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Friday, March 20, 2015

Dust Racing 2D

John Marine | 11:35 PM | |
Dust Racing 2D is a top-down PC racer that delivers intense action. This game is free and is open-source. Prove you are the best of the 12 cars (including yours) that hit the track wanting the same checkered flag you want. Don't expect this to be some walk in the park, though. Earn your victory here. This post takes a look at "Dust Racing 2D."

--- Dust Racing 2D ---

Here is a look at this title:

Dust Racing 2D
^ from: - Dust Racing 2D is a free, open-source, tile-based racing game for Windows and Linux.

Despite what its namesake suggests, there is no rally racing or off-road racing in Dust Racing 2D. This game was created in 2012 with most of the work done by a person named Jussi Lund. It can be played either on Windows or Linux. What you're getting instead is a racing game that will challenge you pretty good. As many as 12 cars take the grid for each race. For you to unlock extra courses, you must first place 6th or better in one race to unlock another. Or if you prefer, you can make your own courses using the included Track Editor. You can change a variables such as lap distance and race type. Race distance is only in laps, and you can run from certain set numbers of laps. Lap distance ranges from 1 lap to 100 laps. You can have two-player split-screen racing on the same PC. Your car can actually be damaged. There is a section you can stop at to make repairs to your car should you want to repair it. Don't even think about taking shortcuts. The game will let you know that you must stay on the track. Cutting sections entirely will basically invalidate your lap. So stay on the track and race the line properly.

These are the basics of "Dust Racing 2D." Now for some thoughts on this title.

Dust Racing 2D: Review.

This game offers up some pretty tough racing. While it is just you and 11 other cars on the track, don't expect to easily climb from last place to win as you probably would in a lot of other games. The graphics are quite well with the combination of 2D and some 3D. Handling is a little difficult, and the sense of speed is fairly intense. Earn your victories in this one... it ain't going to be easy. I didn't attempt to do so, but you can even create your own tracks using this game's tile-based system.

If I were to re-work Dust Racing 2D, I would offer a few more kinds of cars and possibly make different style race tracks in many other environments. I would also allow the difficulty to be adjusted to make it as easy or as difficult as one would like. This game is otherwise quite good. Enjoy the challenge this game has to offer.

Dust Racing 2D: Video Preview.

Here is a sample of "Dust Racing 2D" for your viewing pleasure. This is the game I just highlighted and reviewed for you:

Did you agree with my review and want to download this game for yourself? If you enjoyed my review and want to get this game, please visit to download.

I am hopeful that you enjoyed this blog post and got to learn a bit about a game. Please be sure to stay with "John's Race Space" for more racing game chatter from yours truly. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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^ "Dust Racing 2D 1.7.1 - Open Source racing game written in C++, Qt and OpenGL"

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