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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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NAMCO provides 3D Grand Prix motorcycle racing with 500GP. Officially licensed by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme), this is two-stroke, 500cc motorcycle racing in a series that would later become MotoGP. Feel the rush of 500cc racing superbikes in FIM World Championship style action. You will rocket down straights and lean into corners against some of the world's finest Grand Prix motorcycle racers. This blog post prepares you with a look at this game as part of the FIM World Championships.

NOTE: I had a hard time trying to name this as either 500GP or GP500. The title is either 500GP or 500 GP. I will use "500GP" as the name of this game.


Released in 1998 by NAMCO, "500GP" has you racing on three intense race courses in you trying to prove you are the best motorcycle rider in the world. Three tracks in three nations on two continents will test you to the very core. Pick from one of three different manufacturers to compete in some intense racing action. This is a game with FIM licensing. This level of 500cc motorbike racing would later become the series we know as MotoGP. So this is a pre-MotoGP game. There are a number of real-world racers at the time, such as Carlos Checa and Alex Barros. You could link extra units of this game for some great link racing. Up to four 500GP arcade units can be linked together for a wild motorcycle racing experience. One important thing to note is that you can lean into the corners for handling, but you must also tuck down when down straights to cut through the wind better on your motorcycle. The arcade unit detects these inputs to help deliver an authentic motorcycle racing experience.


You will be racing with one of three racing motorcycles. As the name suggests, you will be racing with racing motorcycles with 500cc displacement. Here are your choices:

• Yamaha YZR500
• Honda NSR500
• Suzuki RGV500

I think you are able to race as any of the real-world racers if you so choose.


This game features three real-world race courses.

• Suzuka Circuit - a technical and challenging Japanese Grand Prix course.
• Circuit Paul Ricard - a technical, mostly flat French circuit with plenty of paved runoff roads.
• Jerez Circuit - a technical and fairly fast Spanish circuit.

If you are unfamiliar with each course, you may want to try Time Trial mode to practice each course. For more on the racing aspect of 500GP...


Now on to the meat of the action. You can choose to run Time Trial or Extra Lap modes. Time Trial has you hot lapping the courses to try to post the best lap times. Extra Lap Mode is about racing against the opposition to try to win the race. Counting your entry, there are 17 motorcycles that race on the track at once. So you will be kept fairly busy. As this is a motorcycle racing game, you must demonstrate your ability to race a racing sport bike. So you must lean in corners to properly turn while also using the brake. Additionally, you must duck down to streamline your riding while at speed. Also, make sure not to have head-on crashes- you will surely fly off of your bike in the event of serious impact from a motorcycle crash. You will have to basically think like a proper motorcycle racer here in this game. Try to win the race while also making sure to complete the race within the time limit. Your riding skill will be judged once you complete the race. You will receive grades based on a number of different performance factors. Those factors include fastest lap time, corner out speed, and course riding percentage.

Think you can handle the pressure of being a Grand Prix motorcycle racer?

500GP: Final Thoughts

The dynamics and style of "500GP" lends itself to an incredible motorcycle racing experience. Though I never played or seen 500GP, it delivers one of the most intriguing motorcycle racing experiences. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what 500GP has to offer to fans of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

Video Preview.

I chose this video to demonstrate "500GP" proper:

^ NAMCO GP500 Arcade 3 lap race Paul Ricard Circuit

So what do you think about "500GP" after reading all of this and seeing the video?

That's all!

This concludes another blog post of mine. Perhaps now you know of "500GP" if you haven't previously known of it. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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