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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Version 2.02 Update and Review

John B. Marine | 11:45 PM | | |
As a holiday gift, Version 2.02 of Gran Turismo 5 lends itself a number of updates and fixes to a host of items in GT5. The download comes in at around 240 megabytes. Is this an update to be proud of or not? This blog post will fill you in on the latest updates to GT5 as well as some of my own thoughts and observations.

--- Gran Turismo 5: Version 2.02 Update ---

You can read more about the 2.02 update by reading the official 2.02 Update Notice from the US Gran Turismo site

So what does the 2.02 update feature? Read below. Any thoughts of mine are expressed in bold letters.

New Car Pack 2.

The latest pack of downloadable cars include the following:

• 2012 R35 GT-R
• 2011 Mini Cooper S
• Volkswagen Golf VI R
• Volkswagen Scirocco R

Pretty sweet batch of compacts and one beastly GT-R.

Major Changes and New Features.

• Standard cars can now have wheels changed.
VERY welcome news. Now, you won't have to worry about being stuck with a boring set of wheels for your Standard rides!

• Family Upgrade - users registered on one PS3 can all use the same settings
I have only one account with my PS3 (mine), so I can't speak on this.

• cars purchased as downloadable content now appear in Dealerships.
You can now purchase as many of a car as you like from the Dealership.

• copy feature now added to car settings
This can come in handy for saving copies of your setups or applying elements of one setup to another. Take full advantage of this, tuners!


• Everyone gets a 2012 Toyota 86 GT in GT5 just for downloading the Version 2.02 update!
I like this car. Come on now... who doesn't love a free car? You can even slap on some aero kit parts to this car and make it look hot for Christ's sakes! Just enjoy the danged car!

• Free Coupons for GT Auto
These are good for free customization and maintenance of your car. Save Credits and freely use these coupons to take care of your car. You get about ten of these coupons. They are good for washing your car for free, changing your oil for free, overhauling your engine for free, and restoring rigidity of your car for free.

• A gift for those purchasing the DLC's; gifts made available for purchasing any package; made available only once per account.
Among others, you pick up a nice-looking kart for kart racing in GT5.

Other Improvements.

• Pressing [SQUARE] will allow you to exchange all car coupons at once (maximum of 100).
Exchange away as many cars as you like with these changes.

• Tire Wear speed adjustment
(can't comment...)

• In the Garage and Drive List menus in A-Spec and B-Spec events, pressing [SQUARE] shows the garage, and [TRIANGLE] shows the Driver List.
Comes in very conveniently. GREAT change.

• "Max Number of Participants" now added
(can't comment...)

• Added star marks mark the number of Gold trophies in Event Selection of Seasonal Events.

• Racing sound effect improvement
The one thing I really noted was certain air sounds as you are drafting an opponent. Other than this, there isn't really much I've noticed.

• steering assist controls adjusted
(can't comment...)

Correction of Known Issues.

• fixed issue where you'd overrun without resetting, mostly due to entering the pits at slow speeds.
• fixed issue with Performance Points calculations with the Red Bull X2010 and X2011.
• fixed issue with the rear wing/aerodynamic settingss reset when switching setting sheets.
• an issue resolved involving a certain condition in an endurance race Tsukuba. The issue in question is when your car is stuck in Autopilot from Pit Lane. The entry route during pit stops and speed adjustment have also been adjusted.
• multi-monitor stability has been improved.

--- Changes I Noted ---

Again- comments noted are in bold.

• more options to adjust the HUD
You can toggle things like the driver list, the tire load indicator, and more from Quick Options in the Pause Menu. I personally want to be able to adjust the volume of sounds and music from the Pause Menu. That is a change I'd REALLY want to see when paused.

• dynamic new chase cam
This updated Chase Cam can be pretty fun. Makes the Chase view more interesting, but not interesting to the point where you get a distorted experience.

• better-arranged menu for races
Accessing the Garage in the race screen is cleaner. I love being able to quickly access the Garage and (B-Spec races only) the Driver List menus.

• rather than exiting out from Seasonal Events after completing a Seasonal race, you stay in the same Seasonal menu with the same Seasonal event.
This is a welcome improvement because I hate going right back to the GT Life menu after doing a Seasonal. I can stay within a Seasonal and keep racing away to my heart's content without having leave the menu entirely.

• Coupons won for winning all races of a Seasonal
When I checked back on Seasonals I have cleared, many of these have awarded me with Level tickets. This is good for me because it means more cars for me. Of course, these can be earned only once per Seasonal.

So if you haven't downloaded the 2.02 Update yet, please do so to update your copy of GT5. Thank you for reading!

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