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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rage Racer

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NAMCO's Rage Racer in 1996 offered a more focused experience and less of the quirky style of past Ridge Racer games. A dynamic and bold locale was the host of racing in Rage Racer. The same two words also describe the character of Rage Racer. Get ready for a unique racing experience that is a bit more serious while still bearing the classic Ridge Racer feel.

Rage Racer

Let's look at Rage Racer, shall we?

Rage Racer
^ from: (mouse over for picture credits) - Rage Racer, compared to past Ridge Racer titles, takes on a more mature character shying away from the quirky past titles.

When you play Rage Racer, get ready for a different experience racing on four different courses. This game offers an experience unlike past Ridge Racer series titles. This is the first Ridge Racer to allow for car brands as well as earning credits. You still race on city streets and some country roads. Amazing natural terrain help define the environment of Rage Racer. There are mostly influences of Greece and certain other European locales in its design. The environment is mostly European in nature, compared to the mostly American or Japanese nature of past Ridge Racers. There are four tracks in Rage Racer, and all can be raced in Reverse to make for a total of eight tracks. Credits in this game are in the currency of EG.

To my knowledge, Rage Racer is the first and only traditional Ridge Racer game featuring actual sponsors. The game features sponsorship from Yokohama and ADVAN. This can be a welcome deal if you feel the featuring of past NAMCO titles is cheesy. You can listen to most of the in-game soundtrack with a CD player.


This game is the first to feature named cars. Your first car is the Gnade Esperanza- an all-around average automobile. Other vehicles will become available as you collect money and go up in class. This is the first(?) Ridge Racer to allow for some customization. You can adjust the tire physics to either make the car more prone to drifting or for grip. You can color your car and even change the windshield visor atop the car. You can buy new cars or upgrade current cars to compete on higher levels. In later levels, you will get to drive the Grade 4 vehicles, which are all Manual Transmission only. You may even want to aspire to get the Assoluto Ghepardo at a whopping 696900 EG!

Each car is rated on acceleration, maximum speed, handling, and grip. Acceleration relates to how quickly your car gets up to speed. The maximum speed relates to the highest speed your car can reach. Handling is essential in how well a car can maneuver around corners. Grip is a measure of how much traction you can get while cornering. Take these values into consideration as you take on each of the game's races.

When you get to the Grade 4 cars, the Grade 4 cars are Manual Transmission only. If you still prefer racing cars in Automatic Transmission, you can upgrade your non-Level 4 cars to Level 4. You don't HAVE to get the exclusive Grade 4 cars to compete on the Grade 4 level or higher.


Rage Racer features four tracks. A description of each is as follows:

• Mythical Coast - an urban track featuring a coastal drive.
• Over Pass City - the longest course in the game with multiple undulating roads and tight corners.
• Lakeside Gate - a course that mostly consists of natural terrain and natural roads.
• The Extreme Oval - a high-speed oval with some steep banking and some tunnels.

Every race is three laps long except for the Extreme Oval, which is a six-lap event. You can run these tracks independently in Time Trials.


The best way to advance through the game is to progress through the Grand Prix events. There is a time limit to each race, but you should be able to complete events without feeling like you have to hurry up. You start off in Class 1. As you work your way up the rankings, you'll be taking on tougher courses and faster cars. The greatest challenges are in the Class 5 events. There are no worries about trying to clear checkpoints in time. You earn credits only if you place 3rd or better. If you want to make the biggest impact, try to win every race to earn the most credits. Once you clear all races with 1st Place, you will be able to advance to the next Grand Prix and unlock more content. With each higher Grand Prix, you will be given more cars to race with along with tougher races. Can you be the true Rage Racer?

If you fail to complete a race in a qualifying position or if you quit a race, you can use one of your Continues to try again. The game is over when all of your Continues are exhausted.

Final Thoughts coming up. Get ready.

Rage Racer: Final Thoughts

Rage Racer marked a different shift in the Ridge Racer series while still offering the classic look and feel of what the series initially offered. The impressive details and action make Rage Racer an exceptional game. Even its not as quirky nature shouldn't be any reason to put this title aside. This game was sort of a coming-of-age for the Ridge Racer franchise. It offered some very good graphics as well as a very decent soundtrack. Some others would argue a more tolerable soundtrack, which is also a fair assessment. Regardless, if you are any Ridge Racer fan, it is a great idea to get Rage Racer and add it to your collection of games.

Video Preview.

This video will give you something to look forward to:

^ [Rage Racer] - RAGE GP Class5 (The Extreme Oval) Assoluto Ghepardo

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