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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


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SuperTuxKart- also known as STK- is a free, open-source kart racing game featuring Linux mascot Tux and many other characters. Karting fun can be had with this game either solo or against others. Prepare to take on a vast number of fun tracks with some high-speed thrills. As of this blog post, SuperTuxKart is a game I've downloaded before but never played until recently. I will be offering my own review of this free PC racing game.

The latest version of SuperTuxKart is Version 0.8.1, which is what I will be basing my commentary on.

--- SuperTuxKart at a Glance ---

For a look at the game I will be discussing in this blog post, please take a look at this video:

^ SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 trailer

SuperTuxKart it a kart racing game sure to please any casual racing game fan with its wild action and fun characters. Many lovely environments await gamers as they take on the many courses of SuperTuxKart. You can play as any character and race on any track. In addition to the tracks and karts offered, you can download more karts and tracks. Some of the in-game material has to be unlocked through progress in the game. There is support for both single player and multiplayer racing action. As many as 20 karts can compete on a track at once. Laps can last anywhere from 1 to 20.

SuperTuxKart: Single Race.

This game features a Story Mode and many different Single Race modes. In Single Mode, you can race any of the tracks you've unlocked or downloaded in a series of different events:

• Normal Race - an average race pitting you against the field with weapons enabled.

• Time Trial - go for the best time! Weapons disabled.

• Follow the Leader - stay with the leader, but don't pass the leader! Along the way, drivers will be eliminated after a set amount of time.

• Easter Egg Hunt - find all the eggs scattered across each track as quickly as you can.

SuperTuxKart: Story Mode.

Story Mode has you take part in a storyline. GNU has been kidnapped by the cruel Nolok, and the only way you can rescue GNU is to beat Nolok in racing. You will compete in a series of challenges spread about the land. You can enter any of the force field bubbles granted you have enough points to access each challenge. You earn points by clearing challenges. What you want to do is clear the Gold challenges to quickly earn points. But if you're just starting off or aren't as confident in getting those points, it is best to stick with the Beginner and Intermediate challenges. Clearing these challenges earns you points to access the more difficult events.

• Winning Bronze Challenges earn you 8 points.
• Winning Silver Challenges earn you 9 points.
• Winning Gold Challenges earn you the maximum- 10 points.

You can go back and take on any of the challenges again to improve your point total. Each of the challenges require you to finish in a certain position, collect a certain number of items, complete a race within a certain amount of time, etc.

SuperTuxKart: Characters and Tracks.

The various characters in SuperTuxKart are mostly Linux mascots. Of course, you can race as Mr. Linux himself- Tux. Who you want to race as is primarily your own call. There isn't really any difference or advantage as to who you actually race as. You can also play as other characters, such as Suzanne- the chimpanzee mascot of the Blender 3D modeling program. A few more karts can be unlocked through progress in the game.

Each of the tracks consist of a variety of beautifully-designed cartoon style tracks. They all have wonderfully-styled and colored venues for you to race on. Some tracks even have shortcuts for you to take advantage of. Be sure to learn each track and try to find every possible way to cut down your lap times especially when doing the harder challenges.

SuperTuxKart: Racing.

Races can include just yourself or as many as 20 opponents (including yourself). Race distances can last anywhere between one lap to 20 laps. You can configure these elements when doing Single Race or Multiplayer Race action. When racing, you pick up blue bottles and blue oil drums packed with Nitro. This Nitro is available for you to use at any time as long as you have boost available. Drive through the blue gift boxes to receive random items. You may even be able to pick up additional units of some weapons to get a little extra advantage. What you REALLY want to do, however, is avoid the bananas. Running through any of the bananas will slow your kart down and even screw around your driving temporarily.

And of course, make sure to avoid any environmental hazards as you go along.

SuperTuxKart: Modding.

Because SuperTuxKart is open source, you are able to model karts and tracks as add-ons for SuperTuxKart. You can visit SuperTuxKart's website to learn more on how to create mods for SuperTuxKart. Add-ons created for SuperTuxKart can be downloaded from the Add-Ons menu of STK. If you are a modeler, for example, you can use Blender to model karts and tracks for SuperTuxKart. Best of all... Blender can be downloaded for the absolutely low price of free.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: To learn more about Blender 3D or to download Blender, please visit

This gives you perspective on SuperTuxKart.

--- SuperTuxKart: Final Thoughts ---

This is really a fun experience. Anyone who is a fan of cartoon-style kart racing should easily find something to love about this game. The game itself is fun and has some wonderful music. Even doing the Story Mode is pretty fun. You aren't exactly tied to or indulged in the storyline, which is a good thing as far as racing games are concerned. You'll have a very fun experience playing SuperTuxKart. So if you have the PC requirements to play it, feel free to download and enjoy some fun kart racing!

For More Information...

Visit for more information on SuperTuxKart.

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