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Monday, January 5, 2015

Night Riders

John B. Marine | 3:02 PM | |
Night Riders by is a game I came across looking around online. This is a motorcycle racing game made by that harks back to a simpler time in racing games. It is modern while still being vintage. Here is a game that will either bore you or make you appreciate its approach and its appeal. I am here to discuss another racing game here on "John's Blog Space" with Night Riders.

Night Riders game is apparently available for other systems, but I am referring to the OUYA version, since this is the version I've played and is the only version I know of for this game.

--- Night Riders ---

Not to be confused with the Atari 2600 game "Night Rider," "Night Riders" is a classic motorcycle racing game with a 3D look and feel. This game is nothing fancy- just twist the throttle, pump the brakes, and try to complete the race. You can race either individual tracks or run complete courses. The game is like a modern Hang-On in its look and feel. Most unique about this game is its minimalist look and feel. Every track in the game is devoid of any props on either outside of the track. Most classic racing games in its mold usually have stuff like walls, signs, trees, rocks, buildings, and things like that on the outside of the track. This game has NOTHING on the sides or over the track. Not even Start/Finish lines, checkpoint markers, or tunnels are in the game! This game is absolutely minimalist in its execution. The lack of details can mean either a great experience or a boring one. The only things you have to worry about in this game are clearing the checkpoints, avoid ramming into other riders, and keeping your bike on the road. To race the other tracks, you need to buy the full version of "Night Riders" on your OUYA. The game includes one song that's very cool. If you have music on your OUYA, you can actually listen to your own music in the game granted it is in the same folder as the Night Riders game on your OUYA. So that is a little bonus for you in playing this game.

My Review of "Night Riders."

Night Riders by may seem very boring in today's landscape of racing games. However, this game has a beautiful appeal to it which makes it... well, beautiful. This game proves that even games devoid of various details can still be a great racing game. The graphics are beautiful despite the simplicity of the riders and the environments in this game. Night Riders still plays and functions as smoothly as you want a racing game to be. While it may not have the fun factor of the Hang-On series (which I think this game really harks to), this is a racing game you have to learn to appreciate despite its simplicity. You can play much better and much more detailed racing games. However, when it comes to a racing game most people would consider boring, this game actually has a look and feel that you eventually learn to appreciate and admire. It is like looking at a piece of art in which you don't appreciate right away, but you eventually become fond of once you think about it and envision whatever message is being sent. "Night Riders" is like that piece of art you eventually appreciate. Despite its simplicity, it most importantly delivers in game play. Think of it as a minimalist Hang-On.

For More Information...

Learn more about this game and/or get this game for your OUYA here: Night Riders (OUYA). The developer of Night Riders is, and you can visit their website at

Here is a trailer for "Night Riders" for your viewing pleasure...

^ [REV.4] Night Riders, 3D Arcade Racing

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