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Friday, September 4, 2015

Thug Racer

John Marine | 10:56 PM | |
(UPDATED: September 15, 2015)

Thug Racer is an OUYA OutRun-style racing game. It was made by Super Cookie Games and features a unique and interesting environment sure to make OutRun types happy. Can you complete a five-stage drive while avoiding the police? That will be the challenge dealt to you in this game. This "John's Race Space" post features my review of "Thug Racer."


SEP 15 2015 - updated information, added content ("Strategy" section added)

--- Thug Racer ---

Thug Racer has a feel along the lines of classic OutRun games.

In "Thug Racer," you play as Weasel and have your boy Ratty along for the ride. Your whip (so to speak) is a blue convertible that looks a lot like the Nissan GT-R. The goal is to clear five stages while making sure not to get pulled over by the cops or not to get into any serious crashes. Why are the cops involved? Besides trying to keep the roads safe from high-speed hooligans like you (in this game), you're trying to get some merchandise safely to a certain destination. Do as much as you can to try to clear the different stages. Cross the checkpoints to have your time extended. You have to deal with traffic, some sharp corners, dividing roads, and of course- avoid getting pulled over by the cops in your quest to complete the course. If you run out of time or get pulled over by the cops three times, the game is over.


(ADDED: September 15, 2015)
There are 16 routes in "Thug Racer." The route you complete is based on which routes you take at each fork at the end of the different stages. You will want to play through this game many times to race all of the different stages. The best way to make the most of your time in Thug Racer is to crash as little as possible. In each stage, you will be confronting the police twice. So if you do your math, you will be dealing with the cops a total of ten times (two encounters each stage × five stages = 10 total encounters with the cops). The game will be over if you are pulled over three times by the police. You need to make sure to stay fast and try to weave your way around traffic. Don't forget also to avoid crashing hard with the scenery on either side of the road. Just like most classic racing games, if you're going to crash hard, allow yourself to one major crash. If you have another major crash in your run, your chances of completing the game will be pretty difficult (but not impossible).

Just like in an OutRun game, you can choose whichever path you want to visit next. Picking every left route all the way will complete Route 1. Picking every right route all the way will complete Route 16. Any combination of choosing certain routes (such as left, right, left, right, left) will complete various other routes. You'll know what route you cleared once you complete the route and see the High Scores.

General Thoughts/Review.

The first thing I thought about seeing this game was that it kind of reminded me of an iOS game called "Final Freeway 2R" (not that I've played it). The graphics in "Thug Racer" do look very nice. None of the in-game graphics look very cheap or something I could probably pull off with Microsoft Paint. I like the use of divided roads not only towards the end of stages but within certain stages. The various cars and such on road also look nice. The OutRun-style driving is unique in its own right also. During one run, I even went one route before changing my mind and going the other way with a fork in the road! If you run into a car or crash hard, little dialogues appear on screen along the lines of "do you know how to drive?" There is some good humor in these moments though they can be slightly annoying.

Now on to some of the cons. The first of which is that this game has only one song playing in the background; and while it's okay, it can be annoying hearing the same song in the background. You do have the option in the main menu (press the right shoulder button at the main menu screen) to disable sound or music, though. The second annoyance, at least to me, is that you can't disable the faded TV screen visuals. I couldn't find a way to disable this. Those effects don't make things tough to see, but I would like the option to remove this if I so choose. I'm not exactly ghetto, but this could get some REAL thug experience. I mean... where's the three-wheel motion? What about riding in a pimped-out classic lowrider rather than a fancy, modern, convertible sports car? There aren't too many homies out there who'll find this game a true thug experience. Then again, what do I know?

One thing indifferent about this game is that the speed is only in kilometers per hour (kph). You can't change it from kilometers per hour to miles per hour. As I learned, Super Cookie Games is a British game developer. So there you go.

"Thug Racer" has a great deal of novelty and is not a bad game to pass time with. Give it a try if you just want a classic OutRun-style to play on your OUYA. "Thug Racer" is authentic as a racing game, but not authentic enough for all the true homies out there. After all, real thugs rock OUYA (or at least some device capable of playing OUYA games). :)

Video Preview.

This is the game I tried to review and describe to you all. Have a look and enjoy:

For More Information...

Learn more about Super Cookie Games by visiting, and visit Thug Racer on to push this game to your OUYA.

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