old build of LFS. Forgive the music, and the link at the end is an old one to the LFS website:

^ "Live for Speed S2 - why i play"

For more information on Live for Speed, please visit

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