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Friday, March 16, 2018


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GRID 2 offers a more rebellious flow than its predecessor. This game from 2013 further blows the minds of those blown away from GRID 1. Can you grow the WSR- World Series Racing, to be the premier sport in the world? There are so many challenges that await you when you get into the world of GRID 2. Get ready for another blog post of mine!

NOTE: This blog post relates to my PlayStation 3 experience with GRID 2.


Let's talk GRID 2, shall we?

Codemasters GRID 2
^ from: (Amazon) - GRID 2 went even further away from ToCA and has more of a Need for Speed style to it.

Amid the success of GRID, GRID 2 took on a slightly different take on the GRID world. GRID 2 takes on more of a Need for Speed style in its racing. A lot of the racing in GRID 2 takes place mostly on city streets but with a few proper circuits mixed in.

For the most part, GRID 2 is about creating one of the best racing series in the world apart from the proper racing world. You are basically part of a rogue team trying to create the best motorsport series left of the mainstream. This rogue series you are creating is called World Series Racing, or WSR for short. Trying to make this the best racing series in the world (let alone the fastest-growing sport) is to try to gather up various racing teams as well as earn loads of fans worldwide. Who knows? You might even be featured on ESPN! Then too, the racing is meant to help rival mainstream racing. So get ready for one of the fiercest racing competitions ever!


You are racing a variety of vehicles the world over. In addition to the vehicles offered in the game, you also can purchase downloadable content (DLC) to expand your GRID 2 experience. There are many more cars in GRID 2 ranging from classic and modern cars. Unlike in the first GRID, you earn new vehicles rather than buy them with in-game credit. You can create your own liveries for vehicles using an array of patterns, sponsors, and colors. There are also three types of livery layouts: race, street, and drift. They give your liveries a different kind of personality based on whichever one you choose.

Your online profile is different from your offline profile. So you won't have all the available cars from your Career unless you unlock them at various levels in Online mode.

Vehicles can be earned as reward cars or through doing Vehicle Events.


Locations involved mostly pertain to various city courses along with a few proper courses. You will go around the world in places like the California coastline, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong among many other locales.

Races and Championships.

To become this motorsports juggernaut, you must earn the attention of various clubs worldwide. Doing so involves taking on drivers in a number of races. Career Mode requires you to earn the respect of other clubs worldwide while also growing a global fan base. Earning enough fans and respect will result in growing the WSR.

These are the various styles of races you can participate in GRID 2:

• Race - a straight-up race on closed circuits and open circuits alike.
• Time Attack - post the best lap time around a circuit during the allowed time.
• Drift - acquire the most points in a drift run to win these events.
• Eliminator - you don't always have to be first, but you don't want to be last. Drivers are eliminated after a certain countdown.
• Overtake - pass as many vehicles as possible in a number of laps. Passing more increases the point bonus. Off-track and collisions bring you back down to 100 points for overtakes.
• Touge - cross the finish line first or lead your opponent by 5 seconds to win. Touge is a best-of-3 format. Contact with your opponent will disqualify you, even if you get hit.
• Faceoff - one-on-one race battles in a Tournament-style format. Win and advance; lose and go home.
• Checkpoint - run the longest distance by clearing checkpoints within the given time.
• Endurance - last longer than your opposition by driving the longest distance among all competitors.
• Demolition Derby - race in a circuit race with demolition derby cars.
• Liveroutes - the routes for courses changes constantly, and your job is to finish the longest against the others in what is a seemingly endless circuit.

In addition to defeating teams, you also must please sponsors. Success in Promotional Events will earn you more fans.

You can also race online, but I have no online experience to comment on, so I will leave this up to you.

GRID 2: Final Thoughts

GRID 2 takes on a focus more along the lines of several illegal street racing games while still maintaining a general Codemasters racer feel. For many people, this game took some negative reviews from fans for shying away from most of what made ToCA games (along with the first GRID) great. This game is still plenty enjoyable. My own problem is that you can't transfer over your Career Mode cars into Online play. You are doing two different profiles (essentially) when you do online play as opposed to your offline career. Having ESPN along for the game is quiite a bit gimmicky, but it doesn't hurt the game too badly. GRID 2 is still a very exciting game even with a number of its flaws.

You can get GRID 2 here on this blog:

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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