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Friday, December 15, 2017

Should iRacing Include Drag Racing?

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iRacing has come a long way with its many racing series. Everything from oval racing to various road racing disciplines make up iRacing's diverse racing portfolio. iRacing is not "just a game. It is a simulation racing game offering racing experiences almost as close to real racing. Offering the experiences many of us may never get to experience is what makes iRacing- let alone any game or entertainment piece- is what makes things like iRacing fun. Of the many different disciplines of iRacing, should drag racing be considered? I will be offering my thoughts in this blog post on if iRacing should feature drag racing.

NOTE: I am considering certain extra topics similar to this topic, so don't be surprised if any similar topics are covered here in this blog regarding iRacing.

Why Drag Racing?

Drag racing is either loved or hated by the general racing public-at-large. Some love drag racing for the thrills of high-speed racing both with horsepower and flat out speed. Some others dislike drag racing since it is just straight-line racing with no real purpose or intrigue. While I don't watch too much drag racing, I do think drag racing is great to watch. There is just something to watching a car make a pass down the drag strip. Drag racing is a test of acceleration and trying to make the most of the car's power and transmission. It is important you get a good launch off the line and be sure to make efficient use of the transmission and the engine's power band.

Drag Racing Considerations.

The most obvious things to consider is the length of drag races. Most drag racing events are usually a quarter mile drag race, but there are sometimes eighth mile drag races. I think some of the NHRA's races have now gone to about 1000 ft. drag races. There are also unique drag races of half mile drag races. While many drag races are one-on-one, Charlotte Motor Speedway has the unique four-wide drags where you can have four drag racers compete among themselves with the best two advancing.

As far as drag racing itself goes, you have to consider everything from start to finish. You have to perform a burnout just to get heat into the tires. You then try to get into the staging lane. The next step is to stage the car by slowly advancing. You then watch the lights and try to react as quickly as possible without jumping too early. Get a good reaction time and try to blast down the track at great speed while making timely shifts. You also need to make sure your vehicle can hook down the track. All that power and speed means nothing if you can't control your vehicle down the strip. You will be disqualified if you hit the outside wall or cross over the middle lines.

One of the other real considerations is in lane choice. If one side is hooking better than the other, you may choose to run in one certain lane if you win lane choice.

What Should Be Included for Drag Racing?

If iRacing implements drag racing, one has to wonder what should be included. Proper drag racing machines would suffice. Look at NHRA machines such as Funny Car, Top Fuel, and Pro Stock among others. If iRacing had motorcycles, then I'm sure Pro Stock Bike would also be included. I think back to the former NOPI drag racing series with classes for rear-wheel drive and even front-wheel drive drag cars. You could probably even add some four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive machines also. There are a lot of options- NHRA drag vehicles, IHRA drag vehicles, NOPI drag cars... or you can be REALLY insane and go for some jet-powered drag vehicles!

You also have to consider drag racing tracks. I think you have to at least account for tracks like Pomona, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Gainesville, and places like that. At least many of the popular drag racing venues. I am also unsure if iRacing can build a bond with the NHRA, IHRA, or any similar drag racing leagues.

One thing I am not real certain of is how you actually implement everything. How do you determine if staging is properly done? How would you implement fouls if somebody red lights? I'm sure iRacing administrators will properly monitor and judge drag racing runs, but these are just a few ideas in mind.

Would Drag Racing in iRacing be Successful?

If dirt oval racing was embraced along with rallycross, then I am sure iRacing will deliver with drag racing. Who else honestly can provide quality drag racing? It would be a rare breed because drag racing games haven't been very popular. Android gamers do have some popular drag racing such as CSR2. But when it comes to PC or consoles, not many drag racing games have succeeded. iRacing could provide that boost to provide great drag racing in the already stacked iRacing model.

The inclusion of drag racing would add to an already stacked array of racing disciplines and series offered in iRacing.

Those are just a hodgepodge of ideas about iRacing and drag racing.

Well... what do you think?

Do you think drag racing should be added to iRacing?

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