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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GT5 Karting Thoughts

John B. Marine | 4:24 PM | |
Gran Turismo 5 debuted kart racing as part of a number of different motorsports disciplines in GT. Its execution, however, leaves lot to be desired. The racing all takes on mostly generated tracks that don't entirely feel like proper karting tracks. Perhaps there are some limitations to try to make the kart tracks feel more like twisty and complex karting tracks. As for the karts themselves, I learned that there are only rear brakes for karts as opposed to cars having front and rear brakes. The karting dynamics are very fun.

I want to see the kart racing perhaps expand itself. Why not maybe come up with superkarts? Superkart racing will blow your mind with their immense speed. Imagine racing something with no suspension and some aerodynamic body work and goes as fast as certain sophisticated race cars. They would be insane to race! Superkarts usually race on much larger race tracks. It may be likely that if PD were to try out this class of kart racing, they may likely make their own superkart.

I think karting in GT is fun regardless... except when trying to do that Autumn Ring Mini event. I just wish karting could be expanded upon and enhanced for more karting fun. Maybe even include that Piazza del Campo track that was the primary course for kart racing as part of its big reveal for GT5.

These have been my thoughts on kart racing in Gran Turismo. What are YOUR thoughts on GT5 karting? Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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