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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cruis'n World

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Cruis'n World furthered Cruis'n USA's insanity. In a tour too good for the United States, it seemed time to take on the world, according to Midway. Why not make the racing more interesting and throw in a few stunts? Cruis'n World was anything but a simple refresh of Cruis'n USA. This 1998 racing game offered a wickedly insane experience that topples even Cruis'n USA. This blog post highlights on the insanity that made up Cruis'n World.

--- Cruis'n World ---

Arcade and Nintendo 64 versions of Cruis'n World offered gamers the chance to tour the world, leaving tread marks and burnt rubber on a variety of surfaces in a variety of locations. The main goal of Cruis'n World is to race through various locations around the world. The main mode is to Cruise the World. This mode starts you off in Hawaii (or Hawai'i for any of my Hawaiian readers). You go mostly west from Hawaii to Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America. You're going from Hawaii to Florida. Without spoiling much of the game, there is one last challenge after clearing the Florida stage. I'll leave that up to you!


Cruis'n World gives you four more main cars. But of course, you could access more cars with differing performance levels. Here are some of the many machines you have access to:

• Serpent - a car that resembles the Dodge Viper RT/10.
• Kamikaze AWD - resembles Toyota Supra (MKIV model).
• ATV - a military-spec Hummer.
• Cobra - resembles a Ford Mustang Cobra.

Here are a few others:

• Banzai GTV - resembles the 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT.
• Road King - a semi truck.
• Sardine Extreme - a three-wheel commercial truck.

There aren't too many differences among the cars, so pick one that is to your liking.


Not only do each of the tracks offer different environments, they also offer some different character from one another. One big example is in knowing what side of the road drivers drive in certain countries. This difference alone can help your winning chances at different tracks. Each of the venues are based on various cues and impressions from various countries. All of the locations are, of course, infused with the unique character offered by the Midway team.

When Cruising the World, you begin in Hawaii. Let me give you a preview of some of the game's tracks:

• Japan - explore the beautiful Japanese countryside.
• Australia - take a wild journey through the Australian Outback.
• Germany - a high-speed romp through country roads.
• Egypt - go through the arid desert landscape and explore ancient Egyptian temples.
• New York - race through the highways of New York City.

These are among many different venues for you to check out in Cruis'n World.

In the Nintendo 64 version of "Cruis'n World," there are a number of closed circuits for you to race on. Many of these courses bear the same sort of challenge their Cruise the World variants offer.


Racing is the same in Cruis'n World as it was in Cruis'n World. You may choose to Cruise the World, or you may choose to race any of the individual stages of the game. Access hidden tracks by pressing any number of View buttons to see the other courses. There are ten cars to a track in each race- just like in Cruis'n USA. Be on the lookout for shortcuts you can take to gain somewhat of an advantage in your racing. Clear the checkpoints to gain extra time. You should have no problem trying to clear checkpoints with a game like this, unless you spend more time crashing than racing.

You can still earn a Free Race in the arcade version of this game. In the Nintendo 64 version of Cruis'n World, you will advance to the next stage with a finish of 3rd or better. Solid performance in the N64 Championship Mode will win you new cars and upgraded versions of cars.

You can perform stunts with Cruis'n World. Double-pump the accelerator to perform a brief wheelie. You can even do some side-wheelie action. If you perform a wheelie heading towards a jump, your car will perform a backflip.

When racing on any of the tracks, the most important thing to note is what direction traffic goes. For example, drivers in the United States drive on the right side of the road while drivers in Japan drive on the left side of the road. Knowing which way traffic flows is critical so that you don't end up on the wrong side of the road trying to make passes.

These are among the finer aspects of "Cruis'n World."

--- Cruis'n World: Final Thoughts ---

Cruis'n World only enhances what Cruis'n USA brought. It takes the insanity of the first game with a more international approach. I personally find the racing to be very fun in the game. The action is just right for those wanting a casual racing experience or seasoned racing game veterans. This is just one of many racing games simply about the thrill of driving and high-speed. The shenanigans and comical material add to the classic appeal of Midway racing games. If you haven't yet experienced Cruis'n World, get to an arcade room that has this game and prepare to enjoy a most incredible experience.

Video Preview.

This video offers a preview of the insanity that awaits you in "Cruis'n World." The video features the arcade version:

^ "Cruis'n World - Arcade"

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