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Monday, June 6, 2016

Amiga Racer Thoughts

John Marine | 11:07 PM |
"Amiga Racer" was brought to my attention by a loyal visitor. This is a game by solo developer AmigaTec Inc. This is a game still in Beta. I am mentioning this game on "John's Race Space" to share thoughts and to promote. This game is free to download and try. Even though this game is in Beta, you can donate money and earn some bonus material for the game. I have not tried this game myself. So what you are about to read is all opinion-based and impression-based. This post is NOT a review, as I haven't played this game in any matter prior to releasing this post. Having said this, here is my post on this title.

Those who may have played the classic Lotus Turbo Challenge game series on the Amiga or elsewhere may find "Amiga Racer" to be very familiar. In fact, a lot of it was influenced by the likes of "Lotus Turbo Challenge 3." This is a 2D-type arcade racing game whose influence is heavily drawn from the classic titles of Lotus Turbo Challenge. While "Amiga Racer" was not created by the legendary Gremlin Games studio, this game would probably do Gremlin proud. Imagine racing on city streets and country roads in some fast sports cars as scenery just whizzes on by. If there was one unique quality that the Lotus Turbo Challenge games had (especially the 2nd and 3rd titles), it was the ability to create your own courses using a variety of different specifications. This game offers its own suite to build courses. In today's modern culture of gaming, you will be able to create your own course and have other people be able to play these creations.

Videos of this game's play style indicate a game that will seem quite difficult with so little time between checkpoints. This game otherwise plays nicely as just about any psuedo-3D racer from the old days of racing games. The initial version includes only two tracks and a few different cars to choose from. Bonus material can be had if you donate money to AmigaTec. More information on that later in this post. But for now, let me offer some thoughts for someone who has not tried this game out...

Original Thoughts.

Real attention has been paid towards making "Amiga Racer" as great a throwback to the "Lotus Turbo Challenge" games as possible. This game should easily appeal to classic gamers. It can also offer millenials and such a view of what classic racing gaming was like during the time the Lotus Turbo Challenge games were hot. While not made by Gremlin (the company behind the Lotus Turbo Challenge games), this game has that sort of quality Gremlin would be proud of. It is definitely worth a download (and donations) if you're interested in this game.

Video Preview.

Even though this video is in German, this will provide you with a look at what "Amiga Racer" has to offer. Click on the video or the link to view this video for yourself:

(WARNING: Video is in German)

^ "Radio Paralax - Amiga Racer v3.1"

Special Request!

While "Amiga Racer" is still in Beta, AmigaTec encourages you to donate to be able to access extra perks. These perks include extra cars and tracks for you to further your enjoyment of "Amiga Racer" among other things.

For More Information...

You can learn more about "Amiga Racer" by going to AmigaTec's website at I'd like to thank the individual who brought "Amiga Racer" to my attention.

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