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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Online A-Spec and B-Spec Challenges

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Gran Turismo 5's Online Challenges feature three events designed to push your racing skills to the limit. Each event has certain Performance Point (PP) requirements. These events can be challenging in both A-Spec and B-Spec. The Online B-Spec Challenges recommend your B-Spec racers be at a certain level. Key word- recommend. Almost all of my present drivers are Level 20 or higher as of this initial post, but none are towards Level 30. This blog post is a simple post regarding certain guidelines as well as a basic look at these Online Challenge Seasonal Events.

--- GT5 Seasonals: Online A-Spec/B-Spec Challenges ---

Here now is a basic look at each of the individual Online Challenge races for A-Spec and B-Spec.

Online A-Spec/B-Spec Challenges: 400PP.

When dealing with the 400PP events, this is usually the weakest challenge. No need to bring a powerful car toned down just to meet PP requirements. Most cars that compete in these challenges have no more than 240 horsepower or have top speeds no faster than 150 mph. A decent low-level sports car that makes great power and has decent top speed will be well-served to take on the challenges this level has to provide.

Cars I won in this class before with include the 2003 Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car and the Mazda RX-7 (FC model) among others. Online B-Spec Challenges in the 400PP range usually recommend B-Spec driver be Level 10 or greater.

Online A-Spec/B-Spec Challenges: 500PP.

The 500PP challenges are usually devoted to powerful and fast sports cars. This is the intermediate class of races. Most of the cars that compete in this level of Online Challenges are mostly cars that have anywhere between 240 horsepower to 400+ horsepower. Winning at this level is not difficult. The challenges here do not require any sort of supercar to win. Because of its intermediate difficulty, this is a good level of racing to win money and experience if you don't have too much time on your hands.

I have succeeded in this class using cars like the 2002 Honda NSX Type-R and the 1976 Ferrari 512BB. Online B-Spec Challenges in the 500PP range recommends drivers be at least Level 20.

Online A-Spec/B-Spec Challenges: 650PP.

Races in the 650PP challenges ae usually the longest and the most challenging. This is usually where race cars are on parade. The majority of race cars that compete in this class are mostly GT racing cars and high-powered touring cars. Because of how ludicrously unfair this level of racing can be (especially when the leading car seems to have a half-track lead), the 650PP events can be immensely frustrating. The bright side is that you have plenty of time in these races to try to win the event. However, you will need precise driving almost all race long to win. These races yield the most experience and money, so despite these 650PP races being very long, the rewards are definitely worth doing these events. Some incredibly tuned and powerful street cars as well as upgraded mid-level GT race cars usually do very well. You can try to go with downtuned prototype race cars, but they don't usually fare too well in trying to win 650PP races.

The Mazda Furai Concept Car, the Pagani Zonda LM Race Car, the 1994 McLaren F1 (not the 1997 race car) have been cars I've succeeded in 650PP races with. Online B-Spec Challenge races in the 650PP range require B-Spec racers be Level 30 or higher. These races usually require Racing Hard tires or less.

--- Advice for Online A-Spec/B-Spec Challenges ---

Here are a few guidelines.

• Try to get your Login Bonus up to 200% so you can have a better opportunity to collect the most experience and money for victories. That means taking part in the consecutive Login Bonus feature.

• I usually try to win using the most capable machine in my collection, sort of like playing your best cards in any sort of card game. Sort your cars by Performance Points to make things easier. Even easier to sort cars, choose cars as you look at the Entry Requirements. This will allow you to pick a car based on what cars can legally enter the given event.

• If there is a more capable (cars with higher PP than regulations allow) car you want to enter into a race, add ballast to the car and/or tone down its horsepower to make it legal. You are better served doing this with cars that are probably no more than 25 or 50 more than what PP a race calls for.

• Pay special attention to all the requirements. If a race disallows a certain level of tire or disallows a certain kind of car (race cars, cars limited to nationality, etc.), don't bring them to an Online Challenge. Normal Car means any production car that has not been Racing Modified or is a race car. You may be tempted to go with Racing Tires for a race with no tire restrictions. Just make sure you understand all of what a race requires before you head out and go racing.

• You can always enter these events with cars well below the PP restrictions. Many people try to do this to challenge themselves doing Seasonal events. You would be surprised what kinds of cars people try to use in trying to win these Seasonal events!

• Have more than one capable car for each class. Think about it- you can win with a car you know will get the job done, but it is even better when you have more than one car you can use to win a given race. So try to have at least one capable car for each Online Challenge. For example, I usually use my 2000s Honda NSX-R in the 500PP races, but I have also won with some other cars.

• These challenges offer so much money for a victory that grinding is commonplace. Grinding is where you continually do an event just to get more money and experience. This can be helpful if you're trying to enter bigger races or buy more expensive cars.

• It is a good idea to let all of your B-Spec racers do these events to build up their Driver Level. Spread the wealth so your B-Spec racers can have a great chance of enhancing their skills and talents. Also, carefully coach your B-Spec racer as you would in any normal B-Spec race. Remember that your B-Spec racer has to come from behind and try to win in the Seasonals as opposed to being mid-pack with the in-game B-Spec races.

So these are just a few basic things to keep in mind in your Online Challenge experience.

I wish all of you luck in doing these Seasonal events. Race 'em hard! Thank you for reading!

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