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Friday, April 13, 2012

Gran Turismo All-Stars

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Gran Turismo All-Stars is a competition whereas past and present compete for speed in an intense battle. The finest racing machines all converge in racing action. GT All-Stars has been a staple championship since Gran Turismo 2. And since GT3, it has been a championship. I think GT All-Stars can be expanded upon to be even more fun. This blog post is a look at Gran Turismo All-Stars. It is not so much about advice; just a specific look at this championship.

--- Gran Turismo All-Stars at a Glance ---

Gran Turismo All-Stars
^ Have you taken part in Gran Turismo All-Stars before? It's the battle for pride in a championship consisting of the fastest cars across multiple generations in Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo All-Stars made its debut in Gran Turismo 2 as a five-race series. Each of the five races are five laps long and take place on five different tracks. Gran Turismo 3 marked the first time GT All-Stars was featured as a Championship. It was featured as a ten-race championship. Every Gran Turismo since GT3 has featured GT All-Stars as a championship.

The premise of GT All-Stars was to match up the fastest and most popular cars in Gran Turismo in an intense high-speed battle across some of Gran Turismo's most popular tracks. This is a best-of-the-best championship that is almost on par with the Gran Turismo World Championship.

GT All-Stars: Gran Turismo 2.

A victory in each race was worth 50K Credits and a new car. One of the races provided a car that sells for 500K Credits, making it a great race for grinding (continually running a certain level to acquire more credits). Some of the usual cars you will see in this championship include the Toyota GT-One, the Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car, the Ford GT40, Audi TT LM Race Car, Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car, Jaguar XJ220 GT Race Car, and the Lister Storm V12 Race Car among many others. Among some of the tracks are Super Speedway, Red Rock Valley Speedway, and Rome Circuit among others.

GT All-Stars: Gran Turismo 3.

The GT All-Stars event in GT3 is offered as a ten-race championship. It can be found in both the Amateur and Professional Leagues. This is the only Gran Turismo that has two individual versions of the GT All-Stars competition. Be ready to take on some fast cars and compete on some intense tracks.

GT All-Stars: Gran Turismo 4.

The Extreme Events feature the Gran Turismo All-Stars as a ten-race championship. The vast array of cars both past and present help make for a diversified field of cars spanning decades of racing. So you might say this is the most entertaining GT All-Stars in terms of diversity among cars. You will need to bring a very fast race car to have any chance of winning. Two of the most daunting races in these fast cars includes a reverse run around Autumn Ring and the finale- two laps around the Nürburgring Nordschleife (yes- all 12+ miles of it in cars that can easily reach and exceed 200 mph!).

GT All-Stars: Gran Turismo 5.

Unlike the previous two Gran Turismo titles, GT5's GT All-Stars is only a five-race championship. The five races, though, are all on some pretty intense courses against intense competition. So bring your fastest car. Or you may even invest in one of the really fast cars, such as the Mazda 787B or the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP if you want to remain with Premium cars. A lot of the good Standard Group C prototypes are also very formidable. I would recommend the Nissan R92CP or the Toyota 88C-V (commonly referred to as the Minolta Toyota) if seeking Standard cars for the GT All-Stars event.

The Gran Turismo All-Stars is a great showcase of Gran Turismo racing with a vast array of past and present racing machines. Its further evolution is predicated on fast cars on tough tracks.

--- Future GT All-Stars? ---

For what it is, Gran Turismo All-Stars is a great concept. I'd like to see it extended and expanded. You could have a GT Al-Stars for a number of categories. Imagine expanding upon GT All-Stars to include these:

• fastest prototypes
• fastest GT race cars
• fastest rally race cars
• fastest tuner cars
• fastest cars (by decade)
• fastest cars (by type)

Imagine having these different kinds of cars being represented among the GT All-Stars. I mentioned rally. Rally cars are still race cars. So imagine having rally cars compete on asphalt as well as in their native rally racing environs.

Single-Weekend Invitational?

GT All-Stars could possibly be like real-world events such as the Monterrey Historics or the Goodwood Revival- where you have the All-Star action on one track with multiple classes and divisions racing.

Online GT All-Stars?

Yeah- let the fans race it out with their finest cars instead of have it mostly as a single player event. Maybe invite some GT gamers to compete for cars and money in the game (or maybe even some real prizes). This would certainly make GT All-Stars a fun affair!

An Exclusive Challenge?

Think about the Race of Champions- where you have this racing event held in a certain facility with identically-prepared cars. Think about the 2007 Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium in England. The DTM series last year had its own unique All-Star racing challenge using Munich Olympic Stadium for one-on-one racing action. I would like something like this to be part of a GT All-Stars deal.

I think GT All-Stars would be better if it were expanded and included a few more kinds of racing. Rather than just the fastest cars across multiple generations, why not expand upon it to make a fairly decent showcase of automotive history in an All-Star setting? Let's make it hot!

Have you any ideas regarding enhancing Gran Turismo All-Stars? Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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