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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Speed Up!

John B. Marine | 9:32 PM |
Speed Up! Spanish developer Gaelco created a game in 1996 called Speed Up in which you don't have to win, but you don't want to be last. That's right- this is an elimination racing game. I've known Gaelco for only one other game- their answer to the Drift Out series, "World Rally Championship." I have actually played this game before at an arcade area. If you've never heard of this game (you likely haven't heard of this game), I'm here to introduce you to Speed Up.

--- Speed Up ---

I actually remember playing Speed Up once at a flea market here in Houston long ago. This game was released in 1996 and is arcade-only. The goal of Speed Up! is to avoid placing last. Doing so requires you to move up through the pack as much as you can for as long as you can. At the end of each lap, the lowest-placed driver is eliminated from the competition. Last driver standing wins the event.


There are three tracks- all fictional. Here are the tracks- listed in order in difficulty:

• Barcelona Down Town (Beginner)
• Twisting Rock&Road (Advanced)
• Tex-Mex Circuit (Expert)


An interesting aspect of Speed Up is that when you select a car, certain cars will be taken almost like in Musical Chairs fashion. So make sure you pick a car before somebody else does! There are eight cars you can choose from.


In elimination racing competition, the lowest-placed driver is eliminated from an event or a tournament. The most important thing to do is to avoid crossing the Start/Finish line in last place. You don't need to be placed ahead of everybody else until it comes down to you and 2nd Place. You don't need to worry about posting the fastest lap times either. All you need to do is be the last driver standing once all the eliminations are complete. If you cross the finish line in last place, you lose, and the game is over.


Normally, I would provide sort of a review of a given game. But since it's been so long that I've played Speed Up that one day, I'll leave it up to you to see how the game is. Just don't expect this to have as much excitement or gusto as a SEGA racing game or something.

Video Preview.

Do you want to see what Speed Up is like? If so, this video is for you:

^ Recreativas Españolas: Speed Up! (Gaelco) )1996)

That concludes your look at this little-known racing game. Don't be a backmarker- SPEED UP!

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