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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gran Turismo 6 Discussion Now Open on JGTS

John B. Marine | 5:12 PM | |
With Gran Turismo 6 in the works, I prepared this post to let my JGTS readers know that I will make a concerted effort to discuss elements of GT6. Because let's face it- GT5 has really been a disappointment. I love GT5, but it could have been much better. So I will be using JGTS (and maybe even YouTube) to discuss elements of GT6 to help offer my own vision of what GT6 needs to be in helping move past GT5's disappointments.

Most of what I publish regards speculation, ideas, commentary, and more. Those who follow my YouTube channel, "JohnMarineTube," may be familiar with what ideas I've made mention to. Things will be no different here on John's Gran Turismo Space. I want my blog readers to share and comment on my material here in regards to GT6. I value all of my readers worldwide. It was my effort to blog about the Gran Turismo series when I started off on John's Blog Space. Then, it was my continued passion to make a proper blog regarding the Gran Turismo series when I moved over most of my JBS material over here to JGTS. I want to continue this because I know I have fans who vastly appreciate my tireless efforts.

If there are elements you want me to discuss about GT6 or want my opinions about, message me on Facebook or contact me via E-Mail. I will try to make every attempt to address each thing you're speculative of if I see topics that interest me.

As an off-topic note, I will re-work this blog's layout a little bit to be more consistent with the other blogs of mine. I want to make it easier to edit in case I need to edit elements of its layout. Check the latest news and notices for more info.

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