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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cisco Heat

John B. Marine | 9:23 PM | |
Where are your tax dollars going? If it were Jaleco's "Cisco Heat," then the money would go towards high-performance police cars. San Francisco is your race track as you trade police duties for racing skill. That's right- you think a game that has you using police cars has you trying to make the streets safe or go after some crime syndicate. NOPE... you're racing high-performance police cars on the streets of San Francisco. To some, that's hypocritical or a double standard in the most brutal sense. Maybe in the case of saying, "it's illegal when us civilians go fast on the streets, but it's okay for the police to go fast?" Anyhow, relax- it's just a game. And speaking of "Cisco Heat," I'll be offering my look at this game. So enjoy!

Cisco Heat

I need some sort of image to define this post visually, so this was the best I could find:

^ from: (YouTube) - Get ready to experience San Francisco... on the good side of the badge.

As the name implies, you are racing on the streets of San Francisco in police cars. With the notion of police cars, one may think the goal is to take out some illegal street racing gang or some illegal street racers. It may be possible you are trying to clean up the streets of San Francisco and make them safe again. You may also have to wonder about maybe some gun play to take out some crime syndicate. Well... you're wrong on all counts. You are simply racing with police cars around San Francisco. This kind of game would make some people cry "hypocrite" in regards to police officers challenging each other in a contest of speed.

This game has its tour of San Francisco called the San Francisco Rally. It is a five-stage race around San Francisco. The graphical detail is a good bit unusual while also offering a fairly nice depiction of San Francisco. You will need to clear the checkpoints to have your run extended in this game. In case you are wondering, don't worry about demerits or anything in this game. This is a racing game with police cars. You will not be penalized for endangering the lives of others or joyriding. And surely fear not about abuse of power.

This is an arcade game, but there were even home versions released for Cisco Heat.


There are two police cars you can choose from- both fictional. One car has a speed advantage, and the other has a cornering advantage. The car with the cornering advantage resembles a Nissan 300ZX. Pick either one based on your preferences and how you want to take on this game's courses.


The San Francisco Rally is broken up into five stages. The majority of the game takes place in northern and central San Francisco. You begin heading into the Golden Gate Bridge to start this tour around San Francisco. You end up eventually going to the finish of this rally on Alcatraz Island. A number of actual locales are featured through the course of the game, such as Lombard Street, the aforementioned Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and more. So if you are familiar with San Francisco, a lot of the landmarks should be familiar to you.


You are actually racing against other police cars. The goal is to clear each stage within the allowed time. Passing checkpoints will grant you more time. It's about as basic as you can get. Try to place as high as possible through your run around San Francisco.

Now get ready for some final thoughts.

Cisco Heat: Final Thoughts

It seems unusual to have a racing game with such an unusual concept of police cars racing each other on city streets. On this alone, you have to credit Jaleco for some originality. It would seem strange that you are using police cars without having to pursue any criminals or take out some gang or crime syndicate. This is a most unusual concept for a racing game that still remained fun. So I guess my final thoughts on "Cisco Heat" is that you have to credit the creativity of Jaleco to come up with a concept like this. Even the most obscure of games can still touch you in a unique way. This one is surely as obscure as you can get for a racing game or a driving game.

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