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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Auto Museum 64

John B. Marine | 8:09 AM |
Nintendo is not known for too many quality racing/driving games outside of Mario Kart and Excitebike. Earlier this year, someone designed a virtual museum of 3D racing vehicles in Nintendo 64 racing games called Auto Museum 64. I found this semi-randomly as I was searching online recently. I am posting this blog post to share with you this interesting deal. So allow me to share with you... Auto Museum 64!

Auto Museum 64

"Auto Museum 64" is a project developed by Leo Burke. It is a 3D program featuring various vehicles from 3D Nintendo 64 games. You get a chance to be around these vehicles as you would at any normal museum. As you walk around, you get to see vehicles from various games as well as find all the different people who helped create these cars. There is no stealing involved as the developer made sure to credit the original creators of each model. You even get a sense as to how the developer was able to find and feature all of the vehicles in the museum. It all comes in a program made in Unity3D. It is not a "game," just more of an interactive program with various vehicles.

When I tried out this program, I was fascinated at a lot of the various vehicles. The museum features cars, boats, and various futuristic ships. A lot of the different machines are part of collections with a specific game. I like how this museum makes you feel like you are at a real museum. You almost wish you could touch and interact with the various machines. But as with almost any museum, you aren't allowed to touch any of the exhibits.

Final Thoughts/Review.

Auto Museum 64 is not entirely a comprehensive museum of 3D racing games on the Nintendo 64, but it is a very noble attempt at capturing the history of various 3D racing games for the Nintendo 64. I enjoyed using this program and seeing the various vehicles from various N64 games. It will provide a blast from the past for experienced N64 racing game fans while educating those who never got to play certain N64 racing games. I wished a few more N64 3D racing games were featured, but what is in this virtual museum is still part of a solid lineup that can't be missed.

One would wonder if perhaps this same virtual museum developer would try various other virtual museums of past racing/driving games. Some people who also sampled this museum wanted to even see a virtual museum of racing/driving game vehicles from PlayStation 1 games.

Video Preview.

If you want a preview of Auto Museum 64, I have found this video for you. Take a look:

^ Auto Museum 64!

Thank the entity(-ies) who allowed this video to be embedded.

For More Information...

If you want to learn more about this program or to download it, please visit its IO site at: Auto Museum 64. This program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I hope you found this blog post and this virtual museum fascinating. Please be sure to Subscribe/Follow my blog(s) if you enjoy my work and want to see more of it. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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