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Sunday, July 21, 2019

SEGA World Drivers Championship Thoughts

John B. Marine | 7:51 PM | |
"SEGA World Drivers Championship" (or SWDC) delivers the thrills of the series known today as Super GT. As in, the Super GT long known as the JGTC . So don't confuse the two Super GTs. Regardless, you are looking at a racing game that can surely provide some epic racing action. I have never played this "SEGA World Drivers Championship," so I will only offer thoughts on it in this blog post. I hope you enjoy this look at "SEGA World Drivers Championship!"

SEGA World Drivers Championship

If you are educated in any way about SEGA, you may know of SEGA's illustrious history of racing games. At first, seeing that Super GT is the represented series of "SEGA World Drivers Championship," many will have recollections of "SEGA Super GT," better known as "SEGA SCUD Race." It was first released in 2018. There are differences of the Super GT in question. You see, "SEGA World Drivers Championship" is based on the Super GT known for a long time as the JGTC (All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship). The game looks beautiful since it is powered by Unreal Engine 4. Cabinets of SWDC can be linked together for multiplayer action. In fact, about eight players could be linked together for arcade madness. Some tournaments with this game are contested with linked cabinets.

Please note that "SEGA World Drivers Championship" is a simulation racer. Though SEGA is better known for their arcade style racing games, various tactics in more arcade style games will not work in SEGA. So forget about trying to intentionally overshoot corners or trying to drift cars into turns. Think of this as a proper sim-style game, such as the likes of "SEGA Touring Car Championship" or the "SEGA GT" series.

To my knowledge, this game is NOT available in the United States.

The Basics.

In "SEGA World Drivers Championship," you can compete with any team and race on any number of tracks. You can only compete with a lot of GT300 level teams early on before being able to drive for the better teams as well as the GT500 teams. To my knowledge, most of the courses in this game are fictional while there are some real-world courses, such as Fuji International Speedway. This game does not follow the proper Super GT championship and all of the different tracks raced in the series.

You then compete in any number of races on any sort of track. Races go from a rolling start. Your task is to try to get to the front as quickly as possible. To progress quickly, try to finish as high as you can while also racing as clean as possible. Accomplishing these feats will allow you to level up faster. You will not be penalized for any seriously bad driving, but you just won't get through the game faster driving poorly. Not only do you level up, but your team also levels up.

My Final Thoughts.

"SEGA World Drivers Championship" is a very exciting simulation-style racing game. While it is not any hardcore simulation racer, it is still an enjoyable and fun sim racer for arcades. Being to progress wonderfully through GT300 and up to GT500 teams makes this an arcade experience that you can enjoy for quite some time. Remember that this is a simulation racer. If arcade thrills are your thing, you won't get them here. Instead, you are getting intense GT racing from the always intense Super GT series in SEGA World Drivers Championship.

If there was an arcade room that had this game, I would love to play it!

Video Preview.

For video insight into "SEGA World Drivers Championship," here is a video showcasing game play as it happens. It's a long one, so don't view this one if you don't have a lot of time on your hands:

^ ?SWDC?SEGA World Drivers Championship

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