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Thursday, May 16, 2019


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From the makers of the Project Gotham Racing series, "blur" was a 2010 racing game from 2010 all about "powered-up racing." It is almost like Need for Speed meets Mario Kart. This blog post is about the unique, and somewhat forgotten racing game "blur." I hope to share with you my thoughts on this game.


Let's talk about blur.

blur PlayStation 3 PS3
^ from: (Amazon) - Are you ready for powered-up racing in anything-goes action?

BIZARRE Creations developed "blur" and was published by Activision. This is the same developer responsible for the highly successful Project Gotham Racing series. This game was available for the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and Windows. This game takes you on a world tour of "powered-up racing" with a handful of different licensed automobiles. The main single player campaign has to taking on a number of different top racing talent to try to prove you're the best racer in the world. There is also a multiplayer campaign for which you can challenge others from around the world in fierce racing competition. Powerups can be used to try to gain an advantage against your opposition. These powerups include things like Nitro, Shunts, Mines, Bolts, Barges, and more. Every race takes place in real-world locations in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Environments are varied as well. You can go from burning up the streets of Los Angeles to driving through the dirt roads of Amboy. You could be swerving around Barcelona to drifting on the streets of Tokyo. You're going to be kept busy, guaranteed.

Race Types.

There are multiple ways to prove yourself in blur. Here are some of the event types:

• Race - This is the most basic of events. For an event to be successful, you must place 3rd or better. Do whatever it takes to win.

• Destruction - In this event, your job is to defeat a host of drone cars using the Bolt powerup. Time bonuses are added for wrecking cars with these Bolt attacks. Be warned that wrecked drones will try to counterattack with their own moves after being defeated. Score as many points as you can before time runs out to win these events. You must place 3rd or better for an event to be a successful one.

• Checkpoint - In this event, your opponent is the clock. Your job is to try to complete a time trial around a track in the quickest time possible. Use Nitro and pick up Stopwatches to try to clear the course quicker. You must finish the race before time runs out and place 3rd or better. How high you rank in these events depends on how much time to spare is there. So what you want to do is finish the event with more than 20 seconds left (even if 20.01 seconds remaining).

• One-on-One - You can earn new cars and new Mods by challenging racers to a One-on-One. It is you against the main rival of a certain series in a one-on-one racing duel. You can only unlock One-on-One events by meeting the demands of that individual. You will know which demands must be met from the menu screen. Once the objectives have been reached, you will be challenged to a One-on-One race against that individual. When you compete in a One-on-One, the race is restricted to a specific car. There are two ways you can win a One-on-One event: you must either cross the finish line before your opponent does, or you wreck your opponent. Victory in a One-on-One event will give you a new car and a Mod you can use. You will also earn the car of that One-on-One opponent upon victory.

I have only done Single Player, so you're on your own in knowing about Multiplayer racing events.

Racing Tips.

Here are a few things to know about blur if you want to succeed:

• Take advantage of the Difficulty settings. Racing in harder difficulties will make the game tougher, but there is no shame in keeping things on Easy. You are not required to complete every race under Hard difficulty.

• Try to earn those Lights. You can earn a total of seven Lights for each regular event and eight Lights for One-on-One victories. The seven Lights for basic race events comes from placing 3rd or better, followed by earning a certain number of Fans and completing Fan Runs. Try to complete as many of these challenges with Gold results to clear all of the racing objectives.

• Earn Fans to unlock new cars. Ways to earn Fans include exciting performances in races, completing Fan Demands, and completing Fan Runs. Some races have a set number of Fans you must try to gain to earn a Light. Do whatever you can to meet these Fan demands. A Fan Run has you trying to clear 12 gates. To gain passing credit, you must clear all 12 gates within a set amount of time. When you come across a Fan Demand, you must complete a dynamic task within a certain amount of time. For example, you may be asked to reach a certain speed, or you may be asked to do something like a Reverse Shunt or a long-distance Bolt. You earn more fans if these objectives are completed. If you fail to clear these objectives, those Fan icons will return until you eventually complete them within the course of the race.

• Some powerups have forward and backward usages. Tilt back the analog stick to fire certain powerups backwards, such as Shunts. Tilt the analog stick forward to fire items forward, such as Mines. You can even use certain powerups while using Nitro, drifting, or over jumps. You earn certain extra skill points for executing certain manuevers while also using certain powerups. Try things like a Drift Barge, for instance.

• Unless you are in a One-on-One, getting Wrecked does not signal the end of the race. You will, however, lose a lot of time and ground should you get Wrecked by someone else or of your own doing. Find Shield powerups to prevent from taking damage, or (more importantly) find Repair powerups to fully restore your car's health.

• Take into account what track you will be racing on. If the course you are racing has more off-road sections than on-road sections, it is best you use an Off-Road vehicle. Off-Road vehicles do not lose as much speed in off-road sections of track.

• Re-run as many different events as you like. Try to improve your score and even complete more of the Sticker objectives as much as you can.

With that out of the way, let me to go some Final Thoughts.

blur: Final Thoughts

blur is a very competitive and very fun game. Even if a bit overlooked or forgotten, blur is the kind of arcade game that I think Mario Kart fans can appreciate. While not entirely lighthearted fun, it is also not a game that takes itself too seriously. It is also a great game that doesn't occur in some end-of-the-world setting. The game even looks amazing while also running with little or no hitches. Make the game as easy or as difficult as you like. This is a solid title to me. If you want something more refreshing than a modern Need for Speed title, try "blur" if you haven't already.

Want to try "blur" for yourself? Try these items (participation is voluntary, but would be appreciated):

That's all. Happy shopping! :)

I hope you have yourself a happy and safe day/night. Hopefully you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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