Does Gran Turismo Not Believe in Touge?

In Gran Turismo history, there has never been anything even remotely close to good old mountain touge. Look at two courses from two of GT's sim rivals. Enthusia Professional Racing had Dragon Range. Forza Motorsport has Fujimi Kaido. Does GT and PD not believe in touge? Why haven't they implemented any sort of mountain road racing or have any unique mountain road course? It kind of baffles me considering just how much Gran Turismo tries to incorporate a variety of environments.

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What is touge? Touge (pronounced like "toh-gay") is all about performance driving on mountain roads. It's all about point-to-point performance driving as you go either downhill or uphill. These twisty roads are a great test of both driver and machine. A well-prepared car can properly drift in the corners (drift cars), or it can accurately hug the corners and be precise (grip cars). The mountain roads in Japan are famous among many circles for illegal street racing and drifting. Fans of "Initial D" are often enamored with the thrills of touge action.

But really- with all the different kinds of racing Polyphony Digital could implement, why not also include some sort of touge? It would not only cater to drifting fans, but you can also use these mountain roads for furious rally racing. You can also envision the online battles. Can you imagine some of the one-on-one battles that can take place in these events?

Besides touge battle, you could simply have your own performance drives of sports cars on these mountain roads. Think about something like Top Gear and doing performance driving on mountain roads. Something like mountain road driving and touge would be amazing to showcase the sheer joy of driving. Why Gran Turismo hasn't any sort of mountain pass or touge battle in its 10+ year history is beyond me.

I always say that you can make your own inspired locales if you can't feature real-world places. If you have a PlayStation 2, you may recall a game called (depending on your region) either "Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2" or "Kaido Battle 3." I played TXRD2 and think it is a very underrated game. You raced all around Japan on a lot of twisty mountain roads. Only non-mountain sort of course in that game is a short course set around the streets of Yokohama. But just about every course is a mountain pass of some sort. I'm sure Polyphony Digital could come up with some sort of mountain pass or some sort of mountain road course to excite fans of touge and drifting.

This video is only provided as inspiration for touge. Take a look at this and imagine something like this in the Gran Turismo realm:

^ "RE-Amemiya RX7 FD Vs Amuse S2000 Touge Battle, Japan"

I tried to find a video that wasn't extremely long because I wanted to be brief in providing an example of touge battle. I still don't see why Gran Turismo hasn't taken on something like touge. It could be a nice compliment to the already featured styles of racing in the Gran Turismo series. Why not one more? What do you think?

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