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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


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Automobilista from Brazil's @ReizaStudios is a simulation racing game. This game is an evolution from their vastly successful Game Stock Car Extreme title. A variety of racing disciplines are featured in this game. The real question is... is Automobilista good enough to earn your respect? I will try to offer some of my thoughts with this blog post here on "John's Race Space."


Here is my look at Automobilista...

^ from: (click to get game on Steam) - .

At first glance, the name "Automobilista" will conjure thoughts for most racing game fans of Capcom's mediocre racing game "Auto Modellista." Automobilista (also shortened as AMS) is a game developed by Brazilian developer Reiza Studios. It runs on the Image Space Incorporated (ISI) motor that powers rFactor and countless other sim racing titles. Really, this engine has been modified with unique physics. This game is an evolution of their highly successful Game Stock Car Extreme (GSCE). The game offers a unique driving and racing experience. If you played and loved rFactor, you might love Automobilista also. As of now, Automobilista is a constantly-evolving title with all kinds of material being added to it. The modding community has even supplied mods and skins for Automobilista mods.

Automobilista is a game from a Brazilian developer. To that end, there is a strong Brazilian bias with the tracks and racing featured. Brazil is a factory of racing talent. So don't make it sound like Brazil is some no-name country with no-name racing talent. When you play this game, you tend to appreciate some of the many tracks in this game. You will hear of tracks I guarantee you've never heard of unless you're from Brazil. The premier series in this game is the Stock Car Brazil series. Also popular is the Copa de Macras. There is also the popular Formula Truck series in Automobilista. Other than that, most of the other series are unlicensed content with mostly fantasy cars resembling real racing series. Another unique aspect to this game relates to certain rules and features for different series. For example, your speed must not travel over a certain speed at speed traps when racing in Formula Truck. This is a game that offers a lot of realism both in racing and in adhering to certain rules.

Motorsport Disciplines.

This game encompasses a variety of circuit racing disciplines with tarmac and non-tarmac racing. The game features a variety of circuits ranging from national-spec circuits to world class racing venues. There aren't too many popular circuits in Automobilista at first glance. However, you can download many different track mods to have more great facilities to race. Some people will probably think it's overdone to have all of the classic racing tracks available for you to race. You know, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, the Nürburgring courses, Suzuka, etc. I say the lineup of tracks is pretty good. Though if you fancy some of the more classic courses in Automobilista, you can download a massive track pack featuring all kinds of courses made for AMS.

Even unique configurations of tracks are available. So you could be racing the streets of Adelaide as you remember from Formula 1 or Supercars Australia, yet you'll also be racing in a Stadium Super Truck with jumps ready to greet you. This game even likes to get dirty with some pretty good off-road courses ranging from full dirt courses to rallycross courses. No proper rally courses are featured in the game, but you will surely get the chance to race tarmac and non-tarmac courses. There is a little of everything.

Driving Dynamics.

The machines in this game handle very well. Even for someone using a game pad, you can still fairly enjoy this game for what it is worth. You do want to get a wheel for more precise driving. However, you can still do fairly well using a game pad. The off-road driving became more fun once I toned down things like the active stability. I could then properly work the handbrake doing the off-road racing. This game honestly does off-road racing better than rFactor. The tarmac racing is just as solid. You just have to learn to adjust to the different driving dynamics of each featured vehicle. A Stadium Super Truck handles much different than a Formula Truck or a Brazilian Stock Car. You also have to account for the open-wheel racing machines (including the karts). No two type of cars feel the same.

Now for some final thoughts. Go to the next section, please.

Automobilista: Final Thoughts

While Automobilista is still mostly a Work in Progress, that progress is amazing. AMS offers a racing experience that few other simulation racing games can equal or better. The fact this seems like an upgraded rFactor 1 means you can play this game without needing a seriously powerful computer. If you can play the first rFactor, you likely will be able to play AMS with few problems. Few have complained there is no real Career Mode or anything. However, it doesn't mean you will feel left out from the great racing and driving this game provides. Some others have complained about a lack of weather effects. I'm actually okay with it, though it isn't like I race religiously under wet or snowy conditions.

I think Automobilista is only going to get better with the new updates. I didn't have to spend $50 USD on a Steam gift card to get this game and the Season Pass DLC; but I did, and I have yet to be disappointed. I surprisingly have only played this game for about two or three days and haven't played it again for a month or two. Still, what I was able to play was enough to convince me Automobilista is the real deal. So go ahead and get this game on Steam and enjoy some great racing and driving action.

Video Preview.

Here is a video look at "Automobilista." Check it:

^ Automobilista Release Trailer - V1.0 out now!

That is the game I've been reviewing here.

For More Information...

Learn more about Autmobilista or buy it on Steam using these links:

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That concludes this blog post for the most part.

Maybe my review will help sway your interest in whether or not to get Automobilista. Anyhow, thank you for visiting "John's Race Space." Please stay with this blog for more of my racing/driving game commentary. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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