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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gran Turismo 4 - Gran Turismo World Championship Advice

John Marine | 11:48 PM | |
(UPDATED: March 25, 2014)

If you made it to the Gran Turismo World Championship in Gran Turismo 4, congratulations! Now how do you win this one? The GT World Championship in GT4 is tough. I will share some personal insight to maybe give you some advice as to how I ultimately conquered Gran Turismo's signature championship series. I've created this blog post per the request of a Facebook friend of mine.


MAR 25 2014 - made several edits; changed link later in post

--- GT4 GT World Championship Advice ---

The headings will tell a piece-by-piece story. They will help you to realize what must be done to win this championship.

GT World Championship at a Glance.

The Gran Turismo World Championship is the ultimate championship in Gran Turismo racing. The GT4 version encompasses the fastest racing machines on ten of the toughest tracks in Gran Turismo 4. It is a tough tour of some tough street courses (except Seoul) and competitive road courses.

Make sure you have won all of the Beginner and Professional races and championships before attempting this championship. Also, make sure you have your International A license prior to entering.

You NEED a Prototype.

If you don't have a GTP or LMP prototype race car, you stand a snowball's chance in Hell of winning the Gran Turismo World Championship. You see how easily high-powered GT cars get lapped here. DO NOT bring a GT car to this championship! I remember when I completed 50% of GT4 and got that Jaguar XJR9. I was competitive with the XJR9, but I suffered a rare fate- finishing lapped. That's right. I was lapped in the Hong Kong round. Disappointed with the performance of the XJR9, I sold it after feeling like I stood no chance of winning the GTWC. So what I did was invest enough money in the game to get the 2005 Pescarolo Courage (the white one with blue and green accents). The way I invested my Credits was by doing the Special Condition races and selling off the different cars I had won. I went with the Pescarolo because it is a beautiful car and a capable car. I felt it gave me the best chance of winning the big races (any race that features prototypes).

If there is a worthy alternative, I'd recommend either the Toyota 88C-V (commonly called the "Minolta Toyota") or especially the Nissan R92CP. I personally like the R92CP because it is incredibly fast and powerful. I even tempted to use this car in the Formula GT Championship since it was about the only car in my collection even on pace with F1 cars (I do have a Formula Gran Turismo car in GT4). The good thing is that you don't have to pay 4.5 million Credits just to buy one. All you have to do is earn the 88C-V or the R92CP in (the races where you can unlock the respective cars).

So those are three cars I recommend- the 2005 Pescarolo Courage, the Toyota 88C-V, or the Nissan R92CP. I may also recommend the very fast (and very loud) Mazda 787B.

Getting Through the Races.

Here is a look at each of the races of the GTWC:

• Tokyo R246 - You can go very fast around this 3-mile street course, but how you handle the tricky corners can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

• Twin Ring Motegi - Superspeedway - if you have invested in a Stage 3 NA or a Stage 4 Turbo (or whatever the highest engine/turbo tuning is available), use that to give yourself the edge. This is really the only course you're going to need big horsepower and a very good top speed setup.

• Hong Kong - this track is slow and narrow. You may have to play a little rough just to get a small edge.

• Seoul Central (Reverse) - this street course is short and fast, but you still need a good setup for the corners. Passing shouldn't be too difficult since most of the course consists of some rather wide roads. Make sure you do most of your passes before some of the roads narrow.

• El Capitan - I personally think of this course as one of my Test Tracks in GT4. Be alert at all times and don't try to push too hard when trailing, especially on this course.

• New York - the many 90° corners will really test you here. You need to drive hard and fast down the speedy sections, especially down the two stretches as well as the backstretch around Central Park.

• Opera Paris (Reverse) - since this track can be nightmarishly slow, you may want to qualify strong. If doing this a a single race, you're going to need to drive consistently and attack only when the opportunities present themselves.

• Suzuka Circuit - I love Suzuka. However, the biggest nerve-racking section is the Casio Triangle. This track is tough. You need to be patient and drive aggressively to have any chance of winning.

• Grand Valley (Reverse) - Gran Turismo's signature racing facility is raced in reverse. Therefore, you are faced with the super-slow chicane first. Victory is not impossible as long as you have a solidly set-up car as well as proper knowledge of tackling this course.

• Circuit de la Sarthe 1 - since this is a high-speed racing course, you must keep mistakes to an absolute minimum. The 8.5-mile course will wreak havoc on your car's suspension and tires. Go for speed here. The only real concern of this track is the second half of the course (from the Mulsanne kink to the Ford Chicane). This track is not difficult to win on. Just drive fast and smart.

(edited: March 25, 2014)
For a little more insight on the Professional Hall or on almost anything related to Gran Turismo (which includes the GT World Championship), why not check out GTPEDIA by GTPlanet. It is a tough championship, but not impossible to win. You just need to use your best racing skills and also have a solid car to take on the challenges of this championship. A basic rule of thumb after racing and losing in certain championships is to try to get any of the better race cars in the championship to have the best chance of winning. You know if you brought a great enough car if the A-Spec is between 5 to 25. Go hard or go home!

Thank you for reading! Good luck to you racing the GT World Championship in GT4!

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