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Friday, August 17, 2012

Car Collecting

John B. Marine | 1:48 PM | | |
In Gran Turismo, you'll have to have a lot of cars in your collection to take part in the various races. You know you will need certain cars of certain drivetrains (front/FWD, front/RWD, mid/RWD, and 4WD) early on. You'll need certain cars of certain nationalities. Cars from different decades also come into play. Some cars are even needed for certain one-make races. For some people, car collecting in any racing game (let alone a Gran Turismo) is really just a pain. How come you can't have just one or so cars that can be useful for a multitude of races? Fact is, games like Gran Turismo help you to appreciate all vehicles of various decades, performance types, nationalities, and the like.

The car collection reached an extreme point in Gran Turismo 5 if you were going for that Trophy for having 1,000 cars. With Gran Turismo 6 in the works, I hope car collecting won't be that extreme. It was unlikely you would use every single 1K car at least once. Collecting cars in GT5 could also be just for collecting paint items to paint cars and wheels. That, too, is an acceptable element of car collecting, especially for those of you who like changing the color of your cars and/or wheels.

I think car collecting is great only as long as I know I can fully utilize as many cars in my collection as possible. Just having all the cars "just 'cause" doesn't really help me to enjoy a Gran Turismo title. Gran Turismo 5 seemed to be a lot more about the cars than really utilizing them. I can only hope GT6 will have a more even balance on car selection as well as putting them in various races.

How do you feel about car collecting in Gran Turismo games? You're welcome to comment! Don't forget that you can share your thoughts on ANYTHING you see in this blog. Thank you for reading!

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