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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Gran Turismo Better With a Wheel?

John B. Marine | 1:07 PM | | |
The use of a steering wheel assembly for a racing game gives one a great advantage when racing. Not many people, though, are intrigued or can afford buying a steering wheel to play games like Gran Turismo. I use the Driving Force Pro from Logitech (now discontinued) as my steering wheel. Not too long ago, I played Gran Turismo 5 for the first time using a steering wheel. It was also the first time I played any PlayStation 3 racing game with a steering wheel. For true simulation racing fans, some people even purchase or assemble steering wheel units to really feel like they are in a real race car. Whatever the case, a steering wheel can make a big difference and offer a new experience for racing gamers.

Gran Turismo steering wheel
^ from: - Is Gran Turismo better using a wheel (as opposed to a gamepad)? The Logitech Driving Force GT is shown in this picture.

So why would you want to play with a steering wheel? The biggest advantage is better control. Some people even enjoy getting a little exercise by tilting and steering while also depressing the pedals. Let me give you an example. When I re-did some of the races in the Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, one of my biggest problems was hooking to the race track. I previously did not get Gold in the second Beginner event of the NASCAR school, and I had NEVER won Gold in any of the Intermediate level events. The steering wheel was a HUGE help as I was able to better hook to the road on ovals. I felt more confident racing the Daytona and Indianapolis ovals because of better and more precise steering. Throttle control also made a huge difference as I was able to get into and out of corners better. And of course, you can freely adjust various settings through the Options menu to make the most of your wheel (if supported). Another big advantage is that a USB-powered steering wheel can be played on almost any machine that supports USB input... including your computer. So you can also play some great racing games with your steering wheel on the computer in addition to any other USB-driven device.

A steering wheel can give you a better advantage when racing in a Gran Turismo game or in any other racing game that supports steering wheels. So give yourself that extra advantage by getting a steering wheel! You may find some on Amazon by using this widget below:

So what do you think? Does using a steering wheel make a difference for you when playing Gran Turismo (or any other racing game)? Feel free to share your ideas!

Thank you for reading!

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