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Racing at high speed is what almost any fan of motorsport wants to be able to do. However, there is a proper science to high-speed racing. Anyone can floor the throttle and go full speed. What if you're racing, though? You really need to learn high-speed racing technique to excel in high-speed racing. This blog post mostly concerns racing tactics rather than setup advice or anything. The use of drafting is mostly apparent especially in GT titles since GT3. So here are some talking points to help you out.

Drafting/Slipstreaming: One-on-One.

One of the most basic racing tactics is drafting. When the leading car is running full speed, turbulence is generated. Making a timely pass means that you have to get into your opponent(s)' slipstream. You must try to take advantage of the trailing car's wind resistance to draw in closer. Get as close as possible to the opponent you are trailing without getting right into the back of your opponent. When you generate enough speed after getting sucked into an opponent's slipstream, your next course of action is to pull a slingshot pass. This is where you aggressively pull out of the slipstream and make a pass. You are basically using your own momentum to make a bold pass after being engaged in an intense slipstream battle. A successful slingshot will vault you ahead of the car you were previously trailing. The opponent you just passed could possibly pull the same move on you, so be on the ready if indeed that driver wants his/her position back! As a dirty trick, you can block the opposition as much as you like. No penalties for blocking!

Drafting/Slipstreaming: Multiple Cars.

It is best to try to get a push from other drivers in the draft when slipstreaming against a lead pack of cars. Try to join the lead draft rather than try to pull some bogus moves outside of the draft. Use momentum from other cars' slipstream to climb your way through the pack quickly and effectively.

High Speed Battle in Tunnels.

Do you realize you go faster when going through a tunnel? The reason why is because there is not as much wind resistance as you're battling at full speed. You can sense this as you go through the tunnels of courses like Special Stage Route 7. Take advantage of even less wind resistance by taking part in the same slipstreaming battles you're used to on an average high-speed track or high-speed section of track.

High-Speed NASCAR Racing.

If you know NASCAR, you know of tracks like Daytona and Talladega. You do get to race Daytona in Gran Turismo 5. Especially when racing with stock cars, a more delicate approach is needed when doing high-speed racing on long ovals. The racing cliché is that you can't win the race in the first turn, but you can definitely lose it. Evenly-matched cars will not have such a time you pull away to a victory. You need to plan your attack accordingly. The first thing to keep in mind is to try to stay in the lead draft. Don't immediately try to go straight to the lead as you would in some road races. You need to use the other cars and carefully jockey for position. The biggest thing to be careful of is either losing too much speed or getting involved in a spin or wreck. You may as well retire or restart the race if you find yourself in a wreck or a spin on a track like Daytona or Indianapolis (the oval). Careful slipstreaming (and a little luck) will go a long way in making sure you win your high-speed battles.

All of this was just a little advice to help you through your high-speed racing. Thank you for reading!

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